Monday, September 25, 2006

A small cafe in Isle sur la Sorgue (the antique capital of France). How I would love to be there now, but I must wait until my next buying trip.
In the meantime...
I'll attempt to re-create those moments spent at the sidewalk cafes, on the terrace of moi boutique and share the makings of ambiance with you.

These vintage Cafe au Lait bowls are wonderful and what an element of surprise when you serve your guests coffee in these. These are found in almost every French maison. For more info on the bowls go to

Aren't these sugar cubes lovely! Talk about the simple pleasures of life. I don't know that I have ever seen a packet of sugar in France, unless it's shaped like a straw. It's customary to have a bowl of sugar cubes, white & brown. I stumbled upon a website recently that sells the most delightful sugar cubes. These would make great hostess gifts for the holidays. Everyone I know will receive a box of these sweeties. Go to to check out the selection. They even monogram!!

Talk about "Art de la Table." Demitasse spoons are a must! The word means half cup in French. Most demitasse spoons are less than 6" long. Perfect for swirling that sugarcube.

Don't forget the serviette. Most French napkins are larger, 30" squares, versus the normal 24" in the states.

There also seems to be an abundance of monogrammed textiles in France. Perhaps due to Charlemagne and the first recorded monogram. In the 8th century Charlemagne changed the monetary system for France and much of Europe to the denier or silver penny.

The coins were identified by the mongram KLRS. Where is the C? If French Royalty used different intiials, you can too.

Now for those extra details...If you have never heard of Lara Fabian, check her music out at She has several albums in English and French. She's like a French Diana Krall.

If I could have only one plant in my garden, it would be lavande. So many uses and oh so French!

Time to go, enjoy the cafe and Sante!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

European Antique Market
I'm excited about starting my new blog today. Hopefully I'll learn to create the look I want.
I plan to add pictures of all my wonderful finds in France. I just returned from a trip and found some wonderful items! Painted armoires, old store signs, garden furniture and beautiful tables.

If your interested in French antiques you've come to the right place. Until I get up and going good, visit my website or feel free to contact me if your looking for that special piece.