Sunday, June 15, 2008


My work is like my life, never finished, but here it is,
as the Grand Opening of the Goss Ave. Antiques &
Interiors started yesterday.

It was a good day. Sold a few things, met some new
people, and spread the word about my store.

Did you notice the gold jeweled heels? Funny, I arranged
them just so, so. Someone kept straightening them.
They either thought they were helping me or they were
messing with me.
I don't know which, but I thought it was cute.
I'm sure I'll go in today and find them oh so neatly
propped up.

I love these reproduction crowns I just got in. They come in two styles.
They have a wonderful patina and retail for $69.00. For
those of you with stores, you can get them from CBK.
Whenever I design public spaces, I leave two signatures.
I always try to incorporate an awning made from a shutter
and drop a pair of gold heels. Call it branding if you like,
but it works. Many customers immediately knew who
designed this space because of the awning.
I'm pleased with the results and I think the Mall is too.
The original deal was to have the space for two months
and they have already asked me to stay three. That's
rent free so how can I say no.
Well, enjoy the photo's and if you see anything you
are interested in, send me an email.

Time for me to get moving.
Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Father's Day
to all you men out there.


Kathy said...

Gorgeous, Shawn! Simply gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I hate that I only had a few minutes at this sitting to look at your pictures. I want to hone in on every little detail. You are the absolute BEST! I love the space and want EVERYTHING! Oh, that nasty budget thing. Funny you mentioned the awning. That especially caught my eye. We live in an old rock bungalow with a beautiful screened front porch running along the front of the house, with two windows. As soon as I saw that I could see that over the two windows. Now to convince hubby we just have to have it.
Shawn, thank you for sharing. Your work is beautiful and inspiring.
Debbie from

Lisa & Alfie said...

I'll take one of everything please! You've done it again Shawn. Of course they would extend their invitation as your presentation is so beautiful and inspiring!
Lisa & Alfie

LiLi M. said...

Hi! I love your trademarks!! Good luck with your store!

Michaele Sommerville said...

So incredibly lovely! And the gold heels are the *perfect* touch. Funny that they kept being re-arranged for you!


Antique Therapy said...

Unbelievable set up Shawn!!
You make me want to go and redo my space in the shop. I love your signature branding. Thats such a great marketing idea. Thanks for the ongoing inspiration. If you are ever in Boston let me know!!

villa said...


Mélanie said...

Shawn, it looks gorgeous ! I can recognize your style ! 3 months fro free , that is great !

Anonymous said...

Just perfect! I love the gold heels story :)

Anonymous said...

Love the trademark idea Shawn! Good luck and I hope it's wildy successful! It's all so beautiful and as the song says, 'please come to Boston' and if you do call me tooo! xo Roberta
Love the old doors and shutters. Especially the awning!

Barb said...

Absolutely stunning. I'm so glad I found your blog. Now only to shop.....

Ann Marie said...

Greeting from a country french lover in Utah!
I am exited to have found your blog through another decorators!! What beautiful things you sell! If gas wasn't so much, I would rent a U Haul and head to Kentucky to load up! Love your stuff! I will have to put a link to your store on my blog so I don't forget how I found you. Too cute of stuff. I may have to have that pink chandalier. :)

Another Antique lover from the west... Ann Marie

Anonymous said...

Man oh Man....did I love looking at all that eye candy. Sure wish I could shop there. Love the gold heels!! Hugs, Lynn
P.S. When I had a brick and mortar shop I made this piece that looked like spilled nail polish and would set it on a piece of furniture. I can't tell you how many people would come rushing to the front desk to tell me about the spilled polish on the furniture.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful space you have.. I'll have to work on my little corner of the world and show you some of my treasures... I could stay all day in yours.. thanks for sharing.. hugs ~ lynne ~

Tootsie said...

do you mind if I add you to my list of favorite blogs? this is a beautiful display you have here! just stunning. I am glad Sasha told me to come!

Villa Anna said...

Shawn I am completely in awe of the phenomenal space you created. What a dream to be surrounded by such beauty. You are truly my hero. I dream to be just like you someday :)

I love your trademarks and I LOVE that crown.

Anna :)

Magnolia Street Style said...

Lovely, absolutely lovely. If I lived closer, I would be there.

Keep it up!! You are an inspiration.


Decor To Adore said...

It is all perfect loveliness!

Mary said...

Oops, so excited at your wares I left my comment on your earlier post! Anyway, again I just want to say how I love everything - be still my pounding heart!!!!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

"and if you see anything you want, drop me an email..." ??? See anything I want? ONLY EVERYTHING!! :) The "bakers' table" is gorgeous! And the cabinet against the wall with all those little drawers (almost like a short, wide card file from a library). LOVE! What a beautiful life you live!! Someday I'd LOVE to buy for my store in France with you!! Thanks for all the time you obviously put into your blog! How do you do it all??
- Ruth

Anonymous said...

Your store is absolutely breathtaking. Wish I lived closer...
p.s. LOVE the heels 'signature'