Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Portefeuille d'Investissements

Photo from Arles, France

"What is a girl to do?" she asked.
French iron day bed, andirons, shutter shelf, bracket sconces, lemonade bottles,
grain sack, linens, etc. Bed covering is, you guessed it..a drop cloth!
"Should I hide my money under the mattress?"
"No," French Antique Investor replied,
"but maybe you should invest in a French Iron
Day bed to hold the mattress."

"You may also want to think about investing in
GOLD, such as French gilt mirrors,
gilded sconces, and gilt frames," advised FAI,
"just in case the value of the dollar plunges."
Glissant buffet from Provence, circa 1890
"But most people are holding off on large
purchases until they see what the economy
is going to do," she said.
"Well, maybe a wise decision for some purchases,
but in the world of antiques, when you find
something you love, if you hesitate, it may be
gone and if not, the longer you wait, the more
you will pay." FAI responded.

Louis XVI cane walnut bench, ca. 1020's
"The world has always had an appreciation
for quality French antiques," responded FAI.

"Did you know the Yves Saint Laurent sale at
Christie's a few weeks ago brought in the highest
total for any single-owner collection, just a
little short of a half a billion dollars."
"Les coucous, tapis bleu et rose" by
Henri-Matisse, pictured above,
sold for $41 million."
"Now granted, we aren't talking Matisse or
Yves Saint Laurent, but we are talking French."

Plaster bust sitting on Louis XVI painted nightstand, ca 1920. Gilt trumeau in background
"Take it from a girl whose been strolling
the French antique markets from Paris to
Marseille and the backroads in-between,
for the last 20 years." As long as there is
an insatiable thirst for French antiques
(and brocante), prices will continue to
Gilt tole wheat sconces, ca. 1940
"Maybe I should just park my money in a bank."
she says.
"HaHa, wonderful idea... give it to the execs so
they can gorge themselves in luxury or if you
prefer, watch your 401K plummet on paper,"
FAI tells her.
"Please FAI, tell me, what should I do?"
she said.

Gilt sconce, bronze dog, stone face fragment..You can't have my purse.
"Well my dear, I can only tell you what
my portfolio looks like." said FAI.
French Antique Investors explains her Portfolio....
"First...I have a Louis Vuitton. Don't laugh,
I'm serious! A good collection of Louis Vuitton's
will probably be worth more than some 401's
in another 10 years."
"Je prefer the monogram series, a proven track
record for appreciating in value. I also like
the Noe. It holds a lot, first created in 1932
to carry champagne bottles, it works equally
well for small antiques and brocante."
"And you've heard the expression, don't
put all your eggs in one basket."
"A girl should have a variety of pieces."
"Second...look at your investments daily."
"I surround myself with mine."
Louis XV style pickled birch serving bar
"Your investments should serve you."

French tole metal twin bed, circa 1890
"I sleep on mine."
Louis XV style fauteuil upholstered in needlepoint, original paint
"Sit on mine."

Patisserie table, circa 1900
"Eat off mine... you get the idea."
Red Tole book box, ca. 1900
" your coins, in little boxes,
you'll be surprised how quick they add up."
Hand carved folkart box w/ key from Provence
"So, I have lots of little boxes."

"Last, but not least, ENJOY it!"
"A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do,
take her future into her own hands!"
If you would like to start your own
French Antique Investment Portfolio,
Bisou mes amis, time for me to get
to work!


Willow Decor: said...

What a feast for the eyes each time I log in! Wonderful photos and pieces! I love the striped chest.

Kathleen Ellis said...

Another FABulous feast for the eyes, Shawn...a lovely little escape for the start of my day! I whole heartedly agree...invest in GOLD...frames, mirrors, tables...yes!
Have a fabulous day!

Blue Muse said...

Wise words and drop dead gorgeous pieces. I love what you did to the walls in the first photo, and using sconces for brackets - brillant! You are such a creative and beautiful person!
I would like to buy it .. ALL. :)
I have to tell you, each time I pick up a drop cloth from HD now, I think of you and try very hard not to get paint on it, because I want to repurpose it!
xo Isa

Maison Douce said...

What beautiful "investments"!!!!! I loved the little tour!

Chrissy said...

Well... lucky for you!! I was just about to cause a rucus if you had not done a new post....and you made it worth the wait as always my dear!!! Everytime I come by here, I change things in my house, you provide the best inspiration!!! All the best, ~Chrissy!

Miss Kris said...


What a lovely post! I agree with Isa, I love your first photo, LOVE the wall and your inspirational uses of drop cloths. You are soooo blessed with a WONDERFUL TALENT. I love it all!!!


LiLi M. said...

the best investment advice I heard in a long time! Enjoy your investments! Thanks!

Enzie at World Market Portraits said...

Such wonderful images! I especially love the fountain.

Kay said...

Finally! A stimulus package I can live with...... A wonderful friend and antiques dealer, offered this advice when my husband and I married. She said, "buy the very best pieces that your budget will allow and as your financial status rises, trade up." We have followed her words of wisdom and, as you said, we eat off our investments, we sit on them, we store things in them, we look at our reflection in them, and enjoy living with them daily. I must plan a trip to Louisville to see the lovely things that you post pictures of first hand.


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Bravo Shawn! What great advise! If I could create a portefeuille I would love to create it with your beautiful artifacts and antiques! What a great way to invest! Tres bien!
Your photos are fabulous as usual and all the antiques are now going to be etched in my dreams!!

A la prochaine, Sherry

I am just starting to learn French. Better late than never!

Love Your Homes said...

Now this girl writing is smiling with a heart full of joy.
What a wonderful advise for investment.,,just stuff it in my bag. My Chanel will do!

What a great story teller you are, Shawn.

If I ever were to move to Us, it has to near Louisville and I would still have a great piece of France with me, visiting your shop. I would stuff a great many things in my bag!!



Love this post! Beautiful antiques are wonderful tangible assets! Good investment advice!

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

Oh my, what lovely eye candy. I am so in love with the faux finish on the walls. I also adore the bling Easter eggs. This gives me a great idea for my little girl. :) Your blog is absolutely gorgeous.

Velvet and Linen said...

I couldn't agree with you more FAI!
Your world is so beautiful and worth its weight in gold.
You are a wise investor.
I invested in Swedish antiques at the beginning of the year, but I think my portfolio needs a little diversification. Some French antiques is just what I need!


Tracey McBride said...

Hello Shawn, Thank you so much for yet another lovely post to wake up to! Your little stories are so wonderful and clever! Thank you again for your lovely blog and writings.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh that daybed! And the chair, all of it~j'adore!

vicki archer said...

I love your attitude Shawn - I wish all investors thought that way. Gorgeous shots and so many beautiful things, xv.

vosges paris said...

I think when I invested to come to your shop, my euros are finished already.... so errr yeah... I guess I just have to go to Paris... what a pity huh ;P

Christine said...

I think it is not a "patisserie table" but "boucherie table" ... Butchers have this kind of marble tables in their shops circa 1880/1950 ...
Very nice photos !
Regards from Brittany :o)

domestic bliss said...

Beautiful beautiful... love all of your gorgeous vignettes- wish I could pop over to see all of your treasures in person.
Thanks so much!

Jackie said...

Oh, I so love when you post - always so many beautiful things to see!! Great advice - buy what you love!!

Kris said...

Your photos are always amazing and inspiring to the viewers eye.
Thank you for sharing.

Have a happy day


Barb said...

Wonderful post Shawn. You have the right idea. One of these days I will make it back to Louisville and your shop is on the top of the list.


Di Overton said...

Each time I visit the markets of France I wonder where it all comes from as so much has been bought and shipped out. They seem to have an endless supply - thank God!
Beautiful post as always

Olga Granda-Scott said...

A fantastic I hope people start following your advice! Thank you, thank you!

Denise Elizabeth said...

Oh my it's always an amazing thing when I visit. Can I just hang out with you on one of your trips. Thanks for all your lovely photos. Denise

Anonymous said...

Fabulous advice! I shall invest in the same ;)

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

Oh so true, this girl will never loose her love of French antiques. Always an escape visiting your blog- thanks

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

Your blog it my vacation, my treat to myself! Oh, that French daybed is a dream! thanks...

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

love the items spilling out of your pckebook -I relate to that...