Friday, September 21, 2007

Automne in France

Another Automne in France

My voyages to France always seem to fill me with a
kaleidoscope of colour. La meme to the trees in automne,
I find myself maturing, shedding thoughts and feelings
that no longer nourish my soul and those that do,
becoming more vibrant in hue.
Autumn has always left me in awe of its beauty.
Like leaves dancing in air, my spirit feels the rhythm of
the song, to be one with the world.

To be thankful for the bounty in my life and to give
thanks to a culture that has shared with me, their
fruits of life.

You have never insisted that I drink your wine, but
have always given me the glass, should I choose to taste.

You have shed your masks and let me touch your soul
while always gently caressing my cheek.

You have patiently taught me the romance of your
language, while willing to sing my song of choice.

I have smelled the aromas of your flowers and been
encouraged to create my own bouquets.

Merci Beaucoup to all my French Amis for sharing
your Fruits of Life with me.
Like the gentle winds of Automne you help me cleanse
my soul of feuillage that no longer nourishes, in
preparation for the next season of life.
I will always leave a piece of my heart with you.

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