Friday, December 14, 2007

Dis Moi

AAH, the Language of Emotion, communicated in
oh so many ways!
Forms, colors, textures, all being combined in an
effort to express ourselves emotionally.
In this virtual world in which we are living, it
comes as no surprise that there is a re-newed
interest in TYPOGRAPhY which has slowly
spread to include all forms of enhancing ABC.

In my earlier post this week, I listed TEXTILES
on my French Fashion List for Antiques
All forms of TYPOGRAPHY are #2 on that list.

There are many great example of Typography
out there in the form of old menu's, theater
posters, cookbooks, signs, wine labels, etc.
The two items above are listed on Ebay.
Wouldn't a collection of old French recipes
or menu's be great framed. Talk about
adding ambiance to that Country French Bistro

And when Sak's Fifth Avenue creates an Ad Campaign
with scrolly text, I'm thinking people will WANT IT.
This was created by Marian Bantjes. You can see more of
her work at

Also love these Hand-painted vintage shoes by
Mathieu Missiaen. You can visit them online at

Since most trends cross the Atlantic via France,
I'm sure we will be seeing more of Chateau Shop.
They have a wonderful collection of wall art,
duvets and area rugs.

I love the Area Rug ! No retailers in the US yet !
I'm thinking I'll pay them a visit my next trip.
You can visit them online at
I'll have my eyes scanning the markets next
time !
I have been buying some items already.
I always have a collection of oversize zinc letters

Printers numbers and letters and....

any fun things!

This is a wall treatment I did at the shop.
I've always been a TYPOGRAPHY fan myself.

Stay tuned to see whats #3 on the list of
French Fashion List for Antiques
And don't forget, the next time your decorating
Dit Moi !


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

What a fantastic post !! I love the scrolly one that has more scrolls than letters !
Morroco is a fascinating - but Turkey is even better if you get the chance _ i'll post on it soon

Cote de Texas said...

what an original post! great blog, as always!!

tongue in cheek said...

French words always say oh la la too me!

wanderlustandpixiedust said...

Love your blog, sigh....

Garden_Antqs said...

I'm loving all the photo's you've posted as well as your slide shows. Do you think you could come help me decorate at my next Antiques Show? Texas isn't that far from Kentucky, right?