Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Couleurs de Putty

In the early 90's, I purchased an old building
(pre 1860) in the Highlands of Louisville with the
anticipation that someday, I would open my own
antique store there. I fondly refer to her as my
Shabby Chateau since she does strut a turret!
Needless to say with older buildings there is
always lots of work. It just takes time & money!

Well that day arrived in October 2006 when
I moved into my Shabby Chateau full time
and took the entire building. (Long story prior
to that).
Anyway, hubby and I have taken out drop
ceilings, cut new openings and continue to paint,
paint, and paint some more.
My point being...what used to be the front
apartment upstairs is screaming for attention!
The lady above will be my inspiration.
I absolutely love her couleurs.
I call them the Putty Couleurs of the Côte d’Azur.
I find myself strolling the back passages
of Nice in search of that fabulous antique,
roaming the hills of Antible sneaking peaks
of Secret Jardins, and sipping wine on the
boardwalk while lost at sea and ...
I want to be there!!!!
That is what design is all about for me!
To create an Ambiance that just simply
makes you feel good and in the hands
of France..I am Putty!

You can click on any photos to enlarge.
The photo above shows an old apothocary
cabinet. I couldn't resist her color. I added
the enamel numbers. Behind it is actually
an old wooden gate that I transformed into
a room divider.
Below is an old farmhouse that my friends
are renovating in France. He keeps me supplied
with stripped pine shutters. The colors are
amazing. The plaque is on an old water pump
from Lyon. These are actually great as
props in Gardens. There are also some stone
chateau windows (wouldn't they be great
incorporated in an outside stone wall)!
And..an old sign.

This is a Louis XVI original painted Dining room set I had.
It is sold..sorry..but my store is full of this stuff!
I used fresh legumes for these urns...

I also like bamboo, especially when it is upholstered in
French Poplin.
Well, I'm off to select some paint couleurs!
Have a wonderful day!
A Bientot


Anonymous said...

Are you going to let us know which couleurs you select? I am fascinated by the process of choosing a paint color, particularly because I am not very good at it. The color on a small square always looks entirely different once I start painting my room!

euroantiquer said...

I'll be glad to post once I make my selection.
Thanks for stopping by!

My Melange said...

Love everything in the photos:) I usually leave me walls white, just because I can't ever decide on the *right* color!!

Lisa & Alfie at The Pickled Hutch said...

Hi Shawn,
I'm looking forward to being inspired by your renovation. I really love that color palette.
Lisa & Alfie

Vie Chaotique said...

I adore your vision. Such an inspiration!

M&Co said...

Gorgeouse colors!! I love the Madonna with child especially because of the colors!!

Donna O. said...

Oh, the colors are going to be fabulous. My sister is a designer- I think we need to plan a field trip, don't you???

The Paris Apartment said...

Spectacular! I love your inspiration statue. Can you send me your address for your winnings at chez moi?

Debbie said...

You have a beautiful blog, Shawn....and a beautiful Shabby Chateau....just my style! I'll be back to visit again soon. Happy Valentine's Day!


Mélanie said...

I want to know the colors !
Your dream came true ..fabulous story

Bebe said...

Hi Shawn!

Love virtually visiting with you! You'll have to let us know what couleurs you choose! Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day yesterday!

Bebe :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh! I just want to scream with delight when I see these photos filled with wonderful items that should be all mine!!! :-) Ha.Ha. Oh, how I so enjoy seeing them all and feeling so homesick for Europe. Thank you for sharing - now, if I could only crawl through the computer screen and kinda sneak off with a chair or two....


Devonia said...

Whenever I visit your blog, it happens. This time it was your "Coluleurs de Putty" post which stopped me in my quickly-blogging browsing. Might I please include your blog on my blog links? I know my readers would be as enchanted as I.


Tracie said...

Oh Shawn,
You have such a great eye, anything you pick will look wonderful. Thank you for posting Couleurs de Putty ~ I will keep it in my mind - Dreams do come true as long as you follow what you love.

I would so love to be in Nice also. Maybe if we click our heels together? There's no place like home (in my heart).

Happy Weekend,

My lovely cottage said...

Love your blog, it is so nice to visit all the lovely blogs, wish i could visit your store someday. till then i'll just keep visiting your blog. Yvonne

Cote de Texas said...

Such wonderful eye candy always and ear candy - your words are so beautiful.

Connie said...


Do you find that your customers linger in your shop? I know if I were there I wouldn't want to leave. Everything is beautiful. Your blog has been an inspiration for me while redecorating my dining room. I have lightened up my walls and fabrics. I love your look.