Saturday, November 21, 2009

une chaise française

"If you want a happy ending, of course, that depends on where you stop your story."
Orson Welles

The end of the day is a familair routine for her
and a most welcomed one.
Shuffling in slippered feet across the room,

she pauses for a moment and stares
at the French chair.
Standing in silence, the conversation
of thoughts play in her mind.

As the warmth starts to flow through her body,
she turns and makes her way to the stairs.

Each step elevates her soul.

For this is not, just a French chair.
This chair holds something very special.

A symbol of her Mother's love.
It was in this French chair that her mother sat,
(26 years ago), silent to the cancer that ravaged her body.
Wanting to share a joyful moment with her daughter.
Her daughter's new home.
All at the sacrifice of self.

Ghost Chair by Di Overton...Designers Block

At the end of the day,
she always feels her Mother's love.
French chairs are made for holding such things.
for you Toni

Happy Beaujolais Nouveau!
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Monday, November 09, 2009

Peitie Terrasse Moment

Strolling a twisted cobblestone alley, peering around
corners in search of heartfelt scenery, in Provence,
that is where this Francophile would rather be.

A place where the faded elegance of angels adorn
nature and call out to your soul.

To spend a morning at the marché soaking up the
bustle of vibrations.

Perhaps a Promenade à la rue to study the decorative
store facades.

and of course, experience the thrill of visiting
an antique shop and all that awaits you.

Photo via Art & Decoration

BUT, I am home in Louisville now, so I'll do my best to
re-create those French moments here.
I love to sit out on my petite terrasse at the shop,
(with my glass of wine, of course) contemplating
how to translate my memories via antiques
and accessories.

French white wooden slat garden chairs and marble top, iron base bistro table

I decided to use a grain sack to cover a vase of
dried artichokes.

Louis XIII style gateleg table, demi-john, burlap sel sack

This girl just can't have too many French antique
garden urns. Forget shoes, unless I can use them
to fill urns! This one is filled with Gianna Rose
Royal Jelly Bath Beads.

French antique garden urn and Gianna Rose

Hubby knows that my petite terrasse moments mean
more work for him. This project (underway), has him
knocking slats out of wine crates. He is always a good
sport though.

Vintage sage French doors, tole Chocolate advertising clock, boulangerie baskets,
Louis XV style cane dining chairs, marble top bistro table
He's getting really good at tying chairs from the ceiling.
Even though my shop is about 3,600 sq. ft., I have
so much that I have to utilize every nook and cranny.

Louis XVI cane bergeres, zinc letters, Country French gray painted cupboard,
vintage pine shutters, Louis XV gilt and tapestry bed, French daybed, mirrored
white iron side table
Almost time for another petite terrasse moment, so
I must run.
One more thing...
This weekend is the
Louisville Antique and Fine Living Show.
They have expanded it this year to include upscale

More information is available here.

If you're planning to come to Louisville, we would
love to have you stop by

We can share in a
petite terrasse moment !

Bisou and hope to see you!