Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Petit plaisir de la France

This morning I sit at my computer, my mind a flutter
with activity. My to do list gets longer every day.
The best part is though, I am in control of prioritizing
the list.
No one knows the needs of my soul as well as self and
self needs a dose of small pleasures, from France!
So off I go for a few wonderful moments.

I have discovered this wonderful little corner of France
called Et à part ça
There is a kindred soul there, Eivlys, who shares
with me her pleasures of France, that I so adore.
She reminds me with her beautiful photography,
that many a treasured moments are shared over
cups of espresso.

photos courtesy of et a part ca
She truly has a gift of capturing the
romance of France and how lucky are we,
that she is willing to share!
Won't you come with me?
Bisou mes ami's


Chrissy said...

Your blog wipes the dust from the sill of my mind.....LOVELY!!!!(vintagerhapsody-chrissy)

Chrissy said...

Your blog wipes the dust from the sill of my mind.....LOVELY!!!!(vintagerhapsody-chrissy)


Lovely and gentle on these eyes!
Lisa & Alfie

sandra/tx said...

Yea! I always look forward to your new posts and pics. This one did not disappoint. Pretty, pretty!

Vita Lenta nel Bel Paese said...

Cara Shawn,

I happened to stumble over Et à par ca about a week ago. D´accordo!!! Truly French! Thanks for highlighting. You are always a step ahead! Bacione, Ingrid

marga said...

I know her blog for a little while now and i love her pictures.

EIVLYS said...

I did not realised , my little blog could be so french !

Thanks for this sweet note about it !
thanks for this gift !

Frippery said...

Her photos are stunning! How does she get the lighting "just so". Almost like paintings. I love to visit your blog. So much eye candy and peaceful music. Thanks, Pam

Visual Vamp said...

Thanks for sharing this!
It's just the cup of beauty that I needed this morning.
xo xo

Italian Girl in Georgia ~ Suzanne MacCrone said...

Ciao Shawn,

Che bellissima! Your post and your new French friend's. The photography is luscious. Thank you for telling us about her!

Ciao for now,


Di Overton said...

Hey that is stylish - having Nespresso pods to match your decor. I have visited this blog before - so inspirational.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh! How I love all the texture in your photos! You are my muse!! Thanks a bunch for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Its True. Your Blog is really lovely.