Thursday, June 19, 2008

Je prefer 15 Antiques

My favorite antique? That is like asking a mother
of eight which is her favorite child ! Can't do
just one.... unless I can say French!!!!!
Keri from Antique Therapy started a game,
blog about your favorite antique 's and I
wanted to play!
So here are 15 of my favorite things.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to come across
four French, tower clock faces. I find myself fascinated
by these historical keepers of time. If you would like
to read more about my thoughts on clocks, click here about an unusual focal point in a room!
You can't find these jewels at your local Pottery Barn.

I also happen to have a weakness for antique garden
statuary and their weathered patina's.
Not to mention monogrammed linens, gilding,
and anything with French writing. Just imagine
how many violins harmonized in French Opera
House's with the aid of these cards.
Reminds me, if you have not read the Washington
Post article, Pearls Before Breakfast, an article
about Beauty and the violinist, Josh Bell, you really
should !!

Okay, you know that I love BIG, zinc, dogs, and
architectural items. So, comes as no surprise that
you would find over the top dog houses with zinc
molded roofs, gutters and trim or fabulous chateau
windows in my store. Right ???

Then there is Louis XVI, original painted pieces!
You just don't get any more Romantic than this, but
I also love the beauty of 19th Century stripped pine,
especially when they are cupboards.
Signs, well just love the artwork on old signs.

I also have this thing about Priest's vestments.
European Catholic churches spared no expense!
Complete or tattered, I'll take them. Sometimes
the gold embroidery is salvageable and voila,
it gets framed.
Old toleware....they just don't make it like they use
too! can you not like Louis XV buffet deux corps?
Especially when they are white??
And lastly....
Do you know what this last piece is?
The first person to leave a comment, that correctly
identifies this piece will become the proud owner!
I'm not talking about the starfish now.
Small disclaimer here.....only if you live in the continental US
(unless, you agree to pay the shipping).
Guess away !!!
Just a side note here...
I'm truly passionate about all the things
I buy. Very difficult for me to make choices,
like this, because I love so much.
Maybe thats why I come home with 40 ft.
containers instead of a suitcase full.
BUT something tells me I'm among
Good Company here!!
Bisou mon ami's!


Jackie said...

Fantastic stuff and I LOVE the zinc roofed dog house! I've been on a religious icon kick lately - I'm sure you've come across some lovely ones in your travels.

Lastly, I believe that is a spitoon!

In love with an illusion said...

Shawn, I love reading your blog, it is so interesting, informative and imaginative. I think that little ocean blue item is enameled and it either held hot water to keep a platter of food warm when placed on it or it was placed on a radiator/heat vent ( do they have those in France ?)and filled with water to humidify a room ???

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Oh i agree it is SO very hard to choose, but yes I would say I am very partial to my French monogrammed linens too. I always just get so excited that I was able to find my initials on some (not an easy thing as you know!!)
Alicia ~ time worn style

Country French Antiques said...

Jackie & Carol
I like both your answers, but sorry
keep guessing.
I have heard people refer to them as spitoons. Perhaps a later use, but not the original.
Try again!
Alicia..I'm still looking for SS,
maybe someday!

in love with an illusion said...

How about the ubiquitous umbrella stand ??? or on the off-beat side a drinking vessel for ducks and rabbits??? I hope you know I will be losing more sleep than I usually do tonight trying to figure this out !
I just had another thought it is something you use to keep out ants, or scorpions when filled with lavender ? Now I know I've been watching "A Good Year" too much.....

Country French Antiques said...

I do declare Ms. Carol you have quite the vivid imagination !!

Now do get some sleep.
I can't wait for your next guess!!
Does lavender really keep ants away?

Thanks for playing :)

Marie Louise said...

What a wonderful collection of things! I can't decide which I love most!

Antique Therapy said...

Hi Shawn, Thanks for participating. Your post was lovely as usual!!
I would love one of those clocks for my house, they are truly amazing!!

Anonymous said...

The item in question is a french funceral tray, I think.

Country French Antiques said...

Okay, I have a guess that is correct, but it is from Anonymous, so I have not posted it.
Anon...Congrats Maybe????
If you would like it, I need you to leave a comment with your email or something so we know who you are.
I just want people to know we are on the up and up here.
If not, we will continue to play.
So until then guess on mon ami's!

Kathy said...

It's a spitton! French, enamel Spitton.

Er, used to .....SPIT, of course!

Love the inventory.

Country French Antiques said...

Kathy..You are sleep deprived!
She's blogging at 4am my friends!
But it is nice to know other people are obsessed with this too!
Someone guessed that earlier.
Good guess, but notta.

in love with an illusion said...

Okay , I am now delirious from lack of sleep ! Did have a vision last night tho of this sitting next to a clawfoot tub , scented bubbles, champagne flute, candles, soothing music and a natural sea sponge sitting inside this blue thing that is making me crazy ! Just when I thought I was now old enough to know everything too!!! HA

Country French Antiques said...

Love that idea Carol!
That's definetly what I would use it for!
Sounds like you had sweet dreams!

Mélanie said...

I love this kind of game ! I saw it on antique therapy and I wanted to play , so I will do it tomorrow .
You are right that is pretty hard to choose one piece!
I love your choices , so different from one to another !

Fete et Fleur said...

Just in case anonymous doesn't get back to you. How about the bottom of a jardinere or maybe the base of a statue holder?

Love your 15 things.


Country French Antiques said...

Can't wait to see your choices Melanie!
Nancy..perhaps a bit closer than the previous guesses.
And no word from Anon yet.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps to hold one's false teeth at night? ha!

in love with an illusion said...

A base to hold an urn filled with someones ashes ?? I must take a nap this afternoon, my brain is taxed....this is too much fun tho !

Shannon Clower said...

Is it a French funeral vase?


in love with an illusion said...

I've got it ! This thought just came to me while I was kneeling down sweeping the dog hair out from under the it to hold holy water in a church ? !

Country French Antiques said...


Close enough!
Actually in France graves must be covered with concrete slabs.
These would rest on the slabs holding flowers (mainly porcelain)They are made from heavy metal and coated with enamel, so they are weather resistant.
The bottoms were scalloped to allow water to pass thru.
They still use something similar, but they just don't make them like they used too!
Congrats and please email me with your info!
Thanks to everyone for playing along!

Maria said...

This is a stand to put a bowl or vase of a deceased person ashes.

in love with an illusion said...

A French funeral vase....that was going to be my 82nd guess ! Congrats Shannon....thanks for the fun riddle Shawn.

Wagonwife Designs said...

I love your blog. Your work is just beautiful. The designs stunning. Everypiece is so interesting.
I too have a weakness for the garden items and linens. I was given a full collection from my Mother-in-law of the family's linens from the early 1800's. It is fun to read the monograms and figure out who owned them. My husband's Great-grandmother's and Grandfather's initial are intertwined on the European size pillows that grace our bed. The matching duvet is too tiny, but I
treasure it. They were from Europe and everything has a monogram regardless if it is a baby pillow or simple household linen. I even had their darning samplers framed. I treasure them all.
Thanks also for your sweet note on my garden. It is still a work in progress, but I love it. The house we built is French country with hammer beam ceilings. Had to have a European garden to match right? Thank you again, Debra tiden som hjälp-Linda said...

Lovely pictures as usually! //Linda

My Mélange said...

I love these little guessing games. Congrats to your lucky winner!!!

And I love your *list*. I would have to say, my favs are the monogrammed French linens and the garden statuary :)

My lovely cottage said...

your blog is just not healthy for me! i love all these gorgeous french antiques so much i truely want to visit your store. well who knows mabey someday. till than i'm just tortureing myself by looking at all your beautiful things.

June Parrish Cookson said...

Missed the game. No matter, would never have guessed what the mysterious item was! Congrats to Shannon.

Enjoyed reading about your love for clocks when I first discovered your blog. Fascinating. And how wonderful to set a broken one at the time a child is born.

Wish I could have been there for the grand opening!

Cheers Shawn!

francophile said...

I love all your beautiful things. I think this was used as at funerals/gravesides to hold flower decorations?