Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sneak peaks

This is just a never-ending job.
Thought I would give you some sneak-peaks
of the shop as Spring arrives.
Plus..I need a break!

I found these great little pliable grapevines
that are quickly turning into an obsession.
I've started looking for multiples in the shop
that I can tie together.
Paper bound books! I just can't get enough
of them !

I used a zinc roof finial to hold hydrangea's.
I kind of like that wild look.
I have a real weak spot for ZINC !
Zinc window frames, urns, garden pots, roof finials,
trim, architectural pieces, etc.
In an earlier post I wrote an article about
Zinc. You can access it here

I'll take anything that is covered in moss,
bunnies included.

A 19th century Louis XVI Trumeau,
a gilt demi-lune table and a 19th century
Italian candlestick with partial gilt

An Iron Garden Table, pair of Louis XV original
painted chairs and an early 20th Century stone
Urn (complete with French moss).
If you click on these photo's you can enlarge them.
The Iron base on this marble top bistro table is in the
form of Swan's heads.
The folding Iron beds make fabulous day beds. I had
to just drape this one with some fabric until I
find something. I actually have five in inventory
now. They all have elaborate decorative plaques on
the front and I have a variety of colors.

A collection of white Ironstone
I adore these Lemonade bottles with porcelain tops. When
grouped together with single stems they are fabulous. I have
about 40 in stock. ($12.00 ea.)

Another vinette
Don't you love my statue?
She is actually fiberglass, but looks amazing!
Well, I really should get back to work.
If you want additional information about any of
the pieces, feel free to call or email !
A bientot


Adla said...

Your collection as always is gorgeous...enjoyed getting lost with those pictures :)

Villa Anna said...

Your store leaves me speechless - I too adore old bound books!

Anna :)

Anonymous said...

That mirror is to die for! Your pictures are so lovely and such a nice break from the mundane of the work week.

euroantiquer said...

Merci Adla, Anna & New Orleans Lady.
You inspire me to continue on.
Your comments are appreciated !

My Melange said...

Love all the eye candy :) Hope to be able to visit you one day....

Crossroads Cottage said...

Just found your blog. I love it - everything is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Again, what a fabulous job you've done decorating your store. There's only one thing I'd suggest changing...move your location to Texas!! ha ha

Joelle said...

ohhh I love everything!
I just found your blog!
such beautiful inspiration!
what is that painting in the background? did you do that?
It all looks wonderful!
I'll deff. be stopping by often.
Best wishes ~
Joelle XO