Thursday, August 14, 2008


What am I doing?
I am trying to take all those wonderful experiences I've
had in France and translate them into something
meaningful this side of the Atlantic, for my clients.

My shabby chateau is my book. My rooms become
my pages. The French antiques become the words.
When I design the pages, I want the reader to become
immersed. I want them to experience France and
the "joie de vivre".

Will they walk into this room and feel France?
Will they become a character in my book?
Can I translate for them how to use that single
surviving piece of architectural iron?
What about the zinc door jam?
Should I turn it into a full length mirror?
For now, it fits my window perfectly.
I may have to re-write this page in the future.
My book is never finished.

Sometimes when I write, the words come slowly.
(Usually a glass of creative juice takes care of that).
I actually wanted this page to be double-spaced,
but having a limited number of pages in my book,
each page needs a lot of words.....
These are my blank pages.

I still need some punctuation here and then a good
proof read.

I did want to show you these wonderful botanicals.
I decided to float them in gilt frames. They are all dated
1933 and I have 16.

This is a tiny kitchen downstairs. I have three kitchens
at the chateau.

These are some close ups of the accessories.

I will have more photo's, but guess what I did?
I had my camera and the tripod, but forgot the piece
that connects the two. I think I am tired.
So, next time I'll show you more pages from my book.

Have a great weekend everyone and hope you
like the pages I've re-written.


Anne T. said...

Beautiful! I hope those of you who haven't been lucky enough to visit Shawn's shop in person - yet! - understand that these photos of her french finds aren't staged for the camera. These rooms actually exist for us to wander through and touch and daydream in! Love the new rooms, Shawn. Just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful stuff! You have the best taste.


The Feathered Nest said...

Dear Shawn, I believe that when I dream of Heaven it looks much like these pages you have created....what a beautiful dream it is! xxoo, Dawn

Brook said...

Beautiful just beautiful!


Jackie said...

You're doing a beautiful job translating - your pictures are awe-inspiring! I wish I lived near your shop!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawn. I just had to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading and watching your blog. You have such a gift! Good job with your new digs. I can only imagine the end result. No doubt it will be spectacular!!!


Ewa said...

Beautiful translation. Sometimes translation becomes more valuable that original and has its own much higher appreciation.

Anonymous said...

I am SO there! Thanks for having me Shawn. The (virtual) visit was Divine!
xo Roberta


Dear Shawn,
You have indeed transported us once again. Gorgeous.
Lisa & Alfie

Jana said...

Everything is just beautiful!! If you are ever in Washington state you can come help me decorate the store...:) We are always looking for great reproductions but there is nothing like the real thing.
I love your idea of putting a table and chairs in the bed frame. I'm bringing an iron bed into the store and I didn't really want to show bedding...thanks for the great display idea!

charmaine said...

wow!wow!wow! what an absolutely beautiful post. you have accomplished your goal,i believe this is Paris. how much better can you get. what a beautiful translation,you have done a good job transporting us. i've never been to Paris,but i must say your post take me there. your eye for french antiques is truly a gift.i learn from you. thank you for sharing with us. Beautiful!


sandra/tx said...

If this is a book, where can I order it? The pictures are just lovely; the antiques are exquisite!

Pink Paris Paperie said...

I so love everything you have and so want to come and shop! Every word, every image is exquisite !!
My full line of stationery and invitations, with that "oh so french twist" can be viewed at until the new website for Paper Nosh is filled.
Merci Beaucoup to you darling for making the world a visual feast !

Marie Antionette said...

I think everything is drop dead gorgeous.the colors are wonderful.I love this site. Hugs Marie Antionette

stljoie said...

It is such a pleasure to come very beautiful.

Debbie Walker said...

Soooooo beautiful! Does it get any better than this? Hard to imagine. Thank you so much for sharing. I would love to visit your shop, your work is so amazingly beautiful!
Debbie from

Cote de Texas said...

I love your merchandising skills almost as much as your buying skills - you are a true artiste!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

I LOVE your book so far! It's amazing! A delight to the soul, a feast for the eyes, food for the imagination!! Please write on!!

Hugs, Sherry

Country French Antiques said...

Merci for your comments.
Makes it all worth it when you know someone enjoys it!
Thank you all for being so kind!!

Chrissy said...

Well that was the most beautiful book ever!!!! Everytime I visit I change something in my own little house..... you are an inspiration!! Chrissy

Barb said...


I am hoping that someday I will be able to see everything in person. You have an amazing eye. It just screams FRENCH!

have a lovely weekend,

ColonialEast said...

Beautiful pictures and great inspiration! Lovely pieces!!

Robin said...

Everything is so gorgeous it is hard to believe you are not in France. You make me want to come down to Kentucky and shop, shop, shop! (after I faint from being overwhelmed!)

Donna O. said...

CLEARLY, I need a library card!!!
GORGEOUS!!!You are Shakespeare in the design world!

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Hi Sweetie! Oooooh you don't know how your post has touched my heart! I dream of the day that I can travel to France and visit the flea markets to ship home treasures of my own. I took 3 years of French in high school and I listen to French Immersion CDs while I work in my studio, so that I can prepare for my own trip some day in the future. I only hope that I don't have to wait tooooo long. In the meantime, your beautiful blog takes me to where my heart is. Thank You! ~ xoxo Joy

LillaFlisan said...

I'm so happy that i found this blogg, it's beautiful!
Flisan, sweden

lily-g said...

Shawn you are amazing Oh my God!!!! all those pieces and the rooms look positively amazing, the chairs hanging off the beams, the doorways, all of it, I want it all, please please open a store in Australia xxxx

My lovely cottage said...

OH YES please show us more!!!
Dear Shawn i wished i lived close to your shop. You have managed to find all these gorgeous french pieces of furniture i was looking for this summer. Love the dinner chairs and the large mirror, ohh i love it all.
take care hope you had a marverlous weekend.

Ann said...

Wow what a nice way of translating. I'm not much into French Design and antiques but being a regular visitor of your site and to other sites that feature them has made me appreciate it more day by day.

But I've always thought that anything French is classy.

Millie said...

Shawn your gorgeous imagery hasn't just reached across the Atlantic, but you've managed to cross the Pacific too & imbue us with all that is so wonderful about the French way of life!

I think Monsieur Sarkozy should give you dual citizenship immediately. You are the most perfect ambassador for France.
Millie ^_^

a day in the life of bella said...

Beautiful, I wish my house looked like any of those rooms!



Villa Anna said...

I'm speechless...

Your store is a dream come true...truly!

You have no idea how much I admire you and your work.

Anna :)

Oliveaux said...

Beautiful Shawn...I love the way you display the items! It makes me feel like I am at the brocante in France again! Amanda

Anonymous said...

I love all the chandaliers....brilliant.

Di Overton said...

It all looks so fabulous. How do you bear to go home at night?

Cote de Texas said...

sooooo pretty, as usual - your store is looking wonderful - seems like it is France - the first picture wiht the rose, though - omg - that one is to die for!!!!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is you are truly living my dream, and I hope someday to visit your huge shop, ---no your chateau! Its a five hour drive from me and I'm gonna need a huge truck, but someday I gotta see it.