Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Première for Louis Vuitton

This is a first.
La première fois
Louis Vuitton has aired a commercial.

Interesting too, there are only glimpses of the product.
I happen to like it, so I just couldn't pass on posting a copy.

Here is the You Tube Video

The agency is Ogilvy and it was shot in Shanghai.
The music is from Gustavo Santaolalla of Argentina.
Don't you love that music... I've got to get one of his CD's
To get the full effect go Louis Vuitton's website and watch the movie.
So, Where is Life taking you?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

meilleur maintenant

I hope so!
I changed my blog header and the width of my blog this morning.
What an ordeal...for me anyway...but I hope you like it.
I know it is a little big..hubby says too big.
j'adore grand!
Same way with those French antique accessories, I love over sized
Mr. Google tells me only 5% of my readers have monitors
less than 1025, so I decided to go the max.
So this post is a test to see if I can post bigger pictures.
This is a copy of our Spring Flyer for the store

Any other blogger out there wanting to increase the width of your blog
that aren't HTML savvy, this site was the easiest for me.
Now it's on to Gadgets and Widgets
I would welcome your comments and feel free to vote in the poll
located on the sidebar. Merci!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Frenchifying The Kentucky Derby

Here in Kentucky when the snow begins to melt, our thoughts
turn to The Kentucky Derby. Life revolves around Horses,
Hats, and Highballs.
Its always fun to tie in with the city celebrations, but I
do like to Frenchify things a bit !
Well Thanks to Bristol at Honey Bend Vintage, for planting the
seed for my Derby Hat Swap at European Antique Market.
Please click on the flyer, as I'm having trouble today!

If you happen to live near Louisville we would love for you to
participate. Bring your hats in to the store (the earlier the better).
We'll embellish the store with hats in preparation for the soiree.
Chef Gregoire of Mirabelle Gourmet Catering will be serving
up his delicacies.
We are also raising money for "Mom's Closet", a resource center
dedicated to developing the potential of single mothers through
encouragement and education. Mom's Closet was founded by
Shelia Day, the wife of famous jockey Pat Day.
Catherine of Alexandria is the patron saint of Milliner's
and young girls.
Since the Middle Ages, young women 25 or older, who were not married, were
responsible for adorning the head of St. Catherine's statue with a beautiful
headdress on her Feast Day. (November 25th) Almost every church in
France has a statue of St. Catherine.
The girls are lovingly referred to as Catherinettes. The custom has
pretty much died out now, except in the fashion world.
St. Catherine is also going to help me Frenchify my Hat Swap!
If you aren't near Louisville, stop by Bristol's Blog and participate
in her Hat Swap. It should be fun!

Monday, February 18, 2008

parlez-vous français ?

Well I ventured 150 miles from home this past weekend,
but at times...felt I was on the other side of the pond.
I went to Nashville to visit with some friends and check
out the Antique & Garden Show.
Just want to share some inspiring photo's with you today.
Remember, you can click on any photo to enlarge.

This is the Italian Garden at the entrance of the show.
It definitely gave me Spring Fever! Even though I walked
away empty handed it was a nice show.
I tried to buy some Staffordshire Spill Vases with King Charles
Spaniels, but the dealer would not budge on her price.
Oh well, gives me a reason to continue my hunt.

And this would be the reason I collect Spaniels.
Zoe, our baby, in her stroller. She loves to travel.

This is a photo of The Iron Gate in Franklin.

The two photo's above are from à la Maison
Sheila Smith, the proprietress is a friend of mine.
She just opened her shop a few weeks ago.
She's French Style with a New Orleans Flair.
The store is located at 2108 8th Ave. South
or you can visit her online at

The following photo's are from The Iron Gate, located
at 338 Main Street in Franklin. This shop carries new
items for the most part with some French Antiques
scattered about, but the owner most definitely has a
sense of style.

Anyone that carries Zinc, automatically wins my
You can visit their website at
Then we have, Sérénité Maison.
Alex Cirimelli, the proprietress, is also a friend and
transplant from California. Her store is located at
4149 Old Hillsboro Road in Leipers Fork. She doesn't
have a website, but you can reach her at 615.599.2071

Alex's tagline reads....
"It Begins with Knowing what you Love and Trusting what you See.
It means Embracing the Natural, most Subtle Character
that History Casts on Life.
The Blush of French Crystal, the Feel of Homespun Linen,
The Hue of Time on Ironstone.
It is a Place of Peace that Welcomes you Home..."
Nicely put..
And just a few of my favorites from the Antique Show.
A 19th Century Zinc Bull's Head from Bloch's Antiques
in London. It can be yours for $5500.

If you are ever in Nashville, I would pay these gals a visit.
Guarantee you won't be dissapointed !
Viva la France !!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Couleurs de Putty

In the early 90's, I purchased an old building
(pre 1860) in the Highlands of Louisville with the
anticipation that someday, I would open my own
antique store there. I fondly refer to her as my
Shabby Chateau since she does strut a turret!
Needless to say with older buildings there is
always lots of work. It just takes time & money!

Well that day arrived in October 2006 when
I moved into my Shabby Chateau full time
and took the entire building. (Long story prior
to that).
Anyway, hubby and I have taken out drop
ceilings, cut new openings and continue to paint,
paint, and paint some more.
My point being...what used to be the front
apartment upstairs is screaming for attention!
The lady above will be my inspiration.
I absolutely love her couleurs.
I call them the Putty Couleurs of the Côte d’Azur.
I find myself strolling the back passages
of Nice in search of that fabulous antique,
roaming the hills of Antible sneaking peaks
of Secret Jardins, and sipping wine on the
boardwalk while lost at sea and ...
I want to be there!!!!
That is what design is all about for me!
To create an Ambiance that just simply
makes you feel good and in the hands
of France..I am Putty!

You can click on any photos to enlarge.
The photo above shows an old apothocary
cabinet. I couldn't resist her color. I added
the enamel numbers. Behind it is actually
an old wooden gate that I transformed into
a room divider.
Below is an old farmhouse that my friends
are renovating in France. He keeps me supplied
with stripped pine shutters. The colors are
amazing. The plaque is on an old water pump
from Lyon. These are actually great as
props in Gardens. There are also some stone
chateau windows (wouldn't they be great
incorporated in an outside stone wall)! old sign.

This is a Louis XVI original painted Dining room set I had.
It is sold..sorry..but my store is full of this stuff!
I used fresh legumes for these urns...

I also like bamboo, especially when it is upholstered in
French Poplin.
Well, I'm off to select some paint couleurs!
Have a wonderful day!
A Bientot

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sneak peaks

This is just a never-ending job.
Thought I would give you some sneak-peaks
of the shop as Spring arrives.
Plus..I need a break!

I found these great little pliable grapevines
that are quickly turning into an obsession.
I've started looking for multiples in the shop
that I can tie together.
Paper bound books! I just can't get enough
of them !

I used a zinc roof finial to hold hydrangea's.
I kind of like that wild look.
I have a real weak spot for ZINC !
Zinc window frames, urns, garden pots, roof finials,
trim, architectural pieces, etc.
In an earlier post I wrote an article about
Zinc. You can access it here

I'll take anything that is covered in moss,
bunnies included.

A 19th century Louis XVI Trumeau,
a gilt demi-lune table and a 19th century
Italian candlestick with partial gilt

An Iron Garden Table, pair of Louis XV original
painted chairs and an early 20th Century stone
Urn (complete with French moss).
If you click on these photo's you can enlarge them.
The Iron base on this marble top bistro table is in the
form of Swan's heads.
The folding Iron beds make fabulous day beds. I had
to just drape this one with some fabric until I
find something. I actually have five in inventory
now. They all have elaborate decorative plaques on
the front and I have a variety of colors.

A collection of white Ironstone
I adore these Lemonade bottles with porcelain tops. When
grouped together with single stems they are fabulous. I have
about 40 in stock. ($12.00 ea.)

Another vinette
Don't you love my statue?
She is actually fiberglass, but looks amazing!
Well, I really should get back to work.
If you want additional information about any of
the pieces, feel free to call or email !
A bientot

Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Woman in Vibrational Essence

As I flow along in this stream of life, my canoe is
constantly being bumped.
Sometimes I encounter others who want me to
stop midstream and struggle with them,
against the current.
Then there are others who say, "let's ride"!
Let's ride with the current, just see where it
takes us, and appreciate the beauty along the way.

Seems I have entered this place called the
"Blogosphere", where there is an inordinate
amount of others saying,
"Let's ride".

One woman, riding with the current, is Corey Amaro.
What a wonderful outlook this woman has on life.
I want to ride along side her downstream and be
splashed with her essence! I think you will too!
She has a beautiful way of blending the duality of the physical
and the spiritual.

In Corey's words, there is a thin line between
heaven and earth.

Corey's description of this photo:
When the ground was rocky, dry, barren, and uneven.
She bent down and tied a velvet ribbon on her ankle.
"There!" she said, "That's better."
Knowing where to focus can make a world of difference.

You can visit Corey's blog, Tongue and Cheek at to share
in her Good Vibrations.
Photo's above courtesy of Corey Amaro.

If you would like to know more about riding
the stream with the current or just want a
little motivation you can watch Esther Hicks
on You tube at

Friday, February 01, 2008

Antique & Garden Show of Nashville

Mark your calendars for February 15, 16, & 17th.
There is a lot going on in Nashville !

If you have never been to the Antique & Garden
Show you are missing a spectacular event !
The florals and landscaping are a must see !
For more information you can visit the website

The same weekend is the
Country Home Antiquing Festival
Visit their website at

And now for the best part :)
If you happen to be going, Louisville is only a 2 hour
drive from Nashville. My store is 2 miles
from I-65. We would love to meet some bloggers,
so if your in the area, stop by for a glass of

Have a Wonderful weekend and
Happy Chandeleur Day!