Monday, March 16, 2009

Profiling a Pied a Terre

Fun isn't it, to sometimes peer into
the living spaces of other people,
but when they are anonymous,
our imaginations will complete the

Having not danced in her shoes, it could
be difficult to get to know her.
How old do you think she is?

Her wardrobe rivals those of the best costume designers.
Maybe her hats don't come from Fiona Bennett's
Millinery, but she tied the ribbons.
Do you think she has auburn hair?

A European, eclectic, bohemian living on the
outskirts of Montmartre. Maybe she is a
dancing Doriss girl at the Moulin Rouge
or designs couture creations from pieces
of discarded history.
How many felines do you think she has?

I get the feeling that her character is as rich
as the texture she has woven here.
Do you think the beads on the sconce are
of some significance to her?

Probably traveled the world a bit and is pretty
laid back. She does a lot of reading on the
canape too, hence the tilted lampshade.
Do you think she drinks mint tea?

Probably lives on the 2nd or 3rd etage and
eats out a lot.
Do you think she has some sort of background
in the fashion industry?

I think she spends her Saturdays at the
French Antique Markets searching out
antique textiles, passementerie, jewelry
and Louis chairs.
Are you curious where she hides
her sewing machine?

We know she has a soft spot for curved lines
and feminine things. I spotted a few
French antiques.
Have you seen anything new yet?

She likes her music too. Lays in bed and
lets the sound fuel her imagination.
No evidence of the male species.
No television, not even a chair suitable.
Do you think she lives alone?

Has to be self-confident with a mirror
in the baignoire. Her little corners of the
world seem to have more boldness
to them.
Wouldn't you like to put her on your
dinner list?

Photos via JJLocations

Now if only we could see her in her outfit.
What does her pied-a-terre tell you?
Bisou mes amis


Annie said...

Oh, oui, I want to be that woman!

Maison Douce said...

Wow, I can always count on you to post wonderful pictures with great inspiration!!! This is the kind of post worth revisiting over and over again!

Kenza said...

Hello Shawn,
What a lovely bohemian living!
C'est sincèrement toujours un plaisir de venir te rendre visite!
Très amicalement, Kenza

Hollypop's said...

Really enjoyed this post, love the pictures, the interior and everything in it.

Anonymous said...

Oh how beautiful. It is fun to fantasize isn't it....

I love the furniture, and the textiles, and the architecture, and...oh just all of it!


Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Yet another gift from inspiring...many thanks my friend!

Blue Muse said...

Oh, so sorry to have left the pied a terre such a mess -- I wasn't expecting company. Help yourself to a glass of wine, some music, and I'll be back soon - we can grab a bite to eat!
LOL. I WISH that were my place. Swoonerific.
Thanks for the dose of gorgeousness.
xo Isa

Chris said...

What a great place. Thanks for the pictures.

Love Your Homes said...

Shawnie, this is what keeps me looking out for your posts, they sweep me off.....what an inspiration!

Thanks dear,

Mary Maki Rae said...

Thank You for the Lovely Images - So Charming - So Poetic-!
She must be involved in the Arts - A Dancer or Actress (She loves all that space around her) or maybe a Fashion Stylist-? Just loved this Post-!

KarenB said...

This made me think of the decadent character in Under the Tuscan Sun. I know it's set in Italy, but she was 50ish, beautiful and a free spirit. Maybe her French counterpart lives here.

Velvet and Linen said...

I think she is me (or is it I am her, which ever one is more grammatically correct)!
At least I am her in my dreams.
Beautiful post as always, Shawn.


time worn interiors said...

What a lovely house! I am collecting more and more frenchie things for my house. Hope to see you when we get back from Texas!

Miss Kris said...

Hi Shawn!

Hmmm...I do wonder what kind of woman she is. Perhaps she is a dancer, who invites us all over to share wine, in her LOVELY apartment. The stories she shares, into another world, the places she has seen, the people she’s met. Ohh.. she is a free spirit and is loving life! She is on the go and leaves "Her" own party in her red dress and one of her hats.

What fun! I do love her walls!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, the glorious ruin, the faded elegance, the etherial light, I am transported to the underground caverns in Phantom of the Opera.

~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

Mélanie said...

It is very inspiring and it tells me a lot of stories , it reminds me a lot of memories ...All are beautiful

mysiga heestrand said...

So wonderful pictures and so much inspiration
Kram Marita i Heestrand

The Rustic Victorian said...

beautiful as usual,,love the yellow ballet shoes.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

How clever of you Shawn...instead of telling us the story you have us tell the story to ourselves! Beautifully done, as is your habit! It's always a true pleasure to visit here. Thank you for the mental adventure.

P.S. Your clues are wonderful...the love of curved lines...nothing new...nothing masculine...auburn's a mystery in the making...or the un-making...

gatherings home said...

Gorgeous and richly textured pics and stories have become your hallmark Shawn. You never disappoint. Hope all is well. I too have a shop and am trying to weather the storm of this economy. Hopefull and looking forward is all I can be or do. I am thankful for my laptop. It is my respite to get me thru. And I am thankful I can fill my days with people like you who give me food for the soul!


My Galveston Cottage said...

Love the hat tree -- and the dreamy prose.

Anonymous said...

I would like to be her ;) Beautiful, simply stunning home and interiors...I would move right in!

carolyn peeler said...

such gorgeous photos :)
Hope all is well with you.

Di Overton said...

Fabulous post - as ever. I have a pair of ballet shoes like those pictured but in olive green. Scheduled to be part of a Ghost piece.

Unknown said...

WOW- I adore your blog- this posting is outstanding- I am taken away to a happy serene place when I am in your blog-thank you so much!

Postcards from New York said...

Thanks so much for the fantasy tour! I listen to your music for hours while I work on the web. It is and continues to be a welcome escape. Your brilliantly lite photographs are absolutely magical. I have just shared the "One Lovely Blog Award" with you on my blog.

Thanks for making fantasy so accessible.

Visual Vamp said...

So imaginative and beautiful.
In my mind's eye I'm the girl.
xo xo

Country Furniture said...

Very nice picture, iappreciste it.

Anonymous said...

OOH LA LA! I am in love. What a beautiful lifestyle. I can only imagine. Thanks for the lovely trip.


laura dellaporta said...

Oh your posts & incredible pictures make my heart melt... I thunk I have to go back & get a fix before I go wash my dishes.
xoox laura

laura dellaporta said...

ahhhh I breathing deep looking at these pictures... I'll beas wax those floors any time!!!! xoox laura

The Redheaded Sister said...

Absolument magnifique. Je souhaite qu'il aient été les miens.