Saturday, July 12, 2008

Les Rendezvous

So many places to go and things to see.
If you are looking for something to do this weekend
why not jaunt over to Europe?
We have a three day weekend for Bastille Day,
so I've prepared three daily outings for you.
To France we go!

First stop Origines

Origines specializes in Architectural Antiques. Like these
fabulous oak planks. Wouldn't you love to have a floor
like this? Not to mention the Louis XVI bed.
This is so, so the real Country French !
Traces of gilt peering out from that chalky patina.
Gives me cold chills!!!
Need some great ceiling beams or a French door?

How about a stone mantelpiece?
I love the simplicity of these white rooms.
Of course, you don't need a lot going on
when you have all these fabulous rich textures.
Origines has a large selection of balcony iron,
garden statues, stone troughs, architectural
ornaments, terra cotta tiles....all things French.
You can spend a day wandering the website.
If you find something you want, give us a call,
perhaps we can bring it home on our container.
Now, I know I said France, but lets head across the pond
to Northumberland and the fabulous blog of Di Overton's,
It's worth the trip!
Di Overton's line of Ghost Furniture
What a fabulous sense of style Di has.
I love the way she styled her Ghost Furniture
catalog. This woman just has it together and
goes out of her way to share all.
There is a lot of information on blogs
that is just regurgitated. The one thing
I have noticed about Designers' Block,
is Di is the first on the block with the info!
So stop by and be sure and tell her
Thank You for bringing us all that
luscious info!
Who knows, you just might find something
can't live without!
I'm also giving you fair warning here,
be prepared to stay for a while!
Now, we always need a reason to return to
France right?
Patines du Sud sounds good to me.

Visit their gallery of wonderful before and afters.
That is, after they apply their magical patinas to the walls.
What amazing work!
Alain Cicot has traveled through France, Italy, Moroc
and Spain to work his magic. I wonder what he
would charge to come to the US?
No harm in dreaming right?
I can't think of a better way to spend a three day weekend!
Hope you enjoy yours and have a wonderful
Bastille Day!
Bisou mon ami's


Robin said...

I love the "Before & Afters" at Patines du Sud, they do beautiful work.

And thanks for addding me to your blog roll, I'm honored!

Bethany said...

This post is like a gift! Oh I am dreaming big time with all of the exquisite phots of beautiful things!!!
That bed is the high posts and the third leg on each side for support...and those linen panels on the wall cabinet not to mention that single bulb light in the living area...oh all of it, YES gives me chills too!
And yes I agree with you Miss Di is the first to show and, love, love your blog :)

Kari said...

I really love your blog,it,s great.
What a wonderfull pictures.
Is this in your home?
This is the first time I look at your blog,but not the last time...
Have a great holiday at france...

Di Overton said...

Well what can I say? I am so honoured and you have made my Ghost Furniture really look hauntingly beautiful.
How do you get those fabulous BIG pictures?
You have introduced me to two wonderful sites here today and I have already registered at Origines and am off now to spend a wonderfully massive amount of time looking at their Gallery, whilst I am doing that do have a fabulous Bastille Day holiday. Big Merci

Anonymous said...

Have just found your blog and it is dreamy. Now a loyal fan.

ICE said...

Nice Blog!

Happy Fete de la Federation!

Shannon said...

I absolutely love these pictures-thanks for sharing! I always wait for your beautiful posts with anticipation.

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Oh my gosh...just fabulous. Your site is so amazing.
Thank you...
Cathleen alyce

My Mélange said...

Love all three!! These are great for inspiration- and a mental vacation to France :)


vintage paper bella ~ andrea said...

Love it all! Your blog is darling~

Kathy said...

I am officially IN LOVE yet again! The patinas of the walls! The last bed shown! The stone mantel! The hemp panels in the kitchen!
Wow oh wow....thank you for this visual gift of joy and beauty!!!!!!!

Millie said...

A truly beautiful post! Once again your beautiful images & words have taken me away from the freezing depths of our Australian winter into the dappled warm sunlight of France.
Je vous remercie de tout coeur.
Millie ^_^

Stevalisa said...

Than you for your love for France!!!!

Stevalisa said...

Of course I wanted to say THANK YOU... Sorry for the mistake!

Jenni B said...

That stone mantle piece and the bed in the top pic have me in awe. Sometimes "things" can just be beautiful!

Jenni B

charmaine said...

your blog is truly one of my favorites. Absolutely beautiful !your photos are always lovely to look at. thank you so much for visiting my blog and adding me to your blog list. you are truly an inspiration to us new bloggers. i really appreciate your post because i learn so much about french style from your blog. i look forward to seeing what you will post next.keep inspiring!

Happy Bastille Day!

Brook said...

Nice and very interesting pictures. Makes me dream!


Jen r. said...

I love all of those pictures! The urn and bench are so lush looking! Jen R

Ann said...

The Louis XVI bed is drool-worthy, and all the other images are lovely as well. Nice post.

Red River Interiors: said...

These pics are beautiful and awe so romantic....loving it!!... Fay

Mélanie said...

thaks for this post and its inspiration

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Shawn, thanks for being our tour guide!! So many pretty places to see. Happy Labor Day, T