Monday, April 28, 2008

Amis Blogging

My oh my, I must order fabric, get my license renewed,
buy Kentucky bourbon for gifts, finish packing, do some
ironing, yada, yada, and I only have 24 hours left
before I depart for France. Yet, here I sit blogging!
Just another one of my addictions!
I hope to blog a bit while I am there, but if I
don't get the chance, see you when I return.
I am leaving you with some recently discovered
beautiful blogs out there that I wanted to share
with you.
They are must visits and I know you will enjoy

The first is June Parrish Cookson's blog
Ink Vanilla
June is an amazing artist living in the Pacific West
and has an amazing since of style.

Next is Judy Banderia, a boutique owner in Australia.
She has some beautiful photo's on her blog
Lily-G and a boutique!
And then, we all love that Country Swedish look right?

Visit Mia at Lilla Blanka
She has a wonderful country style and
creates some wonderful vignettes, mostly
white of course.
Enjoy the blogs!!!
Oh, and don't forget about Donna's
Swashbuckler Soiree this Saturday!!
Hope to see you there!
Have a wonderful week!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

un bon fatigué

I'm "a good tired". What a week it has been!
Finally, we have had some good weather in Louisville
so I've started planting flowers at the shop. Still a long
way to go, but it is a beginning.

I had to show you a picture of our wisteria! It just
exploded this week. It must have 50 blooms on it.
It is about 4 yrs. old and believe it or not, it's planted
in a wash basin!

I'm trying to train it to climb the zinc roof finial

I'm using a lot of impatiens and ferns due
to the shade. Sitting on the marble top bistro
is a putt-putt cup with a numbered flag and those
are art-deco era light covers from a French hotel.
They are great to use as bowls, but I haven't
filled them yet.

A fern in an old galvanized French floral
container that has Roses 5F stenciled on it.
Then of course, my shutter awnings supported
with old architectural corbels. You do know I
am a shutter fanatic.

The upstairs terrace. That's a work in progress.
Tim just finished painting, so once it is back together
I'll take photo's. Can't decide where to hang my sign???

We also had our "Simply French" cooking class last night.

A class of 20 was just the right size and the food

Chef Greg from Mirabelle Gourmet Catering
entertained us with his stories of France while
teaching us all about sauces

Thank goodness for my brother, Regan!
He owns 2Thomases Video Production,
so he worked for dinner last night.
He is a master at putting together creative
We are going to make Chef Greg a YouTube star.
Once the 60 second shots are completed, I'm
sure one will show up on my blog!
Who knows, maybe he will have his own
cooking show some day.

Meet Norma and

Tim. They are my left and right arm at the shop

Some photo's I did manage to get.

We literally clear out the front room. We lucked
out last night on the weather. The sidewalk
was full of iron beds and tables.

It was a great time and Chef Greg is beginning
to get a fan club

Thank you to those that participated!
You were great company!

And we look forward to the next time!
Now, I must go run errands and start packing.
France is waiting :)
Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

heures d'ouverture

The Opening Hours of my next French voyage.
I love these opening introductions to the antique
and brocante hunt that is about to unfold.
All my wonderful contacts in France starting
to send me photographs of their lovely treasures.

How can I possibly pass on this weathered old
store sign "Commerce de Vins"?
Yes, I will scour the antique markets and attend
several auctions, but I do have my regulars.

Not only do I want these wonderful aged plasters,
I'll take the wall too! Good thing there is no
weight limit on my container!

I'll also be in search of pieces for clients.
Louis XV walnut and oak sideboards and
buffets, original painted armoires, farm tables,
great store display pieces, pine cupboards,
bergeres, Louis XVI daybeds, gilt
trumeau mirrors, iron gates and
zinc roof finials to name a few.

And always those accessories that
scream "Country French".
White paper bound books, limed
architectural fragments, garden bistro
tables, statuary and iron garden urns.

I can't wait to get to the Brocante markets.
Those are the best places to find old textiles,
monogrammed linens, pottery pieces,
copper cookware, toleware, old menus and
ironstone, and I'm always scanning for
items with French writing on them.

Think I should put these fauteuils on the

Little commodes, coronas and
chandeliers, oh my!
If you have been looking for that
special Country French Antique to
decorate your home, this is your chance!
If you would like to add an item to
the hunt, feel free to do so!
You can email me your request and
I will be more than happy to add it
to my list. The more detail you can
me, the better and don't worry, you
won't be obligated. If I think it would
be of interest to someone else, I'll
buy it anyway, (if the price is right).
I always go with a binder full and it
makes the hunt more exciting!
Send an email or call 502.585.3111
if you prefer.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

32 Bis

Je suis très content.
Two weeks from today, I will once again
return to the country that fills me with inspiration.
I'll return to my pied-à-terre at 32 Bis in France.

It is a place, this country called France, that speaks to the depths of my soul and her beauty humbles one. I'll once again be grateful that I have this moment of time to share with mon ami's.

I'll rest dan le jardin and silently try to analyze the meaning of it all with those sweet melodies (the French language) echoing in the background. (especially after a glass or two of vin rouge)

I'll ask myself, who, what, and why have I been so blessed to share a bit of life with these people (the French) and been so openly received by this lady, France???

Lady France will act as my shepherd and gently guide me to experience her offerings. I look forward to the lessons of this journey. I am like clay in her hand, her sculpture not yet finished.

She will teach me the beauty of decaying elegance and how to appreciate the footprints of those who came before me.

She will speak to me from the heavens

She will take me to some familiar places and show me things I overlooked.

She will steer me down some new roads to discover parts of her, I do not yet know.

She takes me higher and higher with every visit. Trip #44 and so much of her, not yet revealed.

Déjeuner at my favorite Auberge, she will remind me, sharing in another person's passion is one of life's most beautiful gifts.
She will show me how to create, because I am living on the edge of creation.
But, she will ask me to blend into my new creation, a part of those beautiful thoughts from the past. She whispers, "you are a part of all that has ever been."

She will share with me her bouquets.

She will leave me speechless at times.

Photo from Living Etc.
She always gives me much to ponder.
Thank you Lady France and your people for preserving
your history, embracing passion, cultivating the arts,
and realizing that 2 hour lunches give time for the
important things in life!
It is with great pleasure that I return to you once more!
And I say, Viva la France!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Objets de Romance

Okay, I'm guessing if you are reading my blog
you like this look ! Romantic don't you think?

French toile pillows with burlap

And you do know that European Antique Market
is all about the romance of French antiques
and a few new things that tie in perfectly!

Ticking stripe tablecloth with toile overlay

Park Hill Collections is one of our favorite newbies!
We love all those faded color palettes.
And we have a rather large order due in
any day now.

Antique inspired silver trophies and oval boxwood topiaries

If your a boutique owner we think you'll love them too!

A very vintage look
Cotton ball garland and wreaths

Glass Cloches and mossy covered terracotta saucers

Boxwood Topiaries in lime washed pots and French canvas panels

Cigar boxes, pottery and tole jardeniers
They are in the process of developing a website so until
then you can call my rep, Michael Gastineau at
The minimum order is $350.
As always, if you are not a store owner or designer,
give us a call or email and we will be glad to
order for you...or we may have it in stock!

So tell me my friends, are we speaking the
same language here?

la Soiree

Care to have dinner with good company
surrounded by beautiful French Antiques ?

European Antique Market is hosting our 3rd
"Simply French" cooking class with my favorite
French Chef, Greg Guiot from
Mirabelle Gourmet Catering.

On the menu is :
Baby Green Salad with French Vinaigrette
Crispy Salmon Purses filled with Crabmeat Stuffing
Spring Asparagus Beurre Blanc
Vegetable Provencal Ratatouille and
Foundant au Chocolat

and of course there will be wine!

Seating is limited so reserve now!
Call us at 502-585-3111

Also visit one of my favorite bloggers
Donna at The Ribboned Crown !
A blog where fantasy and imagination reign.
She is hosting what promises to be
a Fabulous Fete, "A Swashbuckler Soiree"

Be sure to join the rest of us Swashbuckler-ettes !
Visit her blog and sign up today!
See you there??????

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Plus de Secrets

I have another luscious Trade Secret for you!
Hopefully, you have been wanting to come to
Louisville to pay us a visit at
European Antique Market
And we would really love for you to come...
So, I am sweetening the pot a bit!
Another reason to visit Louisville, Ky.
that will make the trip worth it!
Blue Ocean Traders

Blue Ocean is a wholesaler that is located about 10
minutes from European Antique Market in a
warehouse. He imports from Eastern Europe,
Asia and Egypt.

Jason has a great selection of items for those of you
with home furnishings and accessory stores or booths.
And if you love the shabby, primitive, rustic, cottage style...
look no further!
He carries a variety of new (made to look old) and vintage

I've pictured a few of his accessories so you can get
an idea.
Tole chandeliers and sconces,
Iron by the pound,
Reclaimed painted pine furniture,
Garden urns and statuary,
Huge carved wooden bowls,
Grain buckets,
Rustic painted benches,
Industrial, mechanical items,
Hungarian textiles and grain sacks,
Zinc troughs, etc., etc., etc.,
And the prices are hard to beat!

He is a wholesaler, does not sell to the public.
I have carried a few of his items in the past, but
not much only because most gift/home decor
stores in Louisville carry it. If I lived somewhere
else I would, because it is nice stuff!
Maybe worth a try for you ???
So come to Louisville and spend a day or two!
Bring your truck and fill it with lots of goodies
from Blue Ocean and one of a kind, unique
Country French antique pieces from
European Antique Market.
If your not a designer/dealer, you can contact
me and I would be glad to purchase for you.
And yes, European Antique Market also
sells to the public.
There are many Derby activities in town
now through Derby Day, so it is a good
time to visit.
If you need help with suggestions of where
to stay, want to fly in and need a ride, or
if I can help in any planning, please don't
hesitate to contact me.
Guarantee you'll be glad you came!!!
Have a great weekend !