Sunday, July 08, 2007

"The Law of Attraction"

Oh How I Love "The Law of Attraction"

I'm really kind of new to this Blogging thing and
learning as I go. I had a few comments and something
I did made them disappear into oblivion. I really need
to purchase the Blogging for Dummies book!

I've recently started looking for other blogs out
there that embody true "Country French."

Enter Joni, an interior designer in Texas.
Joni's blog Cote de Texas is a must see. A
truly talented person and a wonderful blog.
I've posted a few photos of her design work
which can be seen on her blog at

Don't you just Love It?

I'll also be starting My Blissful Blogs list and happy to
say Cote de Texas will commence the list!
If your on the same wave length and have a blog
please leave a comment! Hopefully I'll figure those
things out and it will post!

I've had a few questions from the Curious Minds out
there about how I got started in this business.
If I could say only 3 words it would be

It is truly amazing the good fortunes that come your
way once you begin to Follow Your Path.
Not to say there aren't stumbling blocks, but they are
just that, rocks that you pick up and toss off your
path and continue on your way.
And you have to believe it and feel it. Trust me!!!
If you need a kick start or a little convincing that
you can do it, I would recommend any book
by Anthony Robbins. He is the best at teaching
you to create your own reality. I was the lucky
recipient of my first Anthony Robbins book on
my 27th birthday, 20+ years ago. I knew that I
was not living my passion, but felt stuck in a
corporate job. My life's circumstances prevented
me from making any change, OR so I thought.
I just started doing a little something every day
that would help me reach my ultimate goal.
I was in my mid-forties before I was able to leave
the corporate rat race and my risks were somewhat
limited, because I had already built an import
antique business.
It has been 6 blissful years now that I have been able
to devote all that additional energy to my passion.
It just keeps getting better!!!!!
Once you set in motion,
"The Law of Attraction"
the universe will support your cause.
"The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating"


Cote de Texas said...

Oh my gosh!!!! How exciting!! I can't wait to show my client how her bedroom looks on a beautiful blog. Thank you SO much!

Cote de Texas

Mind said...

I totally agree, follow your passion and the universe will follow suit.