Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Details de Charme

Meet my friend Romeo, the rock pigeon.
He lives in France and hangs out on the roof
next door, right outside my bedroom window.
I awaken to his coos every morning when in France.

I wonder why he prefers the roof over one of those
marvelous colombiers (dovecotes) in France.
I'll never forget the first time I saw a dovecote built into a
house in France. How romantic, the thought of having a
dovecote right outside the window of your artist loft.
Just one of those charming details the French are so famous for.
If I ever built a new (old) home, I would have to have one.
Aah... perhaps I could include one into my stone wall???
Hubby will love that one!

This is another one of those charming details I see quite often.
Valences hanging above fireplace openings. I love this idea!
Really adds a bit of warmth don't you think?

The French like their fabric, only in unexpected places.
In the French countryside you don't see many overdone
windows, but you do see fabric enhanced staircases, beds,
and interior doorways. One of those design elements
that has some practicality to it.

Talking about things in unexpected places, I love how
sinks can be anywhere! I've been to homes that have
sinks on the terrace, sinks in guest rooms, in hallways,
and next to back door entrances. That is another,
"if I built a home" ideas. I would have sinks everywhere.
Glazed bowls, stone troughs, decorative urns, ooh,
gives me cold chills to think of all the sinks I would
have! THAT would be practical.

Lets not forget the bar!!

A draper's table as a vanity and wooden produce
stackers get a new life. Shutters, shutters and more
shutters. I just can't get enough shutters!!

I love this headboard made from shutters hung
horizontally and the window frame above the desk.
If you happen to be looking for old French shutters,
I have a large selection of beauties!

Love the glass interior doors with the little shades
and the olive branch stenciling in this room. Now, you
just can't get much more French than an iron daybed.
They also make nice bases for conservatory tables.
AND, yes if you are looking for one,
European Antique Market has five in stock.

Another one of my French favorites is decorative trim.
A little here and there gives an instant cottage look,
but the arched windows don't hurt either.

This is just Country French signature style. Boulangerie
baskets, glazed confit pots and a rooster! Graceful,
Louis XV style chairs in a stripped fabric, reminiscent
of ticking. Luscious !!

And how about this ANGE topiary right outside your
kitchen window.
With Autumn right around the corner, I couldn't resist
posting this photo from Marie Claire. Quite fitting
Salle a Manger for a mas.

Speaking of Autumn, do you know what that is propped
in the corner? An apple picker. I love those things
with their decorative tin tops.

These are some we have at the shop that we attached
to some old Art Deco light fixture covers, from a hotel,
to make torches.
I really hope you don't tire of me mentioning my shop,
but I do want you to know if you are looking for
Country French Antiques & Accessories, such as...
decorative trim, confits, white glazed roosters,
boulangerie baskets, Louis XV style chairs,
produce stackers, iron beds, and all those other
wonderful things, we probably have it!
So don't hesitate to call or email me!
A girl does have to make a living!!
Also, most of these photo's are from Interieurs
The site has some wonderful videos of
French interiors.
Bisou for now..


Chrissy said...

Well, good morning to you!! As always your posting is so inspiring ,so lovely it leaves me at a loss for words.... could I maybe "borrow" you for a few days to tweek my house..... I make a great cup of tea!!! Chrissy

Chez Bliss said...

I love this latest post, the use of sinks and fabric and the hilarious dining room with the hay bales for seats. Your photos are magnificent.

Please visit Chez Bliss (http://cochrans.com) for a surprise just for you.

Ewa said...

I love apple pickers - I also use one - as you have mentioned - very practical. Mine is not so decorative :( just contemporary practical tool :)
Sinks everywhere is also great idea...

Mélanie said...

beautiful post about french details ! You are our best ambassador

Jackie said...

As always, so inspiring!! I love the sinks in every room! The apple pickers are beautiful - who knew!! and that kitchen with the ticking chairs - perfection!! Thanks for sharing your lovely inspirations!

LiLi M. said...

With these pictures every one should forgive you even if you use the name of your shop in every other sentence. aaah I'm drooling over my desk. I love everything. If i could live in a blog, I would choose yours!

Sandra Evertson said...

Sigh.............! So Beautifuls!
Sandra Evertson

Chris said...


I just happened upon your blog...what a beautiful place you have created here! The green kitchen with the arched windows is positively calling to me...

I believe I will be caught up for hours now, reading your post archives!


Vita Lenta nel Bel Paese said...

Cara Shawn,

Amazing how you can trace this "little extra". Your illustrations are really inspiring. The dovecote - extraordinary "design", simply enchanting. It´s interseting to compare the Frenc with my Italian. You can tell at once which is which, and yet. Ideas are alike - expression different. By the way valences are common here as well. Bacione! Ingrid

Stacey said...

I love your blog and learn something new each time I visit-
The dove houses are so lovely - And the apple pickers are fabulous!
Thanks again for your lovely photos and inspiration!

Brandi said...

love your blog, love all these pics.. MY FAVE is the valence over that fireplace though... soooo very pretty!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

I always feel so inspired when I have come to visit you and there is a new post, it's like finding a gift to open and it's not even your birthday!
I have never seen a valance for the fireplace before. And the apple pickers, who knew? What a great piece to use in decorating! and don't get me started on shutters, I LOVE shutters! The last ones I bought my hubby said "what are you going to do with them?" I said " I don't'know I just WANT them!" He said "ok" and relented.
Have a great week and merci!
Hugs, Sherry

Villa Anna said...

Shawn you never cease to inspire me. Only the French could make a home for pesky doves/pigeons look romantic lol

Another shutters fan here, I can't wait to cover my house with them.

Anna :)

My Mélange said...

C'est magnifique!!

Kathleen Ellis said...

Another feast for the eyes and the soul...beautiful!
and why should any of us mind you informing us about what you have in stock at your shop....how else would we know what is available to us to add a bit of french elegance to our homes?!
I for one LOVE hearing about what you've got available! and...I'd love to see more shots of your fabulous shop!
Have a beautiful day~

Frippery said...

I could stare at these photos forever. You have a beautiful blog. I have nominated you for an I Love Your Blog award on my blog because everyone should see these gorgeous rooms. Check it out, P.

Barb said...

Hi there,

Your posts are a feast for the eyes.
I always feel like I've been transported back to Europe.

Thank you, thank you.


MARIA said...

How I love your Romeo. I have a crow and I do not like him at all. Just scared he would like to entry my kitchen. I will inroduce him one day when I get that right photo. Who knows maybe we will be good friends.

Millie said...

Shawn, you are just the most wonderful atelier! It is such a delight being able to stroll through your beautiful floor displays from across the Pacific!

I just love the way the French use fabrics in the not-so-conventional form. Such style!
Millie ^_^

Porchlight Interiors said...

Just love the valance over the fireplace in the first kitchen photo - so charming!

My lovely cottage said...

Again you've treated us to the most beautiful pictures. I love the picture of the marie claire the most though, such a country feeling to it. And about that pigeon, i believe that french dove just doesn't have as much taste for gorgeous houses as you do.
take care.


This post is so delightful to view. You are so inspiring and share the best pictures. Thank you!


sandra/tx said...

Shawn, where DO you find your photos? I must say, you're a fabulous marketer. I can't imagine any locals seeing your inspiration pics and not wanting to head right down to your store and shop away.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I how I love dovecotes! All of your photos are so inspiring as always...I hope to come and visit your store soon! (when I get back in the country) You are not too far from me. :o) I love the shutters and the torches made from apple pickers...


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

What beautiful photos! I adore doves! I have some outside my bedroom window and I love to wake up to their sweet cooing. They are such a romantic bird...they mate for life and mourn when their mate dies.

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Your blog is TOO beautiful! I just had to include you in the passing on of a blog-love award I just got. Thanks so much for sharing such incredible beauty with all of us!