Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Woman in Vibrational Essence

As I flow along in this stream of life, my canoe is
constantly being bumped.
Sometimes I encounter others who want me to
stop midstream and struggle with them,
against the current.
Then there are others who say, "let's ride"!
Let's ride with the current, just see where it
takes us, and appreciate the beauty along the way.

Seems I have entered this place called the
"Blogosphere", where there is an inordinate
amount of others saying,
"Let's ride".

One woman, riding with the current, is Corey Amaro.
What a wonderful outlook this woman has on life.
I want to ride along side her downstream and be
splashed with her essence! I think you will too!
She has a beautiful way of blending the duality of the physical
and the spiritual.

In Corey's words, there is a thin line between
heaven and earth.

Corey's description of this photo:
When the ground was rocky, dry, barren, and uneven.
She bent down and tied a velvet ribbon on her ankle.
"There!" she said, "That's better."
Knowing where to focus can make a world of difference.

You can visit Corey's blog, Tongue and Cheek at to share
in her Good Vibrations.
Photo's above courtesy of Corey Amaro.

If you would like to know more about riding
the stream with the current or just want a
little motivation you can watch Esther Hicks
on You tube at


Mélanie said...

Good vibrations all what I need ..

corine @ hidden in france said...

This is just what I needed to hear today. Thank you for posting it.