Saturday, April 12, 2008

Plus de Secrets

I have another luscious Trade Secret for you!
Hopefully, you have been wanting to come to
Louisville to pay us a visit at
European Antique Market
And we would really love for you to come...
So, I am sweetening the pot a bit!
Another reason to visit Louisville, Ky.
that will make the trip worth it!
Blue Ocean Traders

Blue Ocean is a wholesaler that is located about 10
minutes from European Antique Market in a
warehouse. He imports from Eastern Europe,
Asia and Egypt.

Jason has a great selection of items for those of you
with home furnishings and accessory stores or booths.
And if you love the shabby, primitive, rustic, cottage style...
look no further!
He carries a variety of new (made to look old) and vintage

I've pictured a few of his accessories so you can get
an idea.
Tole chandeliers and sconces,
Iron by the pound,
Reclaimed painted pine furniture,
Garden urns and statuary,
Huge carved wooden bowls,
Grain buckets,
Rustic painted benches,
Industrial, mechanical items,
Hungarian textiles and grain sacks,
Zinc troughs, etc., etc., etc.,
And the prices are hard to beat!

He is a wholesaler, does not sell to the public.
I have carried a few of his items in the past, but
not much only because most gift/home decor
stores in Louisville carry it. If I lived somewhere
else I would, because it is nice stuff!
Maybe worth a try for you ???
So come to Louisville and spend a day or two!
Bring your truck and fill it with lots of goodies
from Blue Ocean and one of a kind, unique
Country French antique pieces from
European Antique Market.
If your not a designer/dealer, you can contact
me and I would be glad to purchase for you.
And yes, European Antique Market also
sells to the public.
There are many Derby activities in town
now through Derby Day, so it is a good
time to visit.
If you need help with suggestions of where
to stay, want to fly in and need a ride, or
if I can help in any planning, please don't
hesitate to contact me.
Guarantee you'll be glad you came!!!
Have a great weekend !


Donna O. said...

Well, now you're just being mean!! Torture, I tell ya!!
But my heart still belongs to you.

Making it lovely said...

Oh my, so many beautiful pieces you are showing! I could buy so many things from there! But asian details, I think I buy them here in Singapore:-)

Lilla Blanka said...

Oh this is like paradise to me..! I would like to go there and pick up as much as I can and bring back to my home :)
Have a nice Sunday!

My lovely cottage said...

Oh shawn i wished i was able to come to louiseville, your store looks like paradise to me. just love it all. take care. yvonne

June Parrish Cookson said...


Adore everything about your blog. I'm forever dreaming all things French, and must say that visiting your online store certainly awakens the senses. Hmmm, how far is it from Washington state to Kentucky? Perhaps someday I'll be fortunate to visit your store in person. What a treat it would be!

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. Will definitely link and return again and again.