Monday, June 30, 2008

comme l'oiseau

Like the Bird

When things happen that are out of my control,
I try to keep control of my own thoughts.
I like to view those things from a bird's perspective.
They can always see more than we can because
they leave the nest and fly above it all.
They see the big picture, which is sometimes
not evident to us, at the moment.
It is always a much prettier view from up above.

Case in new warehouse space.
Had to find another space due to the landlord at
the old space being able to make more money off
another tenant. Didn't want the other space in
the building on the 3rd floor he offered, so
had to start searching for a new nest.
Glad I flew the coup or would not have found this !
Thank you universe!!!
Now, can this handle some photo shoots or what??
AND, there are a few birds lurking above.
Oh, and yes, I have a warehouse AND a retail
store loaded guessed it..
Country French Antiques.

Louis XVI style double bed, late 1800's. This is the headboard, all original paint.
Maybe a bit of clarification on exactly what we do
since I'm getting more emails everyday.
* We sell Country French and Italian Antiques
and Brocante to the trade and the public
* We do specialize in supplying the trade.....
with individual pieces or 20, 40, 45 ft containers
(all inclusive of packing, shipping & customs)
* We offer Interior Design services and
Store Merchandising services

The foot board or......sans pieds and she becomes a piece of art !
For the trade....I work on a percentage basis of the total
inventory purchased. You know, the more you buy,
the better the price.
I have a partial place of residence, a warehouse location
and a car when I travel, so there are no travel expenses
for you.
It is basically the same as buying from a picker in France.
If you would like more information, don't hesitate
to contact me.

Have you ever seen garden chairs like these? There are a pair.

A Louis XV style Armoire from the late 1800's.
Isn't she lovely?
Don't just think outside. There are two pair of these
grey shutters.
How about a Venetian lingerie commode from the
late 1800's? Can't reproduce this one.
I just can't get the photos to do these columns justice.
They are 9ft tall and yes they do stand on their own.
Care for a primitive rustic bonnetiere?
Bonnetiere's are one door armoires, but are called so,
because their original use was to store my ladie's bonnets.
The armoire's original use was for, you guessed it, armour.
France has more than it's share of armoires and
bonnetiere's. Houses were taxed on square footage,
so closets equated to unnecessary tax.

Know what this is? A flag holder. It has a little shelf on
the back with holes for flag poles. I love these things!
A pewter lavabo mounted on a carved oak piece
A pair of Rope Bergeres for the garden, or bedroom, or breakfast room,

Sorry, Zoe's not for sale, but she does send licks and
I hope that whenever life sends a curve ball your
way, your able to see it comme l'oiseau !
Bisou mon ami's !


Kathy said...

eLovely! The pair of columns are so wonderful and RARE---the height! The stability!
I'm jealous---real estate is so ridiculously high in Los Angeles (and I was a commercial real estate broker in my former life-so I know the in/outs of the process far too well). A spot like that would be crazy expensive here or turned into a loft for living! I LOVE the high windows with transoms! I'm drooling with anticipation of what you will do with this canvas....!

(I'm going to rip those cigs and lighter out of the hands of whomever the owner may be (as seen in the outdoor iron set photo). I want you or your helpers to be around a long time to pick out more gorgeous beauties for us all to see and buy :) xoxo)

LiLi M. said...

Your new space is so good! It has just the right atmosphere for showing 19th century and older furnitures that is high and it has that lovely worn feeling, perfect for brocante...
Why oh why do you take these beautiful things away from me...sip (in fact I can understand too well!!).
Good luck in your new surroundings!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Oh that bed with the birds...I'm in LOVE with it!!! Your new warehouse looks like it will be perfect to showcase your beautiful items!

Visiting your blog is like walking into a beautiful french antique's such a feast for the eyes!


What an exciting space to work with! Perfect lighting. Shawn, we thank you for our daily inspiration.
Lisa & Alfie

Debbie said...

Well said. Thanks for the pics,you do know how to pick the beauties.
Debbie from

Robin said...

What a lovely new space, I'm sure it will be very inspiring for you. And I love the little birds carved into that first piece (but then, I am very partial to birds...)

Dona said...

Ohhhhh, everytime I visit with you, I want to stay. Good luck on the new space, I am sure you will fill it to the brim with wonderful finds!!


TheDecoDetective said...

Hello Shawn,
Congrats on your new warehouse space! It's quite wonderful with all the light - if I found something like that, I would want to live there myself... Your lovely antiques are lucky! Trudi

Wagonwife Designs said...

The columns will look wonderful in your new space. The bed is just wonderful-Love the birds.
Good luck in your new space-It will be stunning when your talent is added to it.

Tootsie said...

absolutely lovely! including the pooch

Brook said...

What a lovely post with wonderful old antiques and such an inspiring message too!


MARIA said...

Hi Shawn
Love the birds and the warehouse. What a place! And think of all the pictures you will create.

Good Luck

Barb said...

Zoe is precious!

What a wonderful space you received.
Definitely a blessing.

I would love to just wander through your space (with my wallet).


Jana said...

Thank you for visiting my little blog... Your pictures and displays are beautiful and inspiring!

Ann said...

Oh those are such lovely things. I especially love the flag holder, reminds me of my college years, the fleur de lis is one of our school's symbols. It is there embroidered in our ties.


Hi Shawn,
I had to come back by for a second browse. Wow. And Alfie wanted to formally introduce himself to Zoe and extend his compliments. What a sweetheart. Have a wonderful Fourth of July.
Lisa & Alfie

Alice W. said...

Gorgeous new space! And I love all your die for!

A-M said...

Why oh why do I have to live at the bottom of the world! I would furnish my whole home in one stop at your shop. Congrats on the new warehouse. It looks fabulous! A-M xx

Karen from A`Musements said...

It's always so amazing how "things" have a way of working out for the best...even if it is hard for us mere mortals to understand that, let alone keep it in mind when those "things" seem to be falling apart before our eyes! LOVE your new location-to-be! What a fantastic space to play with and make your own. And of course the items you show (I have to say that Venetian chest is my favorite... what a little killer that is!) are MAGNIFIQUE!
And how lucky you are to have such a 'strict looking' (NOT) watch dog to insure the safety of everything!
(She's beautiful!)
Congratulations on 'going with the flow' and landing in the PERFECT spot!

Tracie said...

Hi Shawn,
Everything's beautiful - I want it all (even the diet Coke looks good!).

Those grey shutters though and the flag holder... ahhh..

Zoe sure is a beauty too, can see why she's NFS!

Happy 4th - now what are you doing for Bastille Day?

TattingChic said...

Those are some gorgeous pieces! I love the birds you had pictured. I hope you enjoy all the wonderful light and space you will have in your new werehouse.

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

What a beautiful space!!! I just love the exposed brick walls!! And your beautiful antiques are to die for...just stunning! xo ~ Joy

Devonia said...

You are tagged, Shawn! I love e'thing you do and want all my readers to become acquainted with your blog - when you have time to participate, pop into my blog for the rules! My bests, Devonia

The Cochrans said...

A very promising space, full of and your French antiques should look great there. I wish you great success. I'm also very impressed with your blog, wonderful photography.

I blog at, which is also where we upload the entire contents of our free annual travel-size hardcopy map guide to antique stores and shows of the western states. We'd like to be included in your bloglist, and you're already in ours. Thanks.