Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Secrets d'interieurs

I am a little behind on posting...but with good reason.
I just returned from a short one-week jaunt to France.
It was planned spur of the moment. October 30th
happened to be one of my good friends 50tho birthday,
so I decided to surprise her. I ended up staying for a
week and doing a little Christmas shopping.
Needless to say we had a Great time!
No worries about filling and packing a container.
BUT, no way I can go to France and not partake of my
Here is just one of the items that contributed to my valise
weighing in a 35 kilo's on the return trip.

Secrets d'interieurs by Gilles Trillard and
Michèle Lalande. A wonderful book and beautiful
photography. Consider me a Trillard fan!
These are a few photos from the book

The book is due for release in the US, December 1st under the
title, The New French Décor:
Living with Timeless Objects
It is available at http://www.amazon.com
A quote from the Editorial review

The art of setting, compiling, or combining disparate objects is a difficult art. Yet it has become the chic new decorating style in France, and is now spreading throughout the world. After the success of The New Eighteenth-Century Style, journalist Michèle Lalande and photographer Gilles Trillard team up once again to showcase the most successful combinations of treasured heirlooms and contemporary design.

Go ahead and give yourself an early Christmas present!


Christopher Proudlove said...

Sounds like you'd enjoy the braderie at Lille (if you haven't already partaken).
It's held on the first weekend of each September and the town turns into one giant antiques market - bargains galore!
Apparently an ancient law permits servants (residents) to sell their masters' unwanted property, so in addition to dealers, there is also a good selection of privates selling, literally on the street outside their homes.
There's also an amusing competition between the restaurants to see who can serve the most moules (mussels) the winner being decided by who has the biggest piles of empty shells on the pavement outside!
Highly recommended.
Chris Proudlove

euroantiquer said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful and I love moules!
Never bought there before but perhaps la fois prochaine.

Cote de Texas said...

Thanks for the tip! I just preordered it from Amazon. It looks wonderful.


Mélanie said...

You come for a birthday surprise !!! You are such a kind friend ; This book is wonderful . i have already had it !!

romantic-souvenirs said...

Thank you for the tip,I am craving thata book sooo much,and is in my amazon list. I am aromantic and I am so amazed of how many beautiful souls I have found here. thank you for the inspiration.