Thursday, December 27, 2007

Boiseries...Beautiful Thoughts

Every creation begins with a thought.

Imagine a blank take some beautiful,
passionate thought and express it visually upon
that wall.
Viola! A Boiserie is created.
I can only imagine the beautiful thoughts of those
artisans as they layered their passion upon these
once thoughtless walls.

Hotel de Varengeville 1735

There is one common thread that I find, that defines
"Country French" style and that is passion !
I think many Americans have this preconceived
notion that "Country French" is decorating with
Toile de Jouy. Marketing! you gotta love it!
"Country French" is more a way of life, than
decorating with Louis XV or a certain fabric.
As I travel through the countryside of France,
it never ceases to amaze me how many people
are living their passion. Whether it is the simple
farmer who hawks his harvest at market,
the family that lovingly tends the vineyard,
the Chef that is insulted when you don't finish your
plate, or the artist passing the day at a cafe,
while capturing life on canvas.
Their lives and their homes are full of passion!

There is something about France, that nurtures
thoughts of passion. An appreciation for those
things created from the passion. For you see,
they are not just things, they are the material
manifestations of beautiful thoughts!

It is difficult to find entire boiseries and if you did,
you would need deep pockets, so I will be content with
collecting fragments of those beautiful backdrops
of life.

And this brings me to #3 on my
French Fashion List for Antiques.
Pieces of intricately carved wood, trumeau mirrors and
plaster motifs...all of those creations which at one
time only existed as a thought, in the mind of an
artisan who wanted to visually express their passion,
in the form of a boiserie.
"For it is not what you look at that matters,
but what you see".
And by the way,
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas
and I wish for you some of the "Country French"
way of life in 2008!
Bonne Année


Villa Anna said...

So beautiful! I'm so in love and facinated with the art of boiserie. If only homes were designed and made like they used to. Well I guess if you can afford it what's stopping you? lol. I unfortunately can't afford it but I can try to live their way of life.

Anna :)

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

How beautiful! I just love this post! Thank you for sharing a bit of the Country French passion.

Lisa & Alfie Wilson said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous blog Shawn. I get inspired with each visit. And who is the beautiful voice singing Greensleeves?

Bayou Contessa said...

Thank you for this beautiful post. I am a passionate lover of boiserrie and have dabbled in painting some wood panels myself. I'll try to send some photos of this soon. You have a fabulous and inspiring blog and I'm a frequent reader. Please check out my new blog at http;// It's all about my design inspirations from my hometown of New Orleans, a city where we love all things french. I would appreciate it if we could trade links. Thank you for blogging your wonderful french inspirations.