Saturday, April 05, 2008

Visages de la France

I love to go out in the garden at the store and
contemplate how I'm going to rearrange a room.
Should I change the color of a wall, what color
will dominate the garden this year, always so
many decisions.
I also like all the friendly faces around to bounce
my ideas off of, but there are times, I think I am
really here for them. It is through me that they attempt
to tell their story in hopes that others can see
their beauty.

They are gentle reminders of life in France.
Sometimes (most of the time), they all talk at once. ..
" Hey Shawn,
Remember how the pebbles crushed under your
feet, the iron charcouterie hooks that held the
blooming baskets, wire glass carriers with little
rimless pots, the jam jars filled with sand for
candles, bistro water bottles with single stems,
galvanized tubs with boxwoods, grape hoppers
full of ferns, hand forged crosses to bless
the garden, enamel body buckets for thirsty
flowers, the moss, don't forget the moss,
I want an iron day bed to watch over, marble..
put a piece of round marble on top of that urn
to hold the aperitifs and don't forget the dog..
a big galvanized pouring pan with a cushion
for le chien, hey Shawn,
we need an enamel number for the door !!!!!

Come on let's get started!! "

I run back in the store to get my notebook and then somebody else chimes in.

" Hey Shawn, don't forget us, we want to entertain too!

I want to hang from the rafter so I can see whats going on around here, set me on the Giugnol stage, Can you make me a tightrope, yeah a circus sounds like fun."

For a bunch of marionettes they sure babble a lot!

There is no escaping, (not that I really want to).

"Shawn, can I talk to you, just for a moment, I prefer to hang above the French door, put me on top of that Louis Philippe commode, can you put those leather books next to me please, I want that cream iron chandelier to be on my right side, frame me with the 18th century shutters please, oh glad you said that, where is that awning you were getting for me? Needlepoint, I need some needlepoint over here, do you think that green armoire makes my complexion look washed out? I want that crown over here, right on top of my head!"

They can be very demanding at times, those friendly faces of mine, but I wouldn't have it any other way!


Tracie said...

Beautiful faces Shawn and many requests!

My lovely cottage said...

Wow shawn, what great pictures you've got, again! How do you do that, they look smashing. Have a wonderful sunday, talk to you soon. yvonne

Country French Antiques said...

I took 25 pics to get one good one.
I always have trouble with the flash. I need to take a photography course.

Lilla Blanka said...

Thanks for your sweet comment in my blog, you are so kind!
Oh..these sculptures and faces are lovely..I understand that they all speak to you, they are mysterious and gorgeous at the same time!

Mélanie said...

Wonderful faces ! they mean so much

Anonymous said...

So that's your secret... You have guidance. Roberta

My lovely cottage said...

Hi shawn, i put some pictures on my blog you might like, i think that you have the same woodenpanels (?) as they have in their livingroom. Hope you have a wonderful day, take care. yvonne

Devonia said...

Shawn: You do NOT need to take a photography course. Pro photographers take jillions to get the perfect shot. And these are perfect.

My bests, Devonia

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Ah Shawn, I did so enjoy reading this post. I think I am in love with that puppet theatre, you must feel SO inspired with all that around you!
Alicia ~ time worn style
PS. your photos are gorgeous, what this about needing to do a course??!

Donna O. said...

I think you need to take MY picture!
Photgrapher extraordinaire!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I love your site! I am new to the blogging community and I hope you visit my site sometime. It is evolving daily!