Monday, March 08, 2010

touché par un ange

She always thought, Angels were made in Heaven.

Just more proof for a francophile,
there is a little bit of Heaven in Provence.
What are they made of, the angels?
Were these Deva's lying dormant, waiting
for their creator to reach a spiritual consciousness?
Are these the hands that sculpt the paper,
void of words,
into emotion?

At the core is fragility, yet strength

It is disturbing for her to think that for some,
a piece of furniture is just that.
These patina's give solace to the soul.
Ironic that this piece is called a console?

But, the light will only illuminate
for those who wish to see.

French and Italian fragments,
for which she has been appointed Guardian.

Objects re-created through her hands,
so that all may see.

Her work gives us the pleasure of knowing
that even though we are individuals,
we are oneness with the past.
Words are not necessary.

Meet Elise Valdorcia. The mortal who
sculpts the message of the angels and
who possesses a refined sensibility toward beauty.

Elise studied interior design in Paris and
owned an antique shop in Marais,
before settling in the South of France.
It is there, that she practices the art of
Paper Mache and creates
new objects, from Italian and French fragments.

I've always admired her work, even before
I knew who she was.
In case you missed it, read one of my
favorite posts,
You'll recognize many of the pieces
and the style, as Elise's.
Visit her website, but
have your serviette handy.

As always, European Antique Market would be
happy to assist you with any purchase,
should you desire to be,
Touched by an Angel.

On another note, I have a favor to ask
of my readers.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that
the editorial staff of Today's Woman Magazine,
a local magazine in Louisville,
nominated me for Most Admired Woman 2010,
in the Home Style category.
I would love to have your vote!
and vote for me, Shawn Stucker,
under Home Style, SVP.
Merci Beaucoup!

Photos are of Elise's studio and her work