Monday, March 31, 2008

objet d art nouveau

For all the Shopaholics out there, (me included),
we are having a feast today!
Even though I have an Antique/Home Furnishings
store (95% of my inventory is Country French Antiques
and Brocante), I still carry some new items.
All my Home & Garden furniture is antique and
many of my accessories are unique, one of a kinds.

Some things just have to be old and French, like the
circa 1860 Vasselier above.
But then for some things, new isn't bad. In small
doses mind you.
I know many of you also have stores and finding
the right vendors can be a time consuming process,
so the future I will share with you some of my
favorites. No need to fret if your not a retailer.
I would be more than happy to sell to you, as these
are items we also carry.

The items above are from New Creative
I love the little crystal candle holder and tea stained pillows.
They also have several old window frames with botanicals
in the glass. Perfect for those Shabby Chic,
cottage style decors.
Great glass apothecary jars to hold your corks and who
can resist the scrolly iron photo frame?
My favorite has to be the galvanized bulb pans!
Their price points are pretty good, so you can't go wrong here.

These photos above are from Napa Home & Garden.
Now if you happen to be dango over Boxwoods (like me),
Napa's are wonderful. The best I have found,
(for the price). They are real preserved boxwoods.
Moss covered chargers (Très jolie) and a huge selection of
mercury glass! They also carry the famous Anduze Pottery
from France in a multitude of colors. Garden relics and
great faux lead containers.

Next we have Studio Vertu .
They have over 800 styles of wonderful Italian tumbled
marble coasters. The artwork is amazing on these little
treasures. There is no end to what you could do with these.
Just how many shadowboxes do you have?

Then there is Guildmaster
My heart be still. A real Old World look and great quality.
Beautifully painted tin boxes, simple iron chandeliers,
wire dress forms, florist tins, architectural fragments,
weathered crowns, and hand painted doors. Love
those patina's.
If you happen to like a bit more color, they also have
some fun whimsical items like the ones pictured below.

I love their lamps and gingham candlesticks. Juggling
pins and French style artwork. You really should check
them out.

Danielson Designs has to be the best for signs and frames.
If you are in to the weathered look, search no further.
All sorts of inspirational signs and many in an autre langue.
I bet you spend some money here! Just a side note too...
I have a wonderful signmaker in France that uses old
weathered, original painted wood to make custom signs.
If you can imagine it..we can do it !!

If your taste runs more to the Romantic Old World visit
Paneled doors painted with archangels, muted plaques
with paintings framed in gilt. Ooh La La !

And Sia, a "high fashion" European home decor supplier.
Their collection includes some wonderful lavender
accessories and table linens that resemble old
French ticking.
Wouldn't those squishy peaches look great in the natural
stick basket? They do have some great fruits. Little petite
cantaloupes, just like in France.
Realistic roses in moss covered pots and natural twig urns.
I love the little wood bundles and they also have a nice
selection of shells.

And lastly, if your looking for moderately priced, nice
quality pillows, Peking Handicrafts is it.
Loads of needlepoint and embroidered
pillows, nice tiebacks and a host of other accessories.
Just a tad bit French don't you think?
Hope you enjoyed the photo's, courtesy of the
websites listed and maybe you found a new
I'll share more with you in the days to come,
just in case you don't make it to High Point.
AND if you do go be sure to stop by the
EJ Victor Showroom to see the
Carol Hicks Bolton collection. Their displays
are always amazing!


Southern Heart said...

I should just give you my checkbook choose such wonderful, lovely things. I especially adore those pillows.

Devonia said...

Shawn: I devoted a post waaaay back there on Carol Hicks Bolton's style - she is amazing! Be sure and post on all the goodies at Highpoint - it's the ultimate marketin home decor and accessories. Since *I* can't go, you'll have to be my eyes and ears 2.
This was an incredible post, Shawn... I always leave your blog -banging on my keyboard - thinking "Now this is how blogging should be done!".

My bests,

Tracie said...

Hi Shawn,
Thanks for sharing - so nice of you. I am with you, new things in very small doses (you know if nothing else, we have to think green?). Even more an excuse to antique!

How great for you E.J. Victor/Carol Hicks Bolton. I've only heard stories, but details, details please when you return, please?

Always beautiful...
Au Revoir~
xo, Tracie

Anonymous said...


Kathy :)

Melissa Lewis-Off The Wall said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I agree with southern heart! All of these pieces are so wonderful. Great finds.

I will definitely be coming to your blog frequently. You have such wonderful taste.

cityfarmer said...

I had a retail shop once and carried alot of's a lovely product and it sold well.
You have a beautiful shop...I might stop in someday.

I enjoyed my visit...stop on over

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh sooo much gorgeousness in one post! This is pure eye candy!! :-)

My lovely cottage said...

Hi shawn, thanks so much for mailing me those chalk painting tips. The name doesn't ring a bell but i will google him and see if we can buy his paint here in holland. your absolutely right somethings can be bought new, the only brandname thats familiar to me is sia but all the others look marvelous. take care and lets keep eachother posted. yvonne

Antique Therapy said...

Hi, I have been admiring your blog. Like many women I adore french antiques and style. I went to Paris a few years ago. Unfortunately it was before I became an antiques dealer. needless to say we still had a blast. I recently just started my own blog called
If you get a chance come check it out. Since I am new to the blog world I am trying to get the word out that I have a site. I would love to switch links with you, although I think i already put you on my site, I hope that is ok.
Thanks again, Keri

Kasey said...

Looks nice.
If i ever get down your way, I'll have to stop in!!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks fabulous! Lots of eye candy in this post ...

the flutterby girls said...

Shawn, How kind of you to share your 'trade secrets'. I've already requested catalogs from all. Thank you again.
kim-the flutterby girls