Friday, September 19, 2008

Portfolio des Pastels

Maybe I should have named this Vendredi Visuals.
I wanted to share with you some typical Country French
rooms decorated in white and pastel color schemes.
I think you'll like them.

I love this Louis XV buffet deux corps
(buffet of two bodies).
These are great in any room of the house and just a
side note here, I happen to have one just like it, only
white with hints of a buttery yellow underneath.
Don't you just love those French metal doors?
They really make a statement when used in interior

A fireplace in the style of Louis XVI, what's not to love.
The chandelier is probably a reproduction, maybe from
Niermann Weeks or Aidan Gray.
We also carry Aidan Gray, so give us a call if you are
interested in their product.

Goes to show that all you really need is an
18th century gilt mirror and a French chandelier to
have a stunning room.
Louis XV style canapes are nice too!
Oh, another one of these fabulous Country French kitchens.
No built in upper wall cabinets, a farm style sink and a
Louis XVI style table serving as a work island.
I could mince garlic all day here.
An antique druggist cabinet complete with apothecary jars.
I love the tapered candles resting in the ice bucket and the
collection of white ironstone tureens.
Did you notice all the glasses are stemware? Great idea,
to serve your water and tea from stemware. It saves
that nice antique table from water rings. If you do
get water rings and they haven't penetrated the wood,
mix a little lime juice with cigarette ashes and Viola!
They instantly disappear.

A Louis XV style bed, dainty chevets and a draped corona.
Can't get any more French than this.
Another French signature. Boiseries painted in
coordinating colors. I have finally finished painting
all the recessed doors at my shop to resemble boiseries.
Love those little French touches.
Of course, no maison is complete without a bust or a piece
of statuary.
And no post complete without the plug.
We always have a large inventory of Louis XV and
Louis XVI styles, so if your looking for that special
French antique or French accessory, feel free to
contact us.
Bisou and I hope you have a beautiful weekend!!


Jackie said...

More inspiration than I can imagine!! Such beautiful pictures and ideas! I LOVE the chandelier - incredible. Thanks for making my vendredi a lovely day!

Glenda said...

My mind races when I see these pictures. I started another blog based on simple French decor. It's still in it's infant stages and I have been finding some great pictures just on the for sale properties.

I will have to wipe my mouth now with all this drool.


Taddie Tales said...

Love, love, LOVE the wall color in the 2nd photo!!!! So warm and neutral.

As always, you have taken me on such a lovely little trip through true French design. Thank you!


ash said...

Oh my gosh - The antique druggist cabinet with apothecary jars is to die for! I love French decor, I got tons of ideas after looking at this entry. I'm sure I'll be back to your page soon!

Topsy Turvy said...

Love that kitchen with the cement tile floor and the glass pendant lights! I've been wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets ... this could be the inspiration I need.


KarenB said...

Again, very beautiful and dreamy pictures. I think my favorites are the kitchen and dining room. I love the touch of pale blue on the table. I can't believe you added me to your blog list! Thanks so much. I also love smocked draperies. I've never made any, but have thought about it. I doubt it would be very difficult, especially since they're usually out of a light weight linen or cotton.

Millie said...

Shawn - this post is fabulous! I'm totally in love with the kitchen with the Louis work table & those glass cloches, too, too gorgeous! This image has now become my new screen saver - merci beaucoup my friend!
Millie ^_^

Ewa said...

color palette is beautiful, but also so hard to decide when I stand right in front of the wall...

LiLi M. said...

You must get tired with my comments; I think these pictures are so beautiful and inspiring again! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

Villa Anna said...

Oh so Amazing! I fall in love everytime I visit you Shawn. Thank you for brightening my day.

Anna :)


Hi Shawn,
I am sitting here at 4 something in the morning unable to sleep BUT able to finally get online. I hope you had luck straightening out your internet.
I absolutely love that druggist cabinet. It is exquisite. You wouldn't need any cabinets in a kitchen with that one signature piece. Just perfection.
I have really missed being able to visit. Your posts, as I have said many times before, truly inspire me.
Take care,
Lisa & Alfie

Ann said...

Those images are so lovely and that's just typical to them? Wow!!!
I am so loving the armoire and the very lovely.

Visual Vamp said...

Well, well, well, what can I say? You push every button to make my heart race! I would love to buy the zinc valances today!
Merci mon ami!

Visual Vamp said...

PS I've added you to my Faves, which is my blog roll.

Kathleen Ellis said...

I want to move in!!!

Italian Girl in Georgia ~ Suzanne MacCrone said...

So dog gone gorgeous! Shawn, I need to fill my car up with gas and come on up to your store!

Who needs books when you give us suck delight!

Ciao amica,


Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you
Just came back from looking at show homes YUK Is this how were really suppose to want to live. Then I look at your blog and know maybe not all of us
kind regards

Kathy said...

Shawn-Thank you as always for the inspiration. While I love, love my home, I am itching to redo the dining room so it's slowly taking a different direction. I'm searching for the perfect piece and love the one in your post with the white ironstone. Even though I'm love color and not monochromatic look, I love this inspiration. Merci! Merci!

Marianne said...

Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures, I really enjoyed them! Inspireing : )
Hilsen Marianne

Ewa said...

Dear Shawn,
you know that is my blog in Polish, right?
Thank you for visiting and commenting. You are bright example for me that it is worth to pursue the passion in life...

marga said...

Beautifull pictures!!!
As you have seen on my blog i'm making it al lighter in my livingroom but i have to do it on a minimum budget but i love doing it.

Leonce Antiques said...

Thank dining room is very inspirational! Thanks.