Wednesday, November 12, 2008

petits luxes

Its almost Christmas, so I'm running frantically about!
I do have the date set for our "Fete de Noel", so if
you happen to be near Louisville, we would love
for you to come!

I have one tree up at the shop, but lots more to do!

This is about the time I start to obsess over wrapping paper.
I found this wonderful little online store,
Paper Luxuries that has some wonderful
Cavallini paper and oh, so French!
These would be great as book jackets too!
I like the vintage English style too.

You'll also find a wonderful assortment of napkins if you
are looking for something different.
How cute would these roosters be for Thanksgiving!

If you are a wrapping fanatic too, you may want to
read my post from last year titled...
I have links to several other sources there.
My new Departures arrived in the mail today and there is
a great article by Charolette Druckman about Macarons.

Of course, we would all love some of those Laduree
delicacies, but short of flying to Paris, these are a few
of her recommendations stateside that have
perfected the fragile shipping, and the cookie!
MadMac - New York City
Michel Patisserie - Arlington, VA.
Pistacia Vera - Columbus, Ohio
Rush Patisserie - Dallas, TX.
Paulette - Los Angeles
If you would rather make your own, you can always order
Pierre Herme's new book, just have a conversion chart handy.
Lastly, I had to tell you about these absinthe suckers
from Lollyphile. Too cool, but the alcohol has been removed.
We could always dip them in Pastis! :)
Time for me to get back to work!
Bisou and have a wonderful week!!


Barb said...

This is when I really wish I lived close by. I know your Fete de Noel will be a smashing success.

I can't wait to see your photo's from it.


Jackie said...

Beautiful as always - I too wish I lived closer! Thanks for the great paperie information - I'll definitely be checking that out!

Jen r. said...

Oh I am going to be so close in Paducah that weekend, but there is no way I can get over to you!!! I am so bummed! I would have loved to come! I know it's going to go great!

Porchlight Interiors said...

Wow that Christmas tree is dreamy! The shop looks beautiful - would love to be doing my Christmas shopping in there! Tracey x

Taddie Tales said...

Ah man, how I wish I lived in KY! I think you should do a road trip to the Rocky Mountain states - ie, Denver! - so that I can buy EVERYTHING! Guess me and the girls are going to have to take a road trip to you soon.

Best of luck to you!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Awe everything looks so magical. Wish I could attend!!

Queen of Tarte said...

Best wishes for a joyeux noel. I certainly wish I could take a trip to your shop during this holiday! xo Cindy

The Antiques Diva™ said...

What a gorgeous shop! I was googling something else and came across your blog and was enchanted!
The Antiques Diva

mishebe said...

That tree is beautiful. i am really wanting a white tree. All your displays are fab. mishelle

vicki archer said...

Your tree looks gorgeous and I wish I could just pop into the Fete de Noel. Lovely post and now I know I need to start thinking about Christmas!xv

LiLi M. said...

Aah those papers. I'm going to follow your link. Hahaha and I had to laugh about the popsickles. I have to tell you that even if you live not so far from Paris to eat these macarons on a daily basis is quite and expensive adventure. I paid 14 euros (21 usd) for 6 petit macarons at Ladurée. In a beautiful give away box, in a regular box they cost 12 euros (still 18 dollars for 6).

Jann said...

Your photos of the shop are fabulous! I wish I lived closer to come up for a visit. Just came back from Paris, visiting "oh so many" of the markets on a rainy and I have probably crossesd paths and never knew it! I have a few shots from my blog, The French Link....need to update this site.

Southern Fried Cupcakes~ said...

You are a very creative person...I found your blog by accident and am glad I did~
Can't wait to

Xo Kelly

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Oh would I love to stop by!! What an incredible place yours would be to visit. The Christmas tree looks so fabulous - PLEASE show us more as you do more Christmas decorating!

Hugs, Sherry

Chris said...

I also wish I lived closer! I'm headed over to HTE to tell the girls about your open house. Such lovely things!

The rooster napkins...I want!


Velvet and Linen said...

You shop looks gorgeous.
I wish I lived closer so that I could visit you in person.
Your post is a beautiful way to start the Holiday season.


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Shawn,
This is my "Calgon Take Me Away" Place. A moment to breathe... thank you!

I'm going to check out all the links, thank you for sharing.

Absinthe lollipop? I may have to get my husband some for a surprise to have with his Pastis each evening ;) I do believe what a wonderful stocking stuffer though... Macarons - délicieux!

Happy day (I will make it to your store... on my New Year's list)

KarenB said...

What a beautiful tree! I'm looking forward to more pictures. I just got back from Europe and am facing serious jetlag. Do you struggle with it everytime you come back? Any hints? I was in Rome, unfortunately not Paris too, but it was wonderful. Those Europeans really have treasures don't they?

Alice W. said...

Ohhh how I wish I would be in the area!!! Looks stunning! Thanks for sharing all those fabulous those papers!

Bethany said...

Oh my goodness...that tree with all its trimmings is amazing! gasp!!
Cannot wait to see all the rest of what you put together....such a talent :)
And the paper is, well it's good I don't have the funds to spare or else I would go like a mad shopper and scoop up a ton of it! Love it all :)

MelsRosePlace said...

Oh My goodness - how have i been missing all this??? Will add you as a favourite later today, just adore the images and a great inspiration for me. Mel xx


Hello Shawn,
I knew you would provide some wonderful resources for us for the holidays. Thank you. The tree is looking wonderful and I sure the whole store will be spectacular for the holidays. Looking forward to more pics.
Lisa & Alfie

Miss Kris said...

Ohhh, you Christmas tree is so Beautiful! And your shop, I wish I lived down there, it is breathtaking. One of these days I will make a special trip...

Tea Time With Melody said...

Very unique wrapping paper and napkins. Love that Christmas Tree!

Monica said...

I love your blog! Always fabulous!

Millie said...

Shawn it's just as well I'm on the other side of the Pacific. If I was closer I'd arrive early on both your Fete Noel days, plonk myself down on that scrumptious chaise & stay there until closing!!!

Just soaking up all the joie de vivre of your beautiful salon would be my Christmas treat.
Millie ^_^

shicat said...

amazing tree. Can't wait to see the rest.

Ann said...

I love all things paper and gift and book wrappers are on top of my list. I don't know why they give me such joy especially when I'm wrapping something for a loved one.

The French ones are so lovely and I just adore the rooster napkins.

vosgesparis said...

Your comment on my 'This is me post' made me laugh out loud ;) but it does me you got the essential of my words Glad you like the 'me' I like your wrapping paper with the little windows. Unfortuatelly those papers are so nice we don't often like to use them . I have a pink map of the inner city of Paris with beautiful letters on it.. and it is still staying in a corner... in my house that is ;)

My lovely cottage said...

I hope that your fete de noel can also be followed by us bloggers for we live all só far away, wishing you a jolly season!


sandra/tx said...

Wow! I'm speechless. Your store looks exquisite. I tell ya, I may just have to plan a trip to Louisville just to visit your store. Wow!

Enzie at World Market Portraits said...

Everything looks so lovely!

Anonymous said...

your tree is absolutely perfect! and your shop looks dreamy..