Saturday, April 26, 2008

un bon fatigué

I'm "a good tired". What a week it has been!
Finally, we have had some good weather in Louisville
so I've started planting flowers at the shop. Still a long
way to go, but it is a beginning.

I had to show you a picture of our wisteria! It just
exploded this week. It must have 50 blooms on it.
It is about 4 yrs. old and believe it or not, it's planted
in a wash basin!

I'm trying to train it to climb the zinc roof finial

I'm using a lot of impatiens and ferns due
to the shade. Sitting on the marble top bistro
is a putt-putt cup with a numbered flag and those
are art-deco era light covers from a French hotel.
They are great to use as bowls, but I haven't
filled them yet.

A fern in an old galvanized French floral
container that has Roses 5F stenciled on it.
Then of course, my shutter awnings supported
with old architectural corbels. You do know I
am a shutter fanatic.

The upstairs terrace. That's a work in progress.
Tim just finished painting, so once it is back together
I'll take photo's. Can't decide where to hang my sign???

We also had our "Simply French" cooking class last night.

A class of 20 was just the right size and the food

Chef Greg from Mirabelle Gourmet Catering
entertained us with his stories of France while
teaching us all about sauces

Thank goodness for my brother, Regan!
He owns 2Thomases Video Production,
so he worked for dinner last night.
He is a master at putting together creative
We are going to make Chef Greg a YouTube star.
Once the 60 second shots are completed, I'm
sure one will show up on my blog!
Who knows, maybe he will have his own
cooking show some day.

Meet Norma and

Tim. They are my left and right arm at the shop

Some photo's I did manage to get.

We literally clear out the front room. We lucked
out last night on the weather. The sidewalk
was full of iron beds and tables.

It was a great time and Chef Greg is beginning
to get a fan club

Thank you to those that participated!
You were great company!

And we look forward to the next time!
Now, I must go run errands and start packing.
France is waiting :)
Have a good weekend everyone!


Vicki said...

Your wisteria is beautiful!!! Have a fabulous trip and I can't wait to come see your shop and your garden area in nice weather. It looks wonderful!!! Be safe and find lots of treasures!!!

My Melange said...

Everything looks so great!!! Wish I was there. Maybe someday I'll come for a visit!!!

Bon Voyage ;)

Dona said...

Oh, how much fun, you all most have had. Love the plants, can't wait to start planting here. But we must wait till Mother's day. Frosts are still possible.


Cote de Texas said...

aw - looks like so much fun!!!! Wish I was there.


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Oh that wisteria! I love it! Your blog is so full of beautiful eye-candy! Thanks for sharing it all with us! Have a great trip...I'm so jealous!

Country French Antiques said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!
Now I'm off to the airport
UGH! 14 hours.
2 empty camera cards and lots of batteries!!!

Mélanie said...

It seems to have been a wonderful party.
I hope we will be abble to meet each other !
Have a safe trip

dancing doc design said...

How gorgeous is your garden!! And your event seemed so elegant yet infused with great smiles of your quests-happy to know that the weather held out.Salut du Midi.

dancing doc design said...

where will you be going?