Saturday, January 05, 2008

Postcards of France

l'heure est arrivée to pensez le printemps!

As I sit here and contemplate re-arranging
and merchandising 14 rooms and two patios
at "European Antique Market", I find myself
flipping through postcards of France, that
exist in my mind.
As my mind searches for those "Country French"
details that bring me a sense of wonderment,
I find myself ...

pinching lavender and delighting in its scent
as it wafts through the air.

hearing whispers of intimate conversations,
shared with friends while gathered around
the perfect proportions of a bistro table.

touching the delicate scrolls of the 19th century daybed as she guides my hand in discovering her form.

tasting the marvels of Mother Nature as
she shares with me the essence of the grape.

seeing the past thanks to creative hands
that leave their works behind, the present
because I am here, and the future as it begins
to take shape in my mind.

Snapshots of places I've been and moments
I've shared tend to surface and vie for attention.
Gently nudging me to express them in a visual
And so it is, I will attempt again to not only
share my finds that cross the Atlantic in my
container, but also "dans ma tête".

Some previous Postcards from France


Herbgirl said...

Love the French pics! I am planning a 2009 Paris trip for the first time and after seeing these 'postcards' I am stoked!!!!!

Lisa & Alfie at The Pickled Hutch said...

Gorgeous photos as usual Shawn. I find your "artistic eye" to be so inspiring and refreshing.
Lisa & Alfie

Debby said...

Hello Shawn!

Your blog is wonderful! My good friends Lisa & Alfie of the Pickeled Hutch in San Francisco have intoduced me to your wonderful site.
I have a question...the pic of the flowers on the fred door look like they are being held by a Tussy Mussy. Is that true? If so, I love it! Do you ship smaller items from your store? I would love some into on the piece (i.e. dimensions, material, price, etc.) I would appreciate hearing from you at my email address:
I look forward to hearing from you.


Dona said...

You always make my day.


KreativeMix said...

Ces sont tres jolies!!!!

Donna O'Brien - The Ribboned Crown said...

I could SO move into to any of these rooms!!The photos are fabulous!!!!!

The Paris Apartment said...

WOW! I could barely keep one room going when I had a store, how DO you DO it? C'est magnifique!

cathymac said...

What a beautiful blog! I especially like the picture of the patio. I'll use it as inspiration for my own back porch this spring! Thanks so much..I'll be checking in often!!

Tracie said...

Makes me want to return to France even more now...

Yours is a dream job, I mean life!

Belles photos de vos voyages,

Mélanie said...

Love your french pictures. Hope may be in 2008 we will meet and I will share with you my french pics

Freshly Found said...

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!

euroantiquer said...

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments.
This blogging thing is becoming addictive.
What a wonderful way to meet like minded people!
Bisou Bisou

Anonymous said...

I would seriously consider a one way ticket to France right this very moment. . .I feel like you sent me on a private journey to the most beautiful place on earth!