Thursday, January 24, 2008

Little Eye Candy

plaisir pour les yeux

Didn't really have time to write so just a little
eye candy.
That is Jeff Leatham in the bottom photo.
Jeff , an American, is the
artistic director for the Four Seasons
George V Hotel in Paris.
His floral designs are absolutely amazing and
usually carry his signature (which is the tippy
He has also authored three books on floral
arranging with great tips, such as...
filling the vase with sparkling water instead
of tap.
You can visit his website at
for additional information or take a stroll
through the hotel at

PS. That is my grand daughter, Cady, in the last
picture. Isn't she a princess?
I hope to post later this week


Tracie said...

Yay! Shawn posted some eye candy~

votre petite-fille est chérie!

It's getting late, I'll be back to enjoy some more tomorrow. I need to reorganize my house, I'll use it for inspiration and believe me, this will get me going!

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Your blog is pure delight, I really enjoyed everything!

Anonymous said...

mmmmm~~delicious! And your little one is so sweet!

Mélanie said...

your grand daughter is a real princess!!!
This mosaics of pictures are great

M&Co said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful eye candy and for directions to Jeff Leathams website! Your granddaugther is adorable!! Have a lovely weekend!

Adla said...

Definitely eye candy..loved the pictures :)

vie chaotique said...

Just lovely - and your granddaughter is adorable.

Topsy Turvy said...

Your beautiful images make me want to go back! I honeymooned in St. Remy over a year ago - at La Maison du Village. Tres chic! Lana