Friday, November 09, 2007

Pretty Papers..Pretty Ribbons..

Tis the Season........

I got one tree decorated at the store with the help
of Karen Carpenter singing Winter Wonderland in
the background.
This is the time of year when I start to fret about
Giftwrap! I am picky about my paper. Don't ask
why. Sometimes I spend more on the package
than the gift.
I just love pretty paper and ribbons!
So...if your like me, you'll appreciate this.
Destinations just printed a great Where to Buy
Guide for some beautiful embellishments that
I want to pass along.

These are from Kate's Paperie. They have over 4,000
papers from over 40 countries. I love the maps
Located in Manhattan

These from the Paper Studio in Tempe, Arizona.
Not only do they sell decorative handmade papers but they
also teach the art of papermaking. You can find them

These come from the Gift-Wrapping Playground,
Tinsel Trading Company in New York.
This also happens to be Martha Stewart's favorite
store in the world. They have Free Shipping on
orders over $75. A large selection of vintage
ribbons also. Have fun here

The most..beautiful fineries you'll ever see and a
huge assortment. Just let your imagination
run wild here at M&J Trimmings. Find them
Hope you find this helpful. I know I will
be ordering.
Fun Wrapping!!

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Anonymous said...

I love to save the fancier ribbons from year to year to use on future packages. Brings back nice memories from year to year.