Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tables de Bistro

There are just some things that speak the French Language
with a bit of added romance...
One of those things, for me, happens to be Tables de Bistro.

Bistro tables just capture the "essence of France" and
no French Maison is without one.
Whether you find them indoors, resting at the sidewalk cafe,
or surrounded by flowers in the garden, they seem to always
be extending an invitation. An invitation to share and
create more of life's treasured moments.
Rectangular, square, or round, they possess the perfect
dimensions for intimate conversations and Santes!
Their delicate forms are never obtrusive, but
ever so gently lend their beauty to the moment.
I love the way they represent life.
The joyful moments they have known, and some struggles
they have endured, but always more beautiful
today for having had the experience.
If you have never shared a conversation over
a Bistro Table, add it to your bucket list.
It's one of life's simple pleasures!

These are some photo's of my Bistro Tables
at "European Antique Market".
The bottom left photo is the entrance to my
warehouse. My friend, Joetta Meyer,
faux painted the plywood entrance to look
like a door I bought in France.

Just more photo's of the store.
Bistro tables are great to use in Bathrooms,
as bed side tables, to create conversation
areas, in Dining Rooms in place of tea tables
and of course outdoors.
We always have a large selection of rustic and
more intricate tables as bistro's just happen to
be one of my many weaknesses!

May your life be filled with Simple Pleasures !

Friday, January 25, 2008

Je t'aime Rouge

Many times it is the simple things that warm the heart.
My last trip to France, I was with my friend
Genevieve and her son, Charles.
Genevieve was tearing up a bit at the thought of
losing her little boy to the Université de Genève.
Charles hugged his mum and softly said,
"Je t'aime Rouge". (I love you Red)
That was the first time I heard that expression.
The memory warms my heart and always brings
a smile to my face.

Have a Wonderful Weekend !

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Little Eye Candy

plaisir pour les yeux

Didn't really have time to write so just a little
eye candy.
That is Jeff Leatham in the bottom photo.
Jeff , an American, is the
artistic director for the Four Seasons
George V Hotel in Paris.
His floral designs are absolutely amazing and
usually carry his signature (which is the tippy
He has also authored three books on floral
arranging with great tips, such as...
filling the vase with sparkling water instead
of tap.
You can visit his website at
for additional information or take a stroll
through the hotel at

PS. That is my grand daughter, Cady, in the last
picture. Isn't she a princess?
I hope to post later this week

Monday, January 14, 2008

Feast & Fête est Fabuleuse

Suzette says, "Let them eat crêpes".
FYI...Rhymes with steps, not drapes.
Manger des crêpes à la chandeleur apporte un an de bonheur.
"Eating crêpes the day of la Chandeleur will bring
a year of happiness"
One thing I do know for sure is the French love
a party and another is fast approaching.
February 2 is "Chandeleur Day".
Also referred to as "Fête de la Lumière", Crêpe Day,
and the Catholic holiday of "Candlemas".
Another one of those pagan winter solstice celebrations
with similarities to our Groundhog Day.
À la Chandeleur, l'hiver cesse ou reprend vigueur
On Candlemas, winter ends or strengthens.

French tradition is to also do a bit of fortune telling.
It is customary to hold a gold coin in one hand
while flipping the crêpe in the pan with the other.
If the crêpe lands in the center of the pan, good
fortune will follow throughout the year.

So, in celebration of crêpes, more photos from
my store. I'm beginning to notice a pattern here
of Food & Fashion. Can you tell I like to eat?

This has another one of my wall treatments. I bought an
old ledger book at market that had beautiful examples of
calligraphy on onion skin paper. I applied them to the wall
with joint compound and dry brushed over it. It actually
turned out pretty good.

The re-merchandising is coming along pretty good.
It just takes a while..lots of rooms.
When it is finished I'll post more photos.
If you happen to be near Louisville, Ky. Saturday,
February 2nd stop in.
We'll be having crêpes and champagne!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sourcing Antique Inventory

Have you always dreamed of owning your own boutique or perhaps having a booth at the local antique mall or maybe you already do ! Twenty five years ago it was just that, a dream for me. What started as a dream, now consumes my life, BUT that is a conscious decision on my part. That is what I want.. to live, breathe, continue to dream, continue to live my life, surrounded by all things "Country French". When I first started selling antiques, searching for inventory consumed most of my time. Markets and malls by day and auctions by night. Merchandising and marketing were placed on the back burner. If I had time I'd get to that, but I had to have inventory. I loved going to the markets, but frustration began to set in when I crunched the numbers. I wanted to actually be able to support myself selling antiques. I had one of those Eureka moments. Could I spend 12 hours and walk away with a few pieces that would yield me a net profit of $100? I had spent 26 years in retail management and operations, so those profit and loss statements haunted me. I knew something had to change if I was to reach my goal. I also realized that my inventory would be the heart of my business. Well fast-forward... I've been selling to the trade (full-time) for 15 years now. Some of my clients have been with me from the start. Others have moved on to different directions in life. Passion aside, the most important thing that dictates success in this business is inventory. I have chosen "Country French", as it appeals to me. If you happen to be frenchified also, and have a yearning to be successful selling antiques, Perhaps "European Antique Market" can help you obtain your goal. The key to being successful in the antique/home decor business is to offer products that are unique, unless you can compete with the Walmart's and Target's of the world. Sourcing is Vital to Success! Auctions can be time consuming, you sit there all day waiting for that one piece, only to have the dealer next to you, outbid you. Most Antique Malls are owned by people accumulating real estate. Their goal is to charge a rent, charge a commission, and keep the dealers identity a secret from you so they can inflate the price. All to pay their mortgage. And.. if you went to Atlanta market this week, how many other people did you see that you know? You try to keep your suppliers a secret and hope that the shop next door doesn't pick up the same vendor. That's fruitless, they are in the business to sell that same lamp to 4,380+ other stores out there. Perhaps the answer is to participate in our Co-Op Container. If your serious about your inventory and can invest a minimum of $20,000, the co-op container could be an alternative. You will be sharing space in a 40ft. container with other dealers. Yours truly will be buying (according to your specifications) and handling all the logistics. From France to You! Save on shipping, purchase at a better price, and take advantage of our experience.

If your not ready for that type of investment or you prefer
to touch before you buy, "European Antique Market"
can still be your source.
We guarantee if you like rustic country, garden elements,
architectural pieces, shabby chic, cottage styles, original
painted armoires, crystal chandeliers. all styles of Louis,
and gilt mirrors, you'll love our store and warehouse in
Louisville, Ky.
We cater to our clients, based on your needs, because your
success is our success!
When you become one of our preferred clients, whether
you belong to the trade or are an individual building
a home you...
are first to preview our new containers,
receive use of our climate controlled warehouse,
have access to personalized buying services,
get help with retail pricing,
learn our trade secrets to success!
have a friend in the business
and we become your little secret!
Feel free to contact us with any questions you
might have.
Where there is a will, there is a way!!
Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Postcards of France

l'heure est arrivée to pensez le printemps!

As I sit here and contemplate re-arranging
and merchandising 14 rooms and two patios
at "European Antique Market", I find myself
flipping through postcards of France, that
exist in my mind.
As my mind searches for those "Country French"
details that bring me a sense of wonderment,
I find myself ...

pinching lavender and delighting in its scent
as it wafts through the air.

hearing whispers of intimate conversations,
shared with friends while gathered around
the perfect proportions of a bistro table.

touching the delicate scrolls of the 19th century daybed as she guides my hand in discovering her form.

tasting the marvels of Mother Nature as
she shares with me the essence of the grape.

seeing the past thanks to creative hands
that leave their works behind, the present
because I am here, and the future as it begins
to take shape in my mind.

Snapshots of places I've been and moments
I've shared tend to surface and vie for attention.
Gently nudging me to express them in a visual
And so it is, I will attempt again to not only
share my finds that cross the Atlantic in my
container, but also "dans ma tête".

Some previous Postcards from France

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Le Jour de l'An

Best Wishes for the New Year
and Cherished Memoirs from the Old

Bronze "Fourteen year old Dancer"
Edgar Degas

"Choreograph your own steps, be the Ballerina, master the ballon, and create your own Ballet, for the stage is yours for the taking".

Happy New Year & Bonne Annee