Monday, August 30, 2010

Un Grand Buffet

Forest Gump said, “ Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get,” but I think life is more like

Un Grand Buffet.

We get to see and smell before we choose. Yes, I would be one of those that poke my finger in the chocolates, and…
Speaking of buffets, if the Southern Queen of cooking, Paula Deen (who I absolutely adore) can have her own furniture line, well then ya’ll can gather round for my buffet and we can engage in a little gluttony.

I am feeling very gracious, as a long time dream of mine has come true.
Victoria magazine has featured me in the Sept/Oct issue, due out tomorrow.
Like many of you, I am an avid fan of Victoria and just can’t seem to part with my old copies.
They are like old soul mates and have given me inspiration through the years.

I've always admired the creativity of the “Calling Cards” and love the profiles of the entrepreneurs.
Seemed I could always identify with the women behind the stories.

In the early 90’s, my journey started with hauling back chandeliers from the Paris flea market in my suitcase. I soon graduated to 45’ containers.
French antiques are “food for the soul” and yes, I happen to be Gourmandise!
To put my own spin on Vita’s quote from the 91 cover,
“The Country French Antique habit has me by the heart”

I’m guessing many of you to be first time visitors to my blog by way of Victoria.

Bienvenue to my Buffet! As you can tell, I’ve eaten my fair share of crème brûlée and ravaged the crispy tops of those within arms reach of me too.

People always ask me where I go antiquing in France. A girl can never divulge all her secrets, but I have been known to follow the Rhone from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean and get lost in-between. Antique fairs, brocante markets, depot ventes and auctions all cause me to hit the brakes. I love to go deep in
the country and immerse myself in the French way of life.

I also brake for the auberge at noon. I’ll never forget on one of my first trips through the French countryside stopping at a roadside mas (farm) that had a brocante sign.
It was the noon hour and the owner told me to return after 2pm. I pleaded my case and told him I was just passing through town and would not be able. He politely apologized and said he was having lunch with his family and I would have to return another time.
Talk about a culture slap.
I’ve come to love the word doucement (gently, slowly) It is how life should be lived.

My store, European Antique Market in Louisville, is where you
will find my visual translation of the Country French lifestyle.
Where my buffet is served.

You'll find me in a pre 1860 Victorian, lovingly referred to as my
Shabby Chateau, complete with turret. Twelve rooms with lots
of cubbies and two outdoor areas, over 3,800 sq. ft., sans the ceiling.

You'll find a bit of everything from faux bamboo to antique
glazed pottery.

Crystal chandeliers and zinc window frames

Iron village crosses that guide your vision upward while iron
chandeliers light the way to the Louis XVI chairs on the ceiling.

You may even find that Parisian store facade that becomes your
next headboard and admire your creativity while reflecting in
a gilt trumeau.

If you find your sense of self becoming too grand, we have larger
mirrors that will accommodate you.

Verbena, lavender water, lots to delight the senses,

and French antique garden urns for your vegetable arrangements.

Petite vassiliers or grand, we have them both,

or you prefer something a bit more Provincial
such as a Glissant Buffet,
we've got it.

If you favor those romantic painted French grays, we have some to offer,

or whitewashed and shabby.

Architectural and Ironstone

Maybe you want unique, like a table made from old French doors
or a pot rack from a ladder.

You desire an 18th century drying rack

or a 20th century Bas Relief Plaster poured
from an antique mold?

We have dozens of demi-johns, all sizes and colors.
Decorate or drink...if only all of life's choices
were so difficult.

You can opt for the silver spoon or porcelain stoppers
to keep your drink fresh.

We hope to give you fresh ideas,
whether it is turning hay feeders upside down,

using Zinc Chateau Window Frames as garden elements,

or old French Shutters propped with corbels for awnings.

We have over a dozen tables Rustic and Italianate,

and the Quimper to top it off.

We have beautiful antique boxes of paper and wood,

Pine and Painted Armoires,

and Passementarie.
The details to emphasize aesthetics,

or hang them on the wall.

So, whether your looking for antique French furniture,
like a 19th C. Louis XV style buffet deux corp,

a conversation piece, like this 19th century,
cast iron lavabo,

or Fun & Funky Brocante,
stop by and check out our buffet.

We are located at 933 Barret Ave. in Louisville
and open Monday thru Saturday,
10 ~ 4 pm

You never know about us, we may just be serving up

Be sure and pick up a copy of Victoria, on newsstands

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to do the GratiDudette dance.
If you would like to join me, click here.

Sante, Amitie, Amour