Friday, May 23, 2008

Tout l'Esprit De Paris

Don't you just love life's little surprises ...
I was so excited when I walked in to the Tabac Shop
to load up on magazines to find that Cote Maison
(the French Company) that publishes all those
yummy magazines such as Maison Francaise and
the fabulous Cote series (Sud, Quest, and Est) has
added yet another to the stack.
Cote Paris

This month is the premiere issue!
A must for any lover of the Parisian lifestyle.
And better yet, it has a back section that gives
a summary in English Text of the articles and
hot spots.

The online subscription form is not posted on the website yet,
but keep checking back, surely any day now.
Here is a little taste of what lies inside.

The photo's above are a glimpse inside the Paris apartment of the
famous designer Fabrice Diomard, who has fabulous taste and
a real knack for blending antiques with contemporary design.
You can visit his boutique online at L'Autre Maison
He is also easy on the eyes!!

The magazine is full of rooms decorated in whites, blacks
and shades of grey with a little violet and anise sprinkled
It's also full of restaurant, nightclub and hotel recommendations
and includes a calendar of special exhibits and what's going on.
For now, you can check Border's or your local bookstore.
Maybe they will carry it.
I know you will enjoy it !! It's Fresh !!!
Bisou for now

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karina said...

Great blog you have!
My style is a bit more modern but I love chandeliers, and a lot of things in your blog!