Thursday, December 10, 2009

Golf, comme le français

Tiger Woods should take lessons from
Jack Arnold in how to do something
productive between golf games.

Mr. Arnold is a lover too,
but of all things French.
Lucky for us, he expresses that
through his house designs,
full of Old World Romance.

For those lovers of Country French,
just in case you missed it, his home was
featured in 2007 in Veranda.

Don't you love the extra thick interior walls
and the timber beamed ceilings?
Of course, having a house full of
French Antiques helps add to the ambiance.
Antique Italian chandeliers, metal bistro tables,
and Louis XVI chairs, just to name a few.

Susan Arnold designed the interior.
Another on my dinner list.
I think we would have a lot in common,
like French trumeau mirrors and antique candlesticks.
I love that she used so many French antique
garden tables indoors.

Another no upper cabinets kitchen,
which is a signature of Country French.
The Louis XV vaisselier full of white ironstone
is the perfect substitute.
Besides, if you had upper cabinets where would you
hang the grape hotte?

I much prefer these greens to the ones
on the golf course!
I think most of us would be teaing up,
but with a good design book.
Charles Faudree perhaps?
Are you keeping score of the
French antique bistro tables and Louis XVI chairs?

This powder room would also make a
good practice room.
We could practice our grip on those antique doors
and our stance,
between the two lantern sconces.

I guess the antique French clock would
come in handy, keeping track of how long
it would take us, to make 18 rounds
through the house.

This is the room where you use your imagination,
I'll refrain from any golf terminology.
Susan used hers with the matching tabourets.

What a way to end a day!
If your planning to build and want a
Country French style home,
be sure to visit Jack Arnold's site here.
If you want to fill it with French garden tables,
Louis XVI chairs, or other French Antiques,
drive to my place.
As for Tiger... no doubt he muffed.
Should we give him a mulligan?



vignette design said...

Just discovered your blog. Absolutely beautiful! I'm in heaven. I actually saved that issue of Veranda, couldn't part with it! I'm off to explore the rest of your blog! --Delores

Daisy's Mercantile said...

That is an amazing house. The kitchen gave me goosebumps. Doubt Tiger cares much about the house except maybe the tread count of the sheets.

Trouvais said...

"Grape hotte" that's their name, merci. Just flipping through that issue the other day. It's a keeper. Love everything. Trish

Jackie said...

As always - completely beautiful and inspiring!! Amazing home!!

Shelly Beson said...

Wow I had no idea golfers had such great taste in interior design. Tiger needs a comfortable place to come home to after 18 ho's, I mean holes. Whoops!

Karin said...

A grand bonjour from the South of France (Provence). I like your blog very much. It gives me certain ideas for my new home, although I prefer a mix of several styles, country and contemporary for example. But strolling the "brocantes" here in the Provence, looking for treasures is always fun.

Lee said...

I was headed out the door when I saw this, I will be back to savor every morsel.

red ticking said...

AMAZING... fabulous.... x pam

At Town Square said...

Wow it's stunning. Love it! I just found your blog. Really like it!

La Petite Gallery said...

I love Veranda
What a Gorgous post. Great style

A new fan.

retired in Maine
an old designer, interiors, wallpaper florist, artist
so on and on...Warm wishes for the season.

Chris said...

What a gorgeous post! Jack Arnold's home is amazing. I could live there quite comfortably.Ü

Have wonderful Holidays! Chris

Inspired Comblogulations said...

First I thought the whole world had seen your blog. I guess there are stragglers.

I had missed this Veranda, and I could sit and stare at these images for hours. Unfortuantely my vacumm cleaner is staring at me along with all the dust and Christmas greenery that shed on my floors, it is pouring down rain here and a grey day which is good for vacuming and blogging.

We went shopping in Shreveport, Lousiana yesterday and it makes me want to totally redo my house. I got some great ideas, these greens are so soothing to me I loved them... and oh that powder room, here is how we say it in Texas... yeyus I love tha-yut.
Have a great weekend.

La Petite Gallery said...

First time here.
Fabulous post, enjoyed
looking at everything.
You have great taste.
will tout others about

seasons greetings to all.

Ness Lockyer said...

So, when do we all move in!!!
Ness xx

anne said...

Priceless post!

vosges paris said...

haha Ness! mi kinda of idea.. I will take the pool house and lay myself on the white deck chairs!

La Petite Gallery said...

This is such an interesting post.
Everything in that home is so well done. Love it

Thanks for sharing.

Speaking Of golf, I played at Ballybunion. What a course.

Obee Designs said...

Your posting is amazing, as is your blog! I live in a wanna be Jack Arnold home. I have this issue of Veranda and I try, I really try, to get that feeling he exudes from his designs. There's just one teeny tiny need ooodles of moola to really get what he's got going on in that house! Trust me I know. I asked Santa in a recent posting to build me a Jack Arnold home. Even his townhomes are delicious!!! Come check it out, maybe there are some photos that I have on my posting you may not have seen that are drool worthy! :)

I love your blog and will definitely be back for more. I just love Country French. It's how I live and breathe :) I'll be back to drink in some more of your loveliness!
Have a wonderful day!

Jenny johnston said...

Hi - ran across your website tonite...LOVE IT! Im confused about your latest post about tiger and jack arnold...the golf connection.

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

Oh, thank you for sharing the work of Jack Arnold. I was not aware of his work but am now a fan.
A fan,as always. of your extremely beautiful blog that always inspires me.
thank you,

Mélanie said...

Lovely house ! Very inspiring

Oliveaux said...

Fabulous!! An amazing home. Ax

Amy Henderson said...

Wow! So happy I came across your blog. Its relaxing and beautiful. I'm taking a trip though all this inspiration!

Jann said...

A beautiful home~on my wish list!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

We do have a lot in common, I have a Jack Arnold house and so do some of my past clients. Just making my way through your beautiful blog. How did I miss you over the past year?

Cacau Jafet said...