Thursday, July 24, 2008

danse d'esprit

She's dancing.
Perhaps it is due to her spirit knowing beauty

Not empty beauty that is just for the eyes, but the type
that nourishes your soul.
Like the scent of a masterful blended perfume or
the sweet taste of a summer wine that lingers on your lips.
Like the sound of a church bell echoing throughout a
village or the feel of a hand carved antique heirloom.
The type of beauty that intertwines with all the
senses, the type of beauty that feeds the soul.

How does she know this beauty?
Because the good kings, queens, and commoners
of France took gifts from Mother Nature and
developed them into art forms. Many called them
frivolous in their time, but today, she celebrates
their acts of frivolity.

Some would probably say these petite greenhouses are frivolous.

She thinks they are nourishment for her soul. They are made to order from La Petite Serre de Nantes. Complete with bistro table and chairs, should you desire. Now she thinks these people just really get it!!

If Marie Antoinette were alive today, she would most certainly be enjoying cakes in such a place with Mother Nature as her company, not to mention it being a perfect resting place for Catherine d'Medici's perfumed gloves.

Bubbles floating or captured in glass, the artistry of a zinc finial, stone chiseled in the likeness of a poet, an elaborate urn to hold a flower or a French milled soap are not frivolous. They are the "joie de vivre".

She would tell you, it is only when all these elements, that so delight the senses, are combined will you know true beauty. The "Art de Vivre". The French taught her well.

Want to dance with her? She brought you a dress.

Floral dresses are from artist Nicole Dextras. Visit her site, some amazing work!

Merci Beaucoup Anna and Trudi!!
Two awards the same day from VillaAnna and DecoDetective.

I pass it along to some of my favorite bloggers and friends.

Bisou ami's and she says to tell you...
Some people may think you frivolous,
but dance anyway!!!!


ColonialEast said...

Beautful pictures and inspiration. Love your blog! Thanks for sharing!

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Oh MY!!! You had me at Marie Antoinette!! :) I don't know how you find such beauty, but I am always inspired by your posts! Have a wonderful weekend. ~ xoxo ~ Joy

Jen r. said...

Great pictures~! Love the flower dress.. so cool! Jen R

Mélanie said...

great pictures !!! And felicitations mon amie ...

Millie said...

Such beautiful images Shawn to feed the soul & end a busy week.

Delighted you enjoyed my La Bombe post, somewhat away from the norm! But life with our 5 glorious boys occasionally needs to be shared - beaucoup d'amusement!!
Millie ^_^

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

OMG, what beautiful things in this post!! You always know just what we need to see, so lovely. Thank you again for the award!! Happy Friday, T

Donna O. said...

Would I have my award yanked if I said I'd trade it for the last photo of the floral dress? Or maybe I can wear it TO the awards show.That would be 'brilliant'!!! Thank you Shawn!!
Hey, I was serious about asking how far the airport is from your shop.

Dee said...

Beautiful photos! Love the floral dresses!

June Parrish Cookson said...

Hi Shawn. Elegant pictures! Wonderful to send our way Nicole Dextras. Never seen her work and feel in love with it instantly. Her alternative photography is amazing!

On another note...very grateful for you to choose my blog as one among others for the award. I will definitely pass it onward to some favorites within my next post.

Have a great weekend.
Cheers, June

Kathleen Ellis said...

Thank you, Shawn, for such beauty..."Magnifique" truly inspire me. I so look forward to what's coming next!
Thank you for the award...I've passed it on!
Beautiful weekend wishes!

Robin said...

ooooh, I love that room, how I would love to spend a long afternoon there with a good book, some hot tea and cakes and a warm cat...

Lilla Blanka said...


Oh! That´s great that you got an idea (from my latin texts in the greenhouse) I´m curious what you will be up to :)

I love the floral dress! Amazing!

I also love these big or actually huge photos you can show us on your blog..I can´t understand why mine turns out so small..there is plenty of room on both sides..have you changed the page/margin settings for your blog?

Have a great weekend!

Brook said...

Beautiful as always!!! Happy weekend! Brook

Deborah said...

I absolutely love the beauty, creativity and music here. I am new to blogging and you have truly inspired me. My husband and I are about to start building our new home along the banks of the Bayou Teche in South Louisiana. I knew that I wanted French Country aspects in and out, but now I am in love and can't wait to hit flea markets and antique shops. Thank you so much.


Lilla Blanka said...

Hi again!

I found out how ;)
Lucky me that I´m stubborn..tried a lot of different settings and NOW my pictures are BIG too :))


vosgesparis said...

you have some stunning pictures in here ;) I will link you in my way to long blog liost So I will be finding my way back to have a better look at your blog ;)
greetings from Holland

Anonymous said...

Aahh, I think you just spoke directly to my soul! What a wonderful post.

Bethany said...

That room setup with the petite sofa/bench and the crystal chandelier...oh I am positive I have had a dream with a room exactly like that!!
And that last dress...dreamy with a capital D!!!

kristinco said...

C'est magique ! J'adore et je reviens très vite !!!

mishebe said...

love your blog. one of my favorites. i love the music too.

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

Your blog makes me cry with happiness. It is beautiful. You are amazing! Merci beaucoup!
xo lulu