Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tables de Bistro

There are just some things that speak the French Language
with a bit of added romance...
One of those things, for me, happens to be Tables de Bistro.

Bistro tables just capture the "essence of France" and
no French Maison is without one.
Whether you find them indoors, resting at the sidewalk cafe,
or surrounded by flowers in the garden, they seem to always
be extending an invitation. An invitation to share and
create more of life's treasured moments.
Rectangular, square, or round, they possess the perfect
dimensions for intimate conversations and Santes!
Their delicate forms are never obtrusive, but
ever so gently lend their beauty to the moment.
I love the way they represent life.
The joyful moments they have known, and some struggles
they have endured, but always more beautiful
today for having had the experience.
If you have never shared a conversation over
a Bistro Table, add it to your bucket list.
It's one of life's simple pleasures!

These are some photo's of my Bistro Tables
at "European Antique Market".
The bottom left photo is the entrance to my
warehouse. My friend, Joetta Meyer,
faux painted the plywood entrance to look
like a door I bought in France.

Just more photo's of the store.
Bistro tables are great to use in Bathrooms,
as bed side tables, to create conversation
areas, in Dining Rooms in place of tea tables
and of course outdoors.
We always have a large selection of rustic and
more intricate tables as bistro's just happen to
be one of my many weaknesses!

May your life be filled with Simple Pleasures !


Tracie said...

Hi Shawn,
How funny, I just brought the bistro table I keep outdoors in with the mismatched chairs (deux verts/blanc deux) to be inside with the frou frou one. It's been raining so hard here.
What can I say? I'm an enabler - you go girl!
Yes, Chandeleur Day - Wish we could be there, will be in spirit. A votre Sante!

Adla said...

Nice, I too have adopted the french style bistro table and chair in my balcony. It is lovely to sit outside over a cup of cofee and watch the sun set and the birds head home :)

ThriftShopRomantic said...

You certainly do have some lovely things-- and you not only provide antique eye candy, you tests my high school French, as well. Merci!