Tuesday, July 08, 2008

venez avec moi

"Come with me", she whispers.

Mirrored venetian overdoor from Mis en Demeure
On a journey to a place...
A spiritual place for your soul to drape itself
in the silk of your identity.
A place where Mother Nature has
created a masterpiece to pleasure your senses.
A place where the fruits of passion are in

"Come with me now", she says, raising her voice ever so slightly.
Wait not, for time is precious.
It is, a place of wonder.
A place, where the universe gives all to you.
A place, where you give back.
It is, where the source provides meaning.

Top 2 photos courtesy designer Katrin Arens, bottom left Au Maison
It is, a place just for you.
A place, where stars really twinkle and the
moon beams glow.
A place, where fairy dust falls and
the glass slipper fits.
Pressed vase in book, by Amrone Experimental, bottom left Katrin Arens maison in Italy
A place, where dreams and reality blend.

Pillow from Au Maison, top right photo from Cote Ouest
It is, a place of indescribable beauty.
I know her you see. She whispered to me. Many times in
fact, but I was afraid to follow her into the unknown,
until one day. I listened and I followed. I am so glad I did.

Photo courtesy Christine Miranda, Immobilier
Do you know her? Has she led you there or been
whispering to you ?
If you haven't seen her yet, listen closely, I'm sure she will
introduce herself.
Oh, by the way, her name is PASSION...follow her!
The above photos of Katrine Arens home and the
table setting were photographed by Nicolas Matheus.
To see more of this wonderful photographers
work go here.
Bisou mon ami's


Brook said...

Loved reading this post more than you would ever know. How sweet the words! Just so beautiful and I took it all in!


Mélanie said...

I followed you and I loved that !

My lovely cottage said...

dear shawn, your pictures are always such an inspiration for me, especcialy now that we're going to the south of france. have you ever been in the area between aix en provence and st tropez? maybe you have some great shopping suggestions.
Well for now take care, till later.


Kathy said...

It's official. I'm in love!
You will have to teach me how you artfully arrange your photos! I currently staying up in Ojai, CA, but am yearning to plan a trip to So of France and hills of Tuscany. Darn you!

Debby said...

Visiting your beautiful blog is the next best thing to visiting France! I adore your photo's of the many architectural items you bring back.
I visit your blog often and was introduced to you by Lisa of The Pickled Hutch. We both agree, your blog rates at the top of our list!
I just recently joined the blog world and would like to invite you to visit my blog: www.romancingthebling.blogspot.com.It is still in the rough stages, but I hope you enjoy visiting.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

I can't help but hear the whisper with curiosity and follow to where it takes me.


Di Overton said...

You find the most wonderful pictures and put them together perfectly.