Wednesday, August 13, 2008

le besoin de se focaliser

Need to focus
Today I am going to focus on photograph's in focus!!!
That tripod is necessary!

I was really hoping to post photo's of the shop after
our long week of painting and tearing out drop ceilings,
but they did not turn out too good.
So today, I'll try again.
I love tearing out those ceilings because I have this
thing about hanging chairs from the rafters.
I need all the space I can find!!!
These are some Louis XVI style chairs I did not
have room for on the floor.
I am normal in some ways, that I hang chandeliers from the ceiling too.
That is a French iron, cream and gilt, to die for, chandelier.

One photo in Focus :)
I have a pair of these Louis XV caned chairs that have
a beautiful patina! The bottoms are caned also, under
the pads.

At least you can see the wall color here. We used
Benjamen Moore minced onion. I really, really
love the color. It is a dusty white with just a hint of green.
It has that Country French maison look and feel.
We sprayed the ceilings a dark chocolate to make
them disappear.
I will post more photo's tomorrow, so check back.
If you have any photography tips, please share!
Have a great day and wish me luck that I am not there
all night!!!


Devonia said...

Benjamin Moore - Minced Onion... I will remember and check into that, Shawn. Whites are sooo tricky. Too much cyan and they are institutional looking - too much yellow and in certain light you have cream. If our lighting was a constant we could rely upon, it would be helpful. Can't wait for more. Park that camera on a tripod and start clicking. :) Devonia

Di Overton said...

Love the hanging chair idea. My tip for photography is - keep your fingers crossed :)

eileen said...

love everything i see on your blog, as i live in the uk, we holiday quite a lot there,just adore the place,

Barb said...

The color looks fab! As for taking a good picture. I use a tripod when I can but I usually start praying before I click.

I would love to spend some time in your store. BIG SIGH........

Ewa said...

Minced onion - sounds nice... Color seems to be wonderfull - any other referral to what to compare it?
Chocolate ceilings seems to be great idea. I like also that wooden element over the door we can see on first picture.

Millie said...

I think you're being too hard on yourself Shawn - your photos are just lovely! With such beautiful pieces you don't need tricky photography. Wonderful choice of colour for your walls.
Millie ^_^

my Mélange said...

Love the shots!

I feel your frustration about taking photos. I convince myself that it is the camera and that I need to upgrade ;)

shicat said...

Love the store ! I must come visit, husband has agreed. Love the antiques.

Willow Decor: said...

Love your photos! Wish I could go to the store.

Robbin & Dede said...

Everything is just beautiful! Love that weathered, worn look of it all!

marga said...

I like everiting in your verry french.
You make verru beautifull pictures.