Monday, June 30, 2008

comme l'oiseau

Like the Bird

When things happen that are out of my control,
I try to keep control of my own thoughts.
I like to view those things from a bird's perspective.
They can always see more than we can because
they leave the nest and fly above it all.
They see the big picture, which is sometimes
not evident to us, at the moment.
It is always a much prettier view from up above.

Case in new warehouse space.
Had to find another space due to the landlord at
the old space being able to make more money off
another tenant. Didn't want the other space in
the building on the 3rd floor he offered, so
had to start searching for a new nest.
Glad I flew the coup or would not have found this !
Thank you universe!!!
Now, can this handle some photo shoots or what??
AND, there are a few birds lurking above.
Oh, and yes, I have a warehouse AND a retail
store loaded guessed it..
Country French Antiques.

Louis XVI style double bed, late 1800's. This is the headboard, all original paint.
Maybe a bit of clarification on exactly what we do
since I'm getting more emails everyday.
* We sell Country French and Italian Antiques
and Brocante to the trade and the public
* We do specialize in supplying the trade.....
with individual pieces or 20, 40, 45 ft containers
(all inclusive of packing, shipping & customs)
* We offer Interior Design services and
Store Merchandising services

The foot board or......sans pieds and she becomes a piece of art !
For the trade....I work on a percentage basis of the total
inventory purchased. You know, the more you buy,
the better the price.
I have a partial place of residence, a warehouse location
and a car when I travel, so there are no travel expenses
for you.
It is basically the same as buying from a picker in France.
If you would like more information, don't hesitate
to contact me.

Have you ever seen garden chairs like these? There are a pair.

A Louis XV style Armoire from the late 1800's.
Isn't she lovely?
Don't just think outside. There are two pair of these
grey shutters.
How about a Venetian lingerie commode from the
late 1800's? Can't reproduce this one.
I just can't get the photos to do these columns justice.
They are 9ft tall and yes they do stand on their own.
Care for a primitive rustic bonnetiere?
Bonnetiere's are one door armoires, but are called so,
because their original use was to store my ladie's bonnets.
The armoire's original use was for, you guessed it, armour.
France has more than it's share of armoires and
bonnetiere's. Houses were taxed on square footage,
so closets equated to unnecessary tax.

Know what this is? A flag holder. It has a little shelf on
the back with holes for flag poles. I love these things!
A pewter lavabo mounted on a carved oak piece
A pair of Rope Bergeres for the garden, or bedroom, or breakfast room,

Sorry, Zoe's not for sale, but she does send licks and
I hope that whenever life sends a curve ball your
way, your able to see it comme l'oiseau !
Bisou mon ami's !

Thursday, June 26, 2008

un container plein

Some things just have an aura of Romance.
France would be one of those things!

When I travel to France to buy antiques and brocante, I
try to capture her romance in the objects I bring back.
This is why I'll never ship back a container
sans shutters!

I look for objects that are unique to France and the
French lifestyle. That can be in the colors or the
lines the pieces possess.

Finding those French signatures can take me to out of the way places.
I adore those places. Where else would I see camouflage
netting providing shade while bouncing the suns beautiful rays?

This artist captured her beauty don't you think?

There are some patina's you just cannot reproduce.

Some things even when they are quiet, speak of their past.
If you listen closely, you can hear the story.

They can come in all shapes and sizes

And be found in the most hidden places.
Even in the caves of Opera Houses.
I'm lucky to have so many contacts that many times,
I get 1st dibs.

I'm up at 5am to hit the markets early and have a
couple of French friends who know my style. We
each start in different corners and my cell is never
far from my ear.
I did get the Louis XV style petite commode.

A quick scour of the market and I'm off, to a remote
location. A backyard full of garden delights.
Are you familiar with Mathieu Mategot?
He was a wonderful French Designer whose pieces
aren't easy to find. Guess what I found?

A Ruffier bistro table. Can't pass on this one.
I'd say she captures France at her best!

An unexpected stop and I find this 18th century Dutch beauty.
BUT...I have to pass. She would have to retail for $12,000.
I am on a budget you know and those kind of prices
scare me a bit.
If you want her, let me know and I'll be glad to get her
next time around, (if she is still there).

Some bottle drying racks, French body buckets and these
wonderful copper cheese molds did get loaded in the

l'heure pour le déjeuner

Fast forward. The container has made her way
across the Atlantic. She is full of 19th century
stripped pine cupboards, original painted armoires
and Country French pieces.
Mirrored tables, scrolly iron pieces, weathered urns and
lots of white.

Feminine gold chevets and Louis XVI just follows
me wherever I go.

A French monastery case clock, delicately painted tables
that are early 20th century, a secretary that is to
die for and did you see the grey shutters?

Greys and whites, and canvas covered books
This is what a container unloading looks like.
Trust me, it will come to life.
The scent of lavender still lurks in this Herbist cabinet.
Can you picture this in an original kitchen?
I can, oh boy can I.
Are you starting to get the picture?
This is France!!!!
I came back with a bit more Swedish this time too.

These 19th century, weathered white columns have a
patina that you wouldn't believe!
Want to see it all ?
Join us this Saturday and Sunday at Atelier Home
in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, from 10- 6 pm.

Bisou mon ami's, hope to see you there !!
and don't forget to smell the roses!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Shoe Fleur

that originality, freshness, being
able to interpret things in a whole new light.

Michel Tcherevkoff glances at a photo of a leaf
he had taken, during a photo shoot for Prescriptives.
It happens to be lying upside down on the table.
In that moment he sees not a leaf, but a
shoe, and Voila, a fantasy world comes to life.

Tcherevkoff, a Parisian born photographer, has
created a wonderful world of make-believe in his
2nd book "Shoe Fleur"
Photos courtesy of Michel Tcherevkoff

The book and limited edition signed prints are
available on Tcherevkoff's website or Amazon.
Don't know about you guys, but the Marché de Fleurs
will never be the same !
Merci Monsieur Tcherevkoff, for making the world
un peu plus beau!
Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did.
Now I'm off to buy the book!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Je prefer 15 Antiques

My favorite antique? That is like asking a mother
of eight which is her favorite child ! Can't do
just one.... unless I can say French!!!!!
Keri from Antique Therapy started a game,
blog about your favorite antique 's and I
wanted to play!
So here are 15 of my favorite things.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to come across
four French, tower clock faces. I find myself fascinated
by these historical keepers of time. If you would like
to read more about my thoughts on clocks, click here about an unusual focal point in a room!
You can't find these jewels at your local Pottery Barn.

I also happen to have a weakness for antique garden
statuary and their weathered patina's.
Not to mention monogrammed linens, gilding,
and anything with French writing. Just imagine
how many violins harmonized in French Opera
House's with the aid of these cards.
Reminds me, if you have not read the Washington
Post article, Pearls Before Breakfast, an article
about Beauty and the violinist, Josh Bell, you really
should !!

Okay, you know that I love BIG, zinc, dogs, and
architectural items. So, comes as no surprise that
you would find over the top dog houses with zinc
molded roofs, gutters and trim or fabulous chateau
windows in my store. Right ???

Then there is Louis XVI, original painted pieces!
You just don't get any more Romantic than this, but
I also love the beauty of 19th Century stripped pine,
especially when they are cupboards.
Signs, well just love the artwork on old signs.

I also have this thing about Priest's vestments.
European Catholic churches spared no expense!
Complete or tattered, I'll take them. Sometimes
the gold embroidery is salvageable and voila,
it gets framed.
Old toleware....they just don't make it like they use
too! can you not like Louis XV buffet deux corps?
Especially when they are white??
And lastly....
Do you know what this last piece is?
The first person to leave a comment, that correctly
identifies this piece will become the proud owner!
I'm not talking about the starfish now.
Small disclaimer here.....only if you live in the continental US
(unless, you agree to pay the shipping).
Guess away !!!
Just a side note here...
I'm truly passionate about all the things
I buy. Very difficult for me to make choices,
like this, because I love so much.
Maybe thats why I come home with 40 ft.
containers instead of a suitcase full.
BUT something tells me I'm among
Good Company here!!
Bisou mon ami's!