Sunday, October 26, 2008

plus de curiosités

IF, you should tire of raking leaves,

visit Madrid based photographer, Eugenio Recuenco's website.
Recuenco has to be one of the most creative people
on the planet ...

unlike the portrait of the specimen above, who appears
to be a bit left-brain dominant.
Recuenco's photographs tell a story in which
his characters just happen to dress fashionable...
much more interesting than "pretty people posing",
don't you think?

Lucky for those of you close to Miami, as
Recuenco's work will be on exhibit at the
Galerie-Bertin-Toublanc through November.

Merci Eugenio, for giving us such visual delights and

inspiring us to dream !!
After you visit his site, come back and tell me
what you think !!!
Does he inspire you ??

Bisou mes ami's


Magnolia Street Style said...

Thank you Shawn for taking me places I never would have found without you. Creativity beyond my imagination.


Millie said...

Shawn, I'm speechless (& MOTH thanks you!). I've just bumped Fidel Castro off my imaginary list of the 6 people I'd most want to invite to dinner. Eugenio is now THE MAN! Oh the things I'd ask him!
Millie ^_^

Anonymous said...

at the beginning I thought, "Bravo" then as I went deeper into his images I found them disturbing... not sure what that says about me, but the women were bound in a way that is extremely uncomfortable to me.. and although I think thin is magnificent, I wanted to feed the women.. My opinion only, perhaps an insight to who I am.

Counting Your Blessings said...

Oooo.. I'm going there right now!! And my sister lives in Miami!! Thanks for sharing. Blessings.. Polly

My lovely cottage said...

oh wow, these doors are gorgeous!! so are the photographs ofcourse really like the sence of it all, but thése doors!!
thanks again for sharing

Lee W. said...

oh my- those images are just stunning!! The dresses are amazing. Your music- is some of it from Labyrinth?

Lee W. said...

I listened to the music again- it's from the Tom Cruise film, right? With the unicorns and the big, red devil, and the gorgeous girl with the dark hair?

Country French Antiques said...

The opening music is from the Fantasy movie Legend.
Tangerine Dream (a German band)did the score for the US release.
Your close though, Dadid Bowie did the music for Labyrinth.

Miss Kris said...

Hi Shawn!

I think these images are really imaginative! They pull you right into the photo! Almost a whole story is told in one shot. Wow! I really like the snow white in the glass box with the dwarf. It is really dark but in a weird way full of life. Wonderful!!!

Tea Time With Melody said...

WOW, these are wild! Speechless

Mélanie said...

Inspiring ! kind of scaring and weird ! I love his style and work

Anonymous said...

what beautiful photos. soo he is the one who did the famed Nina Ricci commercial! he does stir the senses...

Di Overton said...

I ADORE his photography. I could step into them and never come out again. I wonder if I would be missed :)


Hi Shawn,
I discovered him a few months back and have had him bookmarked ever since. I find his images hauntingly beautiful especially with everything washed in all those grays. The images are distinctly unforgettable.
Lisa & Alfie

Catherine said...

Such beautiful and haunting photos!

vosgesparis said...

wow what an amazing artist.. he inspires me to maybe change my idea of a wall with pictures of musicians made by Mick Rock by just random surrealistic, arty farty pictures.
Thanks for the link I love it!

Bethany said...

He has long been in my favorites and I have come to his site on many a sleepless night to gaze and dream about what he must have been thinking.......then there are some shots that I wish I had not seen with more of an ew factor not meant for late night-house-is-all-quiet-kind-of-viewing!!
Serious work and prep must go into every one of those shoots though!!

pinkstilettos said...

These pictures are very interesting and kinda creepy at the same time, but I like looking at them. I've been on his website before and there is a lot of neat photos. Daisy~