Saturday, August 02, 2008

Les Vacance

The Vacation
In August, most people in France go on vacation.
It's not unusual for shops to close for the entire
month so the patron can head for the Sud.
So, shall we go?

....We just have to decide where to go.

Do you prefer a French Guesthouse in the country?

Aperitif's ici?
We should sip Champagne and share a baguette
with a bit of fromage here.

Can't you picture us having déjeuner on that terrace.

Love the soft colors of the stone. Iron beds on terraces are second nature to the French. Seems like all my friends have one.

Love the simplicity of this. Have you noticed they also like ball shaped topiaries?

And intimate spaces for two
Don't know about you, but I'm liken the Guesthouse in France idea.

Or we could choose the Tuscan Palazzo.

Several weeks ago I received this email from Sharron, a reader.......

I just want to thank you for your heartbreakingly beautiful blog. It inspires me and it feeds my soul.
I found it just as I needed both. I have just bought a wonderful French Country contemporary house (20 years old) in Quebec, having lived for the last 25 years in an urban Georgian with endless dark oak and Victorian trimmings. When looking for a house I thought I was scaling down and staying urban. Instead this modest from the outside, brilliantly lit and composed larger home took my breath away and perhaps my mind.
It is on a street called Champetre...has rough plastered kitchen walls, thick wood beams atop fireplace mantles and many of the markers of country french. So now I have to wrap my head around how to decorate and redesign gardens (pauvre moi). And so I linger over your site, feed my creativity with our beloved circles and serpentine lines (you aren't the only one ) and stoneworks. So thanks again. Once I've lived in the house a bit and I know what it wants, you will probably hear from me again.

Loved that email from Sharron, Not just the fact that she loved my blog BUT
that she is going to listen to what the house wants.
When I saw this place, I thought about Sharron.
These people definitely listened to the house.
The colors are magnifique!

Easy to spend some time here, don't you think?
All the rooms have names like Bellini, Verdi, and Puccini,
because opera music was her design inspiration.
This is marriage of souls where only one is human!

Our third choice..
A Ryad in Marrakech..

We could basque in the sun while listening to dessert blues.

Spend the afternoon at the souk and enjoy tangine at sunset.

All photographs are from the Belgium photographer Verne.

So which do you prefer? I say we cave to the French influence and spend the month! Start packing!!

Just a side note here too..European Antique Market will be closed August 4 - 11 th. We will re-open Tuesday, August 12 our normal hours.


My Mélange said...

NO preference...too hard to decide :)

I say lets do 'em all.

And in no particular order either :)

Thanks for always giving me something to crave!

Bon Weekend!!

Ann said...

Oh I am all for a country vacay, so I'd choose the French Guesthouse. I am so liking the stone walls and wooden charming. Nice post.

Chrissy said...

You never disappoint.... your blog is better than any magazine!!! Thanks, Chrissy

Di Overton said...

Three of my favourite places but given the choice it would always be France. Beautiful photos as always.

Anonymous said...

I love the bathroom with the stones, that mix of old and new is soo chic! and I've gotta get me a daybed, metal ofcourse. send me to the french guesthouse...

About your Christmas stock, I would love to see pictures!

Anonymous said...

Just glorious--love to visit your blog. If you set up a travel group, I'd go!

MARIA said...

I will gladly take them all. I must admit they are and always has been on my wishlist.
Thank you for taking us.
Love Maria

Barb said...

I enjoy your blog so much!

All the pictures are stunning and I would be happy with any of the vacation spots. My heart is in France so that would be my 1st choice.

Have a good week

Malphi said...

Beautifully inspiring. Have a soft spot for them all.

Dona said...

I will just follow where you lead. Stop by, I have something for you.


Villa Anna said...

Ouch I think I'm having heart failure from all this BEAUTY!! Shawn you're killing me! lol

I love ALL the destinations and hope one to visit each, however my true love lies with the French guesthouse. I think I almost love that more than my children hehe.

Anna ;)

Fifi Flowers said...

Oh mon dieu! These are all so PAINTABLE!
Come visit my site... if you love these photos... you will be interested in my paintings!

Millie said...

Breathtaking! My blood pressure has just dropped a zillion points just gazing at these gorgeous pics.

Morocco/Marrakesh for me. An afternoon spent wandering around the souk would be close to perfect!
Millie ^_^

Joy Zaczyk said...

It really is a little slice of heaven over here! Loved all of the pics... :)


Marie said...

Wow, your blog is magnificent. You would almost make me feel proud of being French (which is "not for tomorrow" as we would say).

ParisBreakfasts said...

What a divine site!
Thank you Di!!!

villa_vintage said...

Your photos inspire me !!! Merci

Edie Marie's Attic said...

A month in each would be perfect! How can one chose? If I had to pick 2 I would lean towards the French Guesthouse or the Tuscan Palazzo. How could you pass up that view??
This is the first time I have visited you and I will be back on a regular basis! It's like going on holiday!!
Have a great week!
Hugs, Sherry

Linda said...

They all love truly lovely. I have to tell you-I live in France and my home looks nothing like the one you show pictures of. I wish it did. It's a newer home without those wonderful features of old stone. I do have lavender in my yard though.

Ewa said...

French Guesthouse is completely perfect. I adore it. I am in love with it. I want one.
I also want iron bed there :)
I love your blog. I am new here - just came from Villa Vintage and I will come more often.
In the other post I saw great pictures of your garden.
Greetings from Poland,

Brook said...

Well I would definitely choose the French Guesthouse.
What a lovely and most enjoyable post! Thanks for sharing.


Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Magnifique blog - j'adore ce que vous faites..!
I spend several months a year in provence (Lubéron) and often holiday in Tuscany (near Volterra)but I never tire of either place..:)
India J

Jen r. said...

Oh I would love to got there!! I love that mural in the bedroom! My blog address has changed slightly...
Jen R

Porchlight Interiors said...

Your blog is amazing!!! This is my first visit but definately won't be my last. Stunning images - very inspiring.

Billigflüge Sydney said...

that´s definetely my dream-house!!! It´s just beautiful! Where do I find this awesome house?

Bethany said...

I really and truly would not snub my nose up at any of them but I think given the choice I would have to choose the guesthouse.....each one of the photos had me transfixed on it dreaming....sigh....maybe one day.

Barbara Jacksier said...

I was sure I would chose the guesthouse in France BEFORE I saw the pool in Marrakesh. Can we move the pool to France?

Oliveaux said...

Your site is just devine! I am so glad you introduced yourself to me - thanks for your comments. I love all things French and have lost myself amongst all your beautiful pics. Amanda

Bethie said...

I just found your blog, and I must say I was taken back in time to being a young teenager and living in Europe. I loved both France, and Italy. I could spend a weekend, day, hour in any one of these photos. They are just lovely...just beautiful! Love your blog!!

Anonymous said...

this is too much heaven to contemplate even after two glasses of wine. . .each set has it's own calling and I hear them all. . .so absolutely lovely, thank you for the armchair travel. . .if only my passport bore the stamp of such lovely vistas,

Kathy said...

I have stayed in farmhouses in both Tuscany and Provence...I simply can not choose so I vote for DOING BOTH!

Funny, I have done 8 outdoor areas for clients in the last 6 months and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM requested outdoor iron French beds (authentic vintage/antique) on their respective wish lists! Fortunately I found them all and they look FAB!

Great pics as alway, Shawn!!!

Rachel Mallon said...

These images make me want to live there. Thank you for sharing such beautiful imagery.

David Nicholas said...

Great colors and photos
realy interesting, - thanks

Erika Friend said...

You have a fabulous BLOG! I can't wait to pass you on to friends.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Erika Friend,
The Tattered House