Friday, March 14, 2008

il fait chaud

Hot Flash here.
Suzanne Sommer's cottage in Palm Springs has been
reduced to a cool 27 million from 35 million.
Got some extra stash?
You've got to see this place! It does have a
Country French style to it. The interior designer was
my friend, Sue Balmforth from the famed Bountiful.

The video slide reminds me of a Ralph Lauren production.
You can watch it by clicking on the link below.
Les Baux de Palm Springs

I would actually consider it, if it weren't in the middle
of a desert! Ha!
I've been to Palm Springs a few times and love the
shopping there, but I hate to sweat!
I spent the time poolside until the sun went down
and felt lucky to get home without 3rd degree burns.
I don't think Palm Springs would be on my
"Places to Visit" list if it weren't for:

My lovely daughter-in-law, Christy, who just happened to
be crowned Mrs. Globe US in 2005. A mother is entitled
to some bragging rights and since I am name dropping.
She's lovely isn't she? But, her real beauty lies within!
I couldn't be luckier! She's a wife, mother of two beautiful
girls, a writer for the Hamburg Journal in Lexington, Ky,
a model, beauty pageant instructor, spokesperson for
WIN (Women in Need) and owns a Jazzercise franchise.
One busy lady. She also happens to love
Country French Antiques!
Okay, enough bragging already.
Enjoy the slideshow and
Have a wonderful weekend!


Villa Anna said...

Wow, I LOVE to have a sneak peek into how the other half live. Suzanne Sommers home is absolutely divine. I agree though, too hot and dry for my liking. If I'm spending 27 million I'd rather have a view of green mountains or the ocean or the city skyline. Not rocks. The interiors are spectacular, I'd almost keep them exactly how they are.

Anna :)

p.s Your daughter in law is an angel. I can completely understand why you could feel the need to shout her name and accomplishments ;)

Cote de Texas said...

Brag away - I would! She's beautiful (inside and out - I'm sure)!!!!

Mélanie said...

Suzanne Sommers home is fantastic ! But well , Palm spring would not be my perfect place !

Mélanie said...

I forgot YOUR daughter in law is not lovely , she is BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!

M&Co said...

The house of Suzanne Sommers are gorgeous! Beautiful details all over the place!

Your daughter-in-law is a real beauty! Seems like she is stunning person both inside and out :-) And its wonderful that you are such a wonderful mother-in-law for her!

Mixing Whimsy said...

Your Daughter-in-Law is stunnig. You can see her beauty inside through those beautiful eyes. You are very lucky, as is she. Thank you for sharing.

Sue is just amazing.Thanks for the peek into Suzanne's home.

Mixing Whimsy

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

I think everyone is entitled to a brag now and then so brag away, your are a very lucky mum in law (and she is lucky to have you too!!)
Alicia ~ time worn style
PS. how gorgeous is that house!!!

My lovely cottage said...

Congratulations, everyone deserves a daughter in law like you have.
Thanks for giving us a peek into Suzanne S. house. Really wonderful, espesialy like the wine cellar (?). Have a marvelous weekend, yvonne

My Melange said...

Yes, lovely house...but I agree, not my setting. Don't like the desert or the rockiness. I need some green!!!

Wonder why they are selling??

Donna O. said...

What's more lovely- that home or your daughter-in-law?? Wow on both and it's wonderful that you adore her.
PS- Loved the photos on the previous kitchen post, too.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

What an awesome slideshow!! And, if I haven't already told you, I love Sue Balmforth's style. Now, that's my dream to make it out to her shop and yours one day. I feel another road trip coming on, even though I just returned from one, ha ha!! I can only wish. You should be bragging, your DIL is just beautiful!!

My Melange said...

I have tagged you for a meme :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, your DIL is just beautiful, I love the SS house, especially those green velvet chairs (she likes green,I see), that wine cellar is amazing, and that terrace! Those are my favorites!
Thanks for the bit of warmth & sunshine & beautiful decor! You're friend's work is wonderful!


Mary said...

The home is amazing but I too would only want it in another setting with trees and greenery. The caretaker's cottage is cute, even has its own pool - that would be a fun job!
Sue Balmforth has done a fabulous design job - I long to visit her shop some day!
Your DIL is gorgeous.

Tracie said...

Okay Shawn,
I love this home - but would rather live in France (who wouldn't?). Sue Balmforth? Ahhh! Well, maybe... I'd live there!

No, I'd rather be in France, but it is over the top beautiful as I'd expect!

And okay, Shawn - I already knew you had it all - but your daughter? Lovely, lovely. Like mother like daughter. That's what Moms are for - we love our daughters.

Happy Easter Shawn!


My lovely cottage said...

Have a very happy easter weekend and enjoy the time with family and friends. Yvonne

Alice W. said...

How cool! Your daughter in law is so beautiful!