Monday, December 22, 2008

A Christmas Wish pour toi

It has been a while since I've posted and I apologize.
The Holidays have kept me a bit occupied.
I wanted to say "Happy Holidays" and I have
a Christmas wish for you!
My wish for you, is that someone tells you that they
love you, and in return, you never leave those words

Twenty five years ago, we lost my Mother to breast cancer.
I tell you this, not to get sympathy, but to share a gift our
family received.
It was a long ordeal, trips in and out of hospitals, rude
encounters with reality, and cherished moments that
softened the blows.
My brother, Regan, was making weekend trips home
from the University to make the most from what
was.. limited time.
Sunday evenings became routine. Folding and packing
the weeks laundry, loading the car and readying
for his return trip. The last Sunday was no different
from the many that had preceded it, he was going
through the motions. Goodbyes said, keys in the
ignition, it would have been so easy for him to drive
off...BUT, he remembered he forgot to tell Mom that
he loved her. Running back to the house (pressed
for time which IS his trademark), he kisses Mom's
cheek and whispers those sweet words, I Love You.
I think you know how the story ends.

It is so easy isn't it, to get caught up in our daily
routines and take life for granted.
You never know what tomorrow brings, so please
share those simple words.
That is my wish for you, from our family to yours!
Happy Holidays and Bisou!

Thanks to my friend, Jodee for sending me the photos
and PS Jodee.... I Love You!!!