Friday, October 31, 2008

théâtre de la vie

Years ago, there was a girl, (we will call her The Performer), who landed the leading role in the theater.

National Theater of Iceland courtesy of Didaskalia
Not only did she get the lead part, she got Producer, Director, Casting Coordinator and Prop Master.
The only thing she was given was the title of the play.
The title was, and is, "Life".
No limits, no boundaries... only complete
freedom in how she chooses to act out this story and
communicate it with her audience.

Like the renaissance troupes before her, there have been times when she shields her face by masks. Once the masks are touched by "the Performer", they become props, material objects used to enrich the storyline and add character,(Untouched, they simply remain set decorations).

The Performer likes to touch, therefore she has many props. Most of her props are French Antiques. Like the Greek masks of comedy and tragedy, French Antiques help her enrich her story. They are props that communicate emotion and without emotion, there is no life.

She wants to know the gift of the blind. . .
For her fingertips to act as eyes and feel more than just the uneven grain of an old plank antique floor. She wants to touch more than the expression, on the chiseled face of a marble bust. She wants to be connected to the beautiful thoughts of the creator, who can only enrich her spirit and in the end, that is all she has to give.

Her hand will graze the plaster walls and she will know the stories held within their age. She will take in the curved lines and decorative motifs of the Louis XV furniture, and sense the influence of Madame Pompadour. You see, these props of hers, help her to tell a more intimate side of her story.

Her hand will follow the stitches entwined with love, that are passed through generations and remind her that joyous moments live forever and when shared, are doubled.

These props, they give her the means for self reflection, they remind her she is the director and the performer. She chooses how long to hold up any mask before her face. (look closely, do you see the reflection in the floor)?

As not to fall into the vast sea of sameness, her creativity needs not set decoration, but props. The performer is of the belief that her spirit carries with it, something that is greater than self. It is not something that can be seen, only touched.

She often contemplates her story and carries with her pieces of the past, to form the present.

These French Antiques are not just material things to her. They become props in her Theater of Life. A means of helping her express who she is and what she feels.

This is just a random page from "The Performer's" play.

Set location photos are via Shootfactory, a wonderful site I found via Di at DesignersBlock

Bisou and Happy Halloween

Sunday, October 26, 2008

plus de curiosités

IF, you should tire of raking leaves,

visit Madrid based photographer, Eugenio Recuenco's website.
Recuenco has to be one of the most creative people
on the planet ...

unlike the portrait of the specimen above, who appears
to be a bit left-brain dominant.
Recuenco's photographs tell a story in which
his characters just happen to dress fashionable...
much more interesting than "pretty people posing",
don't you think?

Lucky for those of you close to Miami, as
Recuenco's work will be on exhibit at the
Galerie-Bertin-Toublanc through November.

Merci Eugenio, for giving us such visual delights and

inspiring us to dream !!
After you visit his site, come back and tell me
what you think !!!
Does he inspire you ??

Bisou mes ami's

Curiosités et Naturalia

Photo courtesy pareeerica via Flickr

Come closer my pretties
so that you may see,
I have some treats for you
Don't be afraid and flee !

In celebration of La Toussaint (All Saints Day) on November 1, in France, I thought it most appropriate to share with you some dead things and curiosities. In my ghostly travels, I happened upon a most intriguing individual, Franck Delmarcelle. Franck is an antique dealer and decorator who owns "Galerie et Caetera" in Paris.

Visiting his blog is better than any
haunted house!
An interesting cabinet de curiosité.

Quite a sense of style too!
The living turned dead, otherwise known
as Naturalia, is becoming a hot new trend.
According to Maison & Objet, 2009 brings
a new appreciation for the countryside with
urbanites missing their roots.
Read about Nature and Wood being the big
influences in home design here.
These spinal accessories would certainly
be a conversation
Perhaps Monsieur Delmarcelle can see
the future.
Be sure and pay him a visit here, for a
most delightful evening!

Photo courtesy Pareericka via Fickr
Should you desire more, my lovelies,

discover L'atelier d 'écriture de Eric Poindron.

It is a blog of the bizarre, but most
If you prefer something a bit more tame,
but beautiful just the same...

try knocking at this door for a treat.
Geraldine Gonzalez is a former
shoe designer turned sculptor.
She creates luminous sculptures from
crystal paper that have a sense of mystery.
Unusual and wickedly luscious!

Hope you enjoy the treats!

May Saint Michel, the archangel, protect you
from evil spirits and watch over you during
this wicked week!
Bisou mes ami's!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

comme une petite fille

Every time I voyage en France, someone follows me.
At least I like to think she is following me,
it might be the other way around.

I can hear her softly singing in the background

Geez, I get tired of hearing that. I think it's the only
French she knows.

Kids, they believe in imaginary people.
Always our first night in France she stands at the window,
gazing at the rooftops. She tells me Peter Pan will be
arriving soon to whisk us off to NeverNeverLand.
I smile and let the words "Grow Up" go
unspoken. She'll hear them soon enough.
No harm done in playing along in her make
believe world.

Her mother always told her she was a princess, so
really no surprise that she would love a place full of
castles and carousels.

I guess that is why I always allow her to tag along.
She's not a lot of trouble, just slows me down a bit.
I have learned over the years to schedule appointments
with proper playtime in between.

She insists we stop and peek in all the windows.

We have to throw pennies and play in fountains.
She embarrasses me at times with her childish
play. People look at me like I'm the foolish one,
splashing in the water. It's almost as if they don't see

Then there are the Patisserie Shops. More than
one choice makes it impossible to decide, so
we usually walk out with a bag full.
Children shouldn't have to make such decisions.

One good thing about her, she can entertain herself
for hours at a Parisian bistro. She is mesmerized by
simple things.

However, paying l'addition always requires that I
empty my purse of lollipops in order to find my money.
Not always easy, traveling with a child.

Actually, I have come to enjoy her company.
To see France through her eyes is a gift.
A place where yesterday and today unify
the whole.

I'm glad she follows me OR is it me following her?
It is strange really, the effect France has on me.
It has always been a place that stirs my creativity and
replenishes my soul.
A place where ancient memories live along side
new discoveries.

France is my safe haven. Must be hers too.

We have never been to France that we did not see
a rainbow. Perhaps we are both following it!
Anyway, I can't wait to see her again, that little
girl that lives inside me!

Bisou for now

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bon Prix

Bonjour mes ami's!
Wanted to do a quick post to let you know that I am
brokering a new life sale for a client.
This is an opportunity to pick up some great
pieces at un bon prix!!
There is a mix of French, English and some

This is an example of one piece from Dorothy Draper's
Henredon Viennese collection.
You can view the pieces at my Picasa web album by
clicking here

She was also a collector of Majolica. I am selling the
majolica in 2 lots which consist of 25 plates and
15 assorted pieces. You can view the Majolica here

There are many nice pieces in this sale and any
accessories you see in the photos are for sale also.
Don't hestitate to contact me if you are interested
These items will be advertised to the public the 18th,
so you are getting 1st dibs!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Petit plaisir de la France

This morning I sit at my computer, my mind a flutter
with activity. My to do list gets longer every day.
The best part is though, I am in control of prioritizing
the list.
No one knows the needs of my soul as well as self and
self needs a dose of small pleasures, from France!
So off I go for a few wonderful moments.

I have discovered this wonderful little corner of France
called Et à part ça
There is a kindred soul there, Eivlys, who shares
with me her pleasures of France, that I so adore.
She reminds me with her beautiful photography,
that many a treasured moments are shared over
cups of espresso.

photos courtesy of et a part ca
She truly has a gift of capturing the
romance of France and how lucky are we,
that she is willing to share!
Won't you come with me?
Bisou mes ami's