Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lavage et Lavande

Before the Spring Breeze begins to appear, I must ask her to apportez-moi
some fragrance of France.
Lavender bouquets, mimosa, verbena and fresh linen.
Suddenly, doing the Laundry seems to be an enjoyable task.
I do wish I could hang the bedding from the window, but I will have to wait
until my return.

I do think I will start my Spring Cleaning. My little bottle of Lavender Essential Oil
seems to contain a little genie inside that puts me in the right state of mind for
doing mundane tasks, such as cleaning. I find it so amazing the effect that
smell can have on your brain.
For some cleaning recipes with Lavender you can go here and culinary recipes
If you don't feel like cooking and cleaning visit the Musée de la Lavande in

Or maybe you would prefer to dream about that Maison in Provence you are going to buy.

Care to peek inside ?
Enjoy...I'm going to do laundry.


Villa Anna said...

Oh I adore Lavender. It grows wildly around my home and I often add some lavender water or oil to my laundry and bath.

That home in Provence left me breathless. Isn't it truly a dream come true? I could go insane longing for a place like that to call my own lol.

Thank you for brightening my morning!

Anna :)

Bebe said...

Hi Shawn ~

Lavender is one of my favorite scents! I loved seeing those lovely pics of this wonderful herb. I can't seem to grow it down here in S. Georgia ~ I guess it is too tropical. I have to settle for purchasing the dried kind for sachets and a bit of potpourri.

Ah, Provence in the Springtime....what a delightful dream!

Hugs, Bebe :)

Tracie said...

Thank you Shawn,
This is my very special take me away place.

Yes, I would rather dream about the maison we are buying in France where our Great Pyrenees will not have to go through quarantine, because I can't live without him for a day. I'm off to tour le maison.

Yes, lavender certainly works wonders mentally. I keep saying this, but one day - I'm spending a Sunday here dreaming. I love your header by the way!

My lovely cottage said...

Wauw Shawn, again gorgeous pictures.You bring all of us to that pritty part of france in summertime while most of us are still wearing our winterjackets. Thank you for that.Have a marvelous weekend, Yvonne
p.s. because of you i really feel like cleaning up don't know if i will but i really feel like it.

Devonia said...

Shawn, you can shop for my home in France anytime. I want one just like the one you featured, surrounded by fields of lavendar, and, ahem, (whilst I dream) please include a laundress! What-a-post!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Shawn! These pics evoke a beautiful feeling....pretty soon the weather will be warm enough to hang clothes on the line again.
Can't wait!
xo Roberta

Southern Heart said...

What a lovely post, with stunning photos! I love lavendar, too...and you've inspired me to start my spring cleaning!

I love your new banner, too. Everything is always so beautiful on your blog.

Lisa Wilson (& Alfie!) at The Pickled Hutch said...

I have lavender and rosemary in my planters outside the front doors of the store. It is such a lovely scent to be greeted by and I use a linen spray on my pillow for sweet dreams. And now you have become a real estate broker of our fantasy homes. What a multi tasker! How do you do it all Shawn? lol
Lisa & Alfie

Laeriss said...

Merci pour ces jolies photos de cette douce Provence si chère à mon coeur ! Je sens d'ici le parfum de la lavande.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I love lavender, thanks for the pics and recipes!!

My Melange said...

Oh yes...Lavender. French Lavender. Love it in my bed and bath. Sprayed on the sheets..or oil in a relaxing bath. Perfect scent to welcome Springtime...

Mélanie said...

Lavande , the flower of Provence ...Wonderful post full of spring and even summer

M&Co said...

ohhh....wonderful inspirational pictures! I think I can smell the Lavender from here!! ;-)Oh gosh I wish I was in France right now!!

Cote de Texas said...

I want to buy this house! I mean it!!!!! It's so cute. I just love your blog. It is so beautiful.