Friday, October 05, 2007

An Invitation to our Antique Show

It's almost SHOWTIME !!

Finished the invitations today, so I thought
I would post a copy.
Everyone is invited so if you can make it to
Louisville Ky. the weekend of the 20th, would love to meet
some Bloggers.

All things considered, this has been a pretty smooth
container. The container full of goodies
arrived in port at Norfolk yesterday as scheduled.
We received customs clearance immediately and
my awesome driver was there to pick it up, so it
is on it's way to Louisville.
We will begin unloading Monday! YEAH
I'm like a child at Christmas ripping into those
Even though I have my inventory list, I find pleasant
surprises while unpacking. When you spend 4 weeks
in France and go to as many markets, auctions and
Depot Ventes as I do, some of those accessories
become a bit blurred in the head.
It could be that I'm getting up in age a bit too, but
I'll give myself a break, because I can get close to
400 pieces on that 40 foot container. How can I
possibly remember everything!
Aside from the normal Country French furniture,
architectural elements, garden pieces and accessories,
I have expanded my buying to include some fabulous
Urban Industrial items. We've got some great vintage
metallic tables and chairs from the famous French
factory Tolix.
Also an assortment of other polished steel pieces
from the 30's that would work well in creating that
Loft Space.
We also have a polished metal postal desk from the
30's identical to the one above that was in this
month's issue of Art & Decoration.
Should be a great show, but I have my work cut out
for me over the next couple of weeks.
Yesterday was just a good day!
I was also blessed with a healthy 2nd Granddaughter!
She weighed 8lb.2oz. Mother and daughter are
doing well. There will be more about her later.
Gotta run now. I have to do a store layout before
I hope to still post more pictures before the show of
those items I did not get photos of in France, so keep
checking back.
Have a Great Weekend All!!

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Mélanie said...

Félicitations fro this new baby and for a new container . Your metal desk is to die for ...It is so hard to find it . Wher did you find it ??