Saturday, March 29, 2008

Belle Maison Design

Just thought I would post some Inspiration
A Collection of some favorite Country French rooms from
Marie Clair Maison

I love the silky butter color of this kitchen paired with
the textured stone walls. An antique buffet deux corp with
glass doors serves as storage while treasured ironstone
platters are proudly displayed on the wall. Antique glasses
within arms reach and rich glazed pottery helps with

Those glorious French shuttered windows that open inside.
It's almost impossible to find those here!

The following photo's are from Artistic agent and chinor,
Aurélien's Maison. He too, travels France and Europe
in search of his treasures.
Those textured chalky walls are the perfect backdrop
for the Swedish consoles and gilded metal appliques.

The Louis XV bed and painted table are the perfect
compliment to one another.
Love, Love, Love that wall!!!
The fabric knotted around the bedpost seems to soften
the weathered finish of the bed. I can hear the violet and
vert linens whispering my name.
Isn't that a wonderful combination of colors?

Again love the textures here! Looks like cheesecloth
and burlap.

An aperitif on this terrace? Anytime!
I think the lavabo placed low on the wall is interesting
and pebbled terraces are quite common in the
I've always wanted a velvet upholstered Louis XVI
fauteuil in my salle de bain. So unexpected, but a
wonderful place to put on your slippers, don't you
And oh, if I had the means, I would have garden statuary
in every room of the house! Did you notice the high-gloss
paint on the ceiling? The chandelier is to die for!
Don't you love the polished look with those drapes
and the statue? I personally would have chosen a
claw foot tub, but it is still luscious!
Simple and beautiful! I actually did crackle finishes on my
claw foot tubs.

Also adore these corona's over bathtubs.
I don't know, I might have to re-paint one of my tubs this
bronze finish. I'm really liken it!
Well, hope you enjoyed some of my favorite
Have a wonderful weekend and


The Feathered Nest said...

Such beautiful eye candy, so good for the soul....I love all the same things you do!! xxoo, Dawn

Country French Antiques said...

Thanks Dawn
Sisters perhaps in another time, another place

Vicki said...

Simply gorgeous...thanks for a fabulous post Shawn!!!

My lovely cottage said...

Wow Shawn, what a gorgeous house that is. I love that chalky wall. I still haven't figured out how to create that effect. Thanks for sharing it with me, take care.

Anonymous said...

Dreamy luscious photos.
Love your style girl!

Donna O. said...

Let's many words did you use that make me swoon? Gilded, cheescloth,textured walls,shuttered windows. Need I go on? Ahhhh.....

Cote de Texas said...

whew! I'm worn out - these images are just too beautiful!


My Melange said...

Each one is lovelier than the next. I do like the crackle finish on the tub too. I have a clawfoot tub. Hmmm.....

Villa Anna said...

I'm gobsmacked too. I love absolutely everything about those images. I dream to have a crackled finished clawfoot bath. Thank you ever so much for the breataking inspiration.

Anna :)