Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Casting Antiques

It's that time again....

Time to prepare for the next Theatrical Drama!
My plane ticket is purchased and I am attending
to last minute details.
The 40 ft. container that will transport all my stage props,
leading characters and one of a kind oddities
has been reserved.
My inventory tags printed with lot 663.
So many things to ponder.
For the next two months I will assume the role
of The Playwright.
The same as my 42 previous plays, the story
will take place in the French countryside (aka...
European Antique Market, 933 Barret Ave.
Louisville, Ky.)

Although some characters already exist dans ma tete,
my buying trips to France always reveal new
undiscovered talents. J'adore the undiscovered.
I'll search the marchés aux puces, vide-greniers,
brocantes et salons d'antiquaires. I might even
get in an auction or two.
It is of utmost importance that I find those things
suitable to help me visually wrought my drama.

My journal's pristine pages await the scribblings of
minute details and inspirations.

Oh the anticipation of adventures to come.
Akin to a child making a Christmas wish list,
I too, create a list.
Perhaps, since the debut of this container
will be in October, we will call the production
"Phantoms of France".

Approprié je pense.
How much fun it will be!
The Phantom will have to be a commanding piece
with a bit of mystery.
Christine of course, feminine with a most mesmerizing
Opera memorabilia, ballet slippers, perhaps I can find
some old auction bidding wands.
Chandeliers galore and wouldn't old theatre props be
Softly, deftly, antiques shall caress you.
Hear them, feel them, Secretly they possess you.

This is going to be great, I love shopping with a
I'll be sure to post some of my finds on my
blog first, upon my return.
Turning my store into an Opera House
will be fun!
In the meantime, keep Box #5 empty!