Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Les Bonbonnes Verre

French Antique hand blown Bonbonne Verres,
Dame Jeannes, Demijohns, carboys, whatever
label you prefer to give these beauties, every maison
should have one.
Perfectionnez pour l'Ambiance française.

I love their grand statement and even though some are
large, (they range from 1 to 10 gallons), there is a
lightness and simplicity to them.
Simple to decorate with and an easy way to bring a
bit of spring indoors. Cut a few branches from
your blooming lilacs, cherry blossoms or star magnolias
and viola, you have an elegant composition. Don't
forget to add the sparkling water!
You can also purchase the candle holders for bottles
and let the wax drip to your hearts desire.
With the quality of artificial today, if you opt

for something your garden can't grow, try something
Frenchy like branches of chestnuts, olive or

A variety of colors, sizes and wraps,
European Antique Market always keeps a few in
the cellar. Most are $125.00. I can never go to

a French market without loading up on these!

From the 17th Century these unique hand blown bottles
were used to store cognac, after the aging process
in oak casks. When the Master Distiller wanted to

stop the maturation of the Cognac, it was transferred
to glass demi johns. Unlike wine, cognac will not mature
when stored in glass and aging in oak, beyond 50 years,
does nothing to enhance its velvety taste.

To protect the liquid gold from light and during transport,
many of the bottles were wrapped in wicker or rattan

This is a photo of a gabare (sailing barge) on the
Charente River in the Cognac region of France.

Bonbonne Verre's also make wonderful
wedding gifts as, no two are alike.
And if you feel like splurging, include a bottle
of that Grande Fine Champagne!
Hope everyone had a lovely Easter and Thanks
to everyone who sent well wishes my way!
If you have a Bonbonne Verre, how do you
use yours???


My lovely cottage said...

I realy enjoyed your new pictures again. take care, yvonne

My Melange said...

Of course I would like mine..FULL of delicious French red wine :)

Country French Antiques said...

I'd love to share it with you over conversations Français & Italian
Sound like a plan?

M&Co said...

Beautiful! Love the old Cognac bottles!

Tracie said...

Oh so beautiful, Shawn.

I always feel like I'm on a mini-vacation here.

So lovely - I love bottles of every kind (even keep the brand new truffle mayonnaise ones too).

My favorite are the ones you've shown here on the gray cabinet, just lovely.

Connie said...

I never knew what these bottles were for, thanks for the info. I second the idea of filling it with red wine.


Alice W. said...

So glad to have found your blog! LOVE everything...and your header definitely made me stop and take notice ;) I love all things french and antique...the photos here are something out of heaven!

Devonia said...

I would much rather save my pennies in one of your French Jugs than this huge water bottle I have. Even the pennies would gain prestige. Beautiful post plus I love learning something I don't know.
My bests,

Lilla Blanka said...

I just found your wonderful blog...! Already at the banner I started smiling, and felt the nice atmosphere...I love the beautiful photos and the absolutely gorgeous old things....!
I´ll definately be coming back..soon :)
Have a nice weekend
a.k.a Lilla Blanka of Sweden